SL 49 MkIII US$519.99


제품 코드: NOVSL49MK3DM

WAS: US$ 649.99

이상 모든 주문 무료 전 세계 배송 US$150.00

발송일로부터 4일 후 도착 United States

All orders are delivered via FedEx.

2023년 1월 12일 전까지 Novation 하드웨어 제품을 등록하고 Native Instruments의 MASSIVE와 Izotope Ozone Elements 사용 권한 및 Komplete NOW의 3개월 시험판을 무료로 받으세요 (판매가 300달러).

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Very awesome
PedroRuiz Martinez
The product is a 9 out of 10. If they add the scenes feature that’s also on their new circuit series along with the 32 step feature. and behringer templates in their software I’d give it a full 10.
Camilo Garrido
It's a great and powerful machine, super inspiring also! Looks and feels pro.
Santiago N
My product arrived 4 days after I was supposed to receive it and had to pay an extra fee for it but it is an awesome instrument and works exactly as I hoped it did. I really loved the details it has (how it lights up and the weight of the keys), completely worth its price.
Noah von Kügelgen
Its a topnotch midi Keyboard
matteo zannoni
Incredible very happy with that Over the aspected
Product received in mint condition. One note : the original cardboard box had no foam or airbubbled-plastic protection in the middle....perhaps a little note to check the stabilety of the original package to avoid damage to shipped gear (in my case the 49sl mk3) while being deliverd. Very happy with my MK3 ! Thanks Novation.
A great bit of kit, extremely well built with a great keyboard action.
I have just started to use the product, but I have read and seen very extensively different reviews before. So far, the product meets my expectations one hundred percent. If this should change, I will adapt this review.
Lot of fun. However, the Pioneer Squid is worth checking out too.
Kevin Smith
Plenty to learn but great so far, its a beast.
Antoine Goulet
Great integration of a controller into my hardware-oriented workflow.
Jamie Blake
What an amazing keyboard and controller! Integrated seemlessly with Ableton right out of the box. Build quality is solid, and the keys feel great. Really dig the sequencer and arpeggiator too. Definitely recommend!


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