Novation 캐리 케이스 US$9.99

Novation 캐리 케이스

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Fits snugly over cables, plugs and that handy pen, to protect them from scrapes, bumps, drops, bangs and whacks.

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Dorian Calderon
Gracias por el regalo, muy bueno
Neil Lovely
Good product
Stefan Paradies
The case is just a little bit too small for my opinion.
Andrew Barton
Great for protecting your novation kit when traveling
Pablo Villalba
lo que es.
Fernanda Castillo
Great sleeve to keep the launchpad safe
Rajagopal Srinath
Well its alright. I bought this to carry all my Launchpad cables. It should do the job just fine.
Jon Zorriketa
Its a god case and it fits perfectly
Juan Manuel Pulido Hernández
Yogesh K
Value for Money best quality
Seems great, will buy another
Mark de Clive-Lowe
keep it safe!
Xavier Beaud
This sleeve is a little too little when I try to close it with the launchpad.
Engin Al
Launch control XL fits in, but I don't think this bag would protect the product from any kind of(even the smallest) impact. Maybe it prevents it from getting dust?
Mr T Phillips
The perfect companion for my launch control
Does the job very nicely & is easy on the eyes
jonathan docherty
Solid build, keeps my new launchpad safe!
Miguel Angel
Increible suaividad y diseño que va perfecto con mi launchpad, además el material se siente de primera calidad y los colores quedan muy bien. La cremellera tiene una buena textura y me encanta el sonido que hace.
rupert till
Launch control case successfully cases launch control
Perfect protection - Maybe a tiny little more space for the usb cables would habe been nice...
Dillon Jensen
Fits like a snug bug in a rug
Pau Ochoa
Good product but it dont fit very well our launchpad.
Good little case to carry your launch pad around easily and securely
A good sleeve to carry your launchpad in, I wish it would've had a different colour at the sides. But still, a good purchase.
Jose Juan Reyes Zuniga
A space for the USB cable would be great.
Great product & quick international delivery! A+++
RowenDell Macabuhay
This case fits well and very durable. Nothing more to ask for. The best yet to come I hope with the same like launchpad pro case.
Pablo Ivan Alvarado Puente
It's a little difficult to put the launchpad inside, maybe it will get more easier at the time i use it.
I bought the Launch Control neoprene sleeve and it is as I expected. I fits very well with the launchpad control and protects the pad.
Rod Leviton
Fits my Launchpad Mkii like a glove! Thank you!
Mr Oliver Barnaby
The Launchpad Neoprene Sleeve is very useful when traveling with your Launchpad as it fits perfectly. This case helps protect your Launchpad and travel with it easier. This fits the Launchpad S and the Launchpad MK2 but not the Launcpad pro. I would recommend this case to anybody who has got a Launchpad or is ordering one as it is worth having to store your Launchpad safely.
Ms May-Linn Amundsen
I have not used it yet. I'm just happy it's not destroyed.
Emmanuel Gracian
Excellent protection for Launch Control

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