Launchpad US$119.99


제품 코드: NOVLPD09DM

WAS: US$ 149.99

이상 모든 주문 무료 전 세계 배송 US$90.00

발송일로부터 4일 후 도착 United States

매장 찾기
2019년 6월 6일 전까지 Novation 기기를 등록하시고 무료로 d16 Nithonat을 받고 d16 매장에서 50%를 할인 받으세요

에이블톤 라이브용 64패드 그리드 컨트롤러가 이제 세션 뷰의 클립과 일치하는 RGB LED와 함께 제공됩니다.

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Alberto Paganoni
It's a good product, i love it
The Quality was very very good and the money was worth it.
Martin Bisson
Nice product!!
Carlos Negrete aka DJ R3ligion
It's perfect for beginners and it is pretty useful
Sumika Summers
Does the job as it should and does it nicely. Plug and play makes it easy to operate immediately and the downloadable guides/instructional videos answer any questions you have even if you're a beginner. The buttons have a nice quality touch to them and the lights are awesomely bright. All round very happy with my purchase.
Alon Idelzon
Great for use with Ableton Live! decent price too.
erin anguiano
el producto es mucho mejor que su antecesor la launchpad s mejoraron la calidad e material lo unico malo es que este no trae funda como el anterior eso le resta puntos
Yaniv Avidan
Trusted and enjoyable product. Fair price for this product. Highly recommended seller.
David Ord
I’ve got 2 launch controls as well and experienced some midi conflicts initially. I contacted online help and they advised me to set the all the device id’s. That fixed my problems and my setup is solid now.
connor lyne
Honestly better than the xbox i love the launchpad!
Oliver Aguirre
Excelent product! For those persons who use Ableton, it's very useful, you can use it in different ways, and it's a new interactive way to make your music. If you use Ableton, you must to have a Launchpad.
Jasmine Oconnor
Product as described @@@@
Sahil Patel
This thing is really cool.This was my dream to purchase this , I was using the launchpad app but when i got this i was in shock that this is in my hand. All thing is good but the problem is that the software is hard to use, i don't know about others but it is little bit hard to use but I'll learn to use with the help of your videos. Thankyou Novation for this. Your one of the happily and satisfied customer.❤️
I think this product is excellent and a good quality :-)
rhys campbell
came super quick and in perfect condition
Great product awesome price Thank you
Daniel Rodriguez
very Well, I only recommend you to explain better the product in internet
Israel Nain
This product is amazing and you can easily create music with it without unnecessary complications i highly recommend it
Bryan M.
The product delivers on everything that it promises. The pads have a nice tactile bump that give it a nice feeling. Doesn't take up too much space.
Sue Gibson
I bought this for a birthday present for my son. Haven't opened it yet
jonathan docherty
Armando Emanuel Cabrera Ortiz
Came very nice. Although a reformed product, it seems to work perfectly.
Mariano Hurtado de Mendoza
I love how it works. It is a really great production tool.
Anish Kappil
Really awesome tool to make live music.... Easy to learn and userfriendly..... Free softwares..... Worthy
Mr Brian Hanson
Does what I expected...use with live lite 9. Very high build and materials quality. Enjoying it.
Miguel Angel
Una excelente calidad de materiales, además llegó en perfecto estado. Grandes colores y gran uso a lado de ableton que viene integrado.
Min Sang Kim
It smells made in China but feels high Quality.No corners where Cut and for a great price I will say that this is really worth it!
David Larouche
One of the best instrument that Ive played ever
Jose Resnikowski
It's a great MIDI controller for beginners and Finger drummers alike. Great led lighting and pad quality. Love it.
Hadi Atallah
The launchpad mk2 is my favorite addition to my DJ setup. Now I will have the opportunity to make music better than ever. It came as described and is working perfectly with my DAW and other dj softwares. GREAT CHOICE
Dillon Jensen
Great product, delivered timely, simple activation process. Happy customer!
Pau Ochoa
Great product, this was a product for my son, and he liked it a lot. I think its a good starter point to get yourself in the music world.
Great product arrived in exceptionally short time. Had contact with cust.service regarding delivery, service was perfect as well. Can t wait to use my launchpad!
For a beginner like me at first it's a bit tricky to get into using it the right way. But after a few sessions it's so much fun to use. The possibilities are endless.
Chong Guan Yong
Launchpad Mk2 is very helpful when I am creating my own flow. I can let my idea flows in without worrying about controlling many kind of stuffs.
Mr Gregory Jablunovsky
This product offers a great way to control your DAW. Setup with Ableton was easy. It removes some boundaries for my creativity and offers me some new ways to make noise.
Samuel Tylicki
Great product, lots to offer, and absolutely genius idea. It is durable, entertaining, somewhat addicting to mess around with, and sold for a pretty reasonable price.
Jose Juan Reyes Zuniga
Awesome product, is more than I expected !
Mohamad Abdel Wahab
Excellent service, and products
RowenDell Macabuhay
My son enjoyed a lot using this product. He already explored a lot of things and hoping to create his own style in near future. Thank you and I am willing to purchase all related products to complete the set.
Pablo Ivan Alvarado Puente
I've waiting 6 Years to acquire something like this. this is so good, i'm living the dream of making music.
Siutai Li
It's a great product and it makes you a badass in front of your friends ;)
padri junaidi
good and awesome,good and awesome
Mathieu Thomassin
Great product: it works perfectly fine and it's really fun to play with!
Anthony Sabelli
Great product easy to use. And it's great that ableton live is included
Oskar Carlsson
The launchpad is just magnificent. It's super easy to use, and easy to get started with. Its' definately a must purchase if you love to mix with music!
James Waddington
It worked straight out the box. Easy to use with a very unfussy interface. Very intuitive and has made making my music easier and a more tactile experience. I would recommend the launchpad to any Ableton user.
Its grate andò i never thought that it would ne so Hood andò sexure to buy. The price is great forma the quality.
Rachel Healey
The Launchpad is heaps of fun! The whole family has enjoyed putting together beats through the IOS App which is intuitive & easy to use! Looking forward to extending the range in the future...Launchkey is next!
I love the Launchpad!!! Very challenging and fun!
Great product, easy to setup and use.
Excellent product. The fastest shipping ever. Wonderful support.
Arman Modiri
Works better than I expected for a refurbished model. Completely satisfied!
Toby Wallace
An excellent product, of fantastic build quality. Works just as you want it to all the time, and is fairly easy to learn. An incredibly useful tool
Good product i can recommend
Luis Brenes
Nice design, so ergonomic, very striking, light weight, funny, easy to handle, so modern music tool. Amazing colors. The package is impressive, the butons are gentle to fingers. So excited with this product.
Abhishek Rao Chimbili
Amazing product works great and is a lot of fun to use.
The launchpad is amazing. There's a lot of tutorial videos online. It is very intuitive and easy to use if you have a good grasp on music, electronics, software, and technology.
Mr Nishit Nandankar
Plug and play! Love it, wish it mapped LED’s to the drum rack in ableton though
Mr William Lebeuf
Works better than expected ! I recommend this product to everyone that wants to try out launchpad !
Muy buen producto, mi hijo que tiene 12 años lo maneja y disfruta mucho. Sin duda lo recomiendo mucho.
Alvaro Romero
great device, wish it had pressure and velocity sensitive pads though.
Dr Darius Remesat
The Launchpad is great for triggering midi clips, and sequencing.
Great product and great software
Mr Kelton Schultz
great design and very easy to use
Mrs Sandra Ludzik
This device is not here yet but I live in Canada so I can understand it will take them a bit but I am sure it will be a great addition to my music collection
Mr Ho Ting
I love the design of launchpad and it is easy to use. I bought it for the second time, however, the delivery is to slow that I need to wait for more than a week.
Mr Gunter Bergner
This item is of hight quality and makes a lot of fun.
Tadhg Boyle
Awesome product! Anyone who is wondering, import costs to BC, Canada was $41.53 Great addition to my studio.
Mr Celian Pinquier
Très bon achat qui vaut son prix.
Ni Yuan
Product is great and very easy to use. Just make sure you learn some basics of the programme from online first
Mr Krystofer Lussier
Got so much fun beacause i play with friend now so we dui sone song and have so much fun !!
Mr F
I really enjoy playing around with this but the software that comes with it is quite limited and to purchase the upgrade costs more than the Launchpad itself.
Philip Monday
Good product and fast delivery
What you see is what you get
Mr Francis Delaney
Essential product for any electronic music enthusiast! Better for me than the mini version, since I have big fingers.
Miss Estelle Russell
Arrived sooner than expected. Wonderful overall experience.
Mr Yaniv segev
Great instrument. Arrived quickly as promised. It is a pity it was expensive to release customs and delivery at customer's home. After all, "free shipping" was promised..
Mr Kamal alkamal
its really good and really high quality with a great RGB colors
Miss Edward Wong
The color is cool very nice
Mr Oliver Barnaby
The LaunchPad MK2 is an amazing piece of music equipment; I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get into making music, remixes, drum beats and for playing other peoples' projects. The LaunchPad MK2 is very durable. The lights on the Launcpad MK2 are bright and colourful and the response of the lights are almost instant. The response of the touch to sound usually varies as your computer controls the sound output but on my computer the sound is projected instantly without no problems.
Mr Franck Besson
Rien à dire c'est super ! vraiment satisfait !
Its fun to use but it's not actually that useful.
Mr Raleigh Dawson
I love it really fun and cool To use
Mr Alvaro Domingues de Almeida Junior
Jun Park
Mr Richard Moshenski-Dubov
My launch pad is very cool but the tutorials aren't that helpful.
Mr Muhamad Rizal
Nice The product very nich
My son loves it! He enjoys mixing music with it! He's never mixed music before this launchpad... now he's a pro!
Mr Andres Gonzalez
The Best!!!! Of All, incredible Iconic and very funny.
Mr Esteban George Nunez Moran
Very good machine to begin, fully satisfied
Miss Annalisa Fanny Martinez Bianchi
I love it. I recentli bought. But it'has some limited funcions, so it seems. In general it's funny.
ian hill
the launchpad is built amazingly well and works seamlessly with Ableton live. it has improved my workflow 100% and has given me the confidence to make music like never before.
its a really cool device that allows you to play anything you want. it will have its hiccups every now and then but about 95% of the time nothing happens.
Mr Andrew Sova
I really love this product, it works perfectly. The only thing that is dissapointing is that you only get Ableton lite, which doesn't come close to letting you do all the many thinks available with ableton suite or even standard.
Mr Thiago da Gama Fernandes
I like the launchpad, I don't use yet, but I hope don't have future problems
Miss Diana Neyra
El producto es muy bueno y bastante profesional
Melissa D
My son is loving this launchpad, just wish it could be used without a computer, and came with speakers.
Mr robert phillips jr
Super easy to order online with speedy delivery. Very impressed by this. High quality product which is simple to connect to play. Now all that is left to do is to jam on!

제품 사양

박스 구성:
  • Novation 런치패드
  • USB 케이블
  • 인쇄본 시작 가이드
  • 에이블톤 라이브 라이트 등록 카드
  • 영어 및 프랑스어 안전 정보
시스템 요구사항
  • 런치패드는 등급 준수 제품이므로, 어떤 최신 Mac, Windows 또는 Linux PC에서나 작동합니다.
  • Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  • Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • iOS 8, iOS 7 - 카메라 연결 키트 또는 라이트닝 케이블 카메라 어댑터 필요(미포함) iOS 장치와 사용 시 전원 공급용 USB 허브 필요(미포함)
포함된 소프트웨어:
  • 에이블톤 라이브 라이트 음악 제작 소프트웨어
  • 1 GB 루프마스터즈 사운드 및 샘플
  • Novation 베이스 스테이션 VST 및 AU 플러그인 신시사이저
  • Novation V 스테이션 VST 및 AU 플러그인 신시사이저

제품 하드웨어 사양

  • 사각 RGB 백라이트 버튼 64개(8x8 그리드)
  • 원형 RGB 백라이트 시스템 버튼 8개(할당 가능)
  • 원형 RGB 백라이트 기능 버튼 8개(할당 불가)
  • 오렌지 색상 고무 하단 매트
  • USB 소켓

소프트웨어 호환성

  • 에이블톤 라이브 라이트 9 포함
이미 에이블톤 라이브가 있는 경우 런치패드와 함께 사용하려면 버전 9.2 이상이어야 합니다. 런치패드 통합이 포함되지 않은 기존 버전의 에이블톤 라이브는 최신 버전으로 업데이트하는 것을 권장합니다.

전원 요구사항

  • Mac 또는 PC에서 USB 버스 전원 공급. iOS 장치와 함께 사용 시 전원 공급용 USB 허브와 카메라 연결 키트 또는 USB 카메라 어댑터(미포함) 필요

제품 치수

  • 너비 240mm(9.45") x 깊이 240mm(9.45") x 높이 25mm(0.98")
  • 무게: 800 g

OS 호환성

  • 이 제품군/유형은 OS 호환성과 관계가 없습니다


속성 설명
Bus PoweredYes
CompatibilityMac / PC
Dedicated Note and Drum RackNo
function buttons8
Host ConnectivityUSB 2.0
Pad SizeFull size
pads8 x 8 (64) pads
Play Instruments and DrumsYes
scene launch buttons8
Software BundleYes
Velocity and Pressure SensitiveNo
플러그인 제공 사항:
  • Novation인터페이스를 통해 XLN 오디오의 Addictive Keys 가상 인스트루먼트를 무료로 이용하세요. 계정 1개당 1개의 풀 라이센스를 통해 Modern Upright, Studio Grand, Electric Grand 또는 Mark One 등의 Addictive Keys 인스트루먼트 1개를 선택할 수 있습니다.
소리 집단 제공 :
  • 2019년 6월 6일 전까지 Novation 기기를 등록하시고 무료로 d16 Nithonat을 받고 d16 매장에서 50%를 할인 받으세요
리퍼브/B 스톡이란?
  • 약간의 사용/마모 흔적이 있을 수 있는 장치입니다.
  • 모든 액세서리 포함
  • 모든 소프트웨어는 등록 후 사용 가능
  • 2년 품질 보증 포함
  • 포장재에 마모 흔적이 있거나 장치가 일반 포장재로 재포장되었을 수 있습니다.
  • 자세히 알아보려면 여기를 클릭하세요
대표적인 Novation 런치패드: 에이블톤 라이브 사용자가 가장 좋아하는 그리드 컨트롤러에 RGB LED까지 장착. 64 버튼 그리드에서 배열되고 색상이 일치하는 라이브 세션 뷰 클립을 미러링해보세요

에이블톤 라이브 제어:

설정 없이도 에이블톤 라이브와 즉시 매끄럽게 통합됩니다. 그냥 연결하고 음악 제작을 시작하세요. 그냥 연결하고 음악 제작을 시작하세요.

음악에 집중하기:
64개의 RGB 패드는 라이브의 클립 색상과 일치하는 RGB LED 조명이 켜지면 로드, 재생, 레코딩 중인 음악을 한 눈에 확인할 수 있습니다.

눈길을 사로잡는 퍼포먼스:
무대 위에서나 YouTube에 올릴 런치패드 라이트 쇼 동영상을 만드는 중에 밝고 다채로운 색상의 패드로 USB 전원만으로 유닛 스탠드를 꾸며 보세요.

드럼 랙 재생:
그리드를 사용하여 에이블톤 라이브의 드럼 팩에 사전 매핑된 패드로 드럼과 샘플을 재생해 보세요.

그리드에서 믹싱:

루프, 트랙 장전, 볼륨, 팬, 센드까지, 모든 것을 그리드에서 시작하고 종료하세요. 일관적인 제어력 유지

FL 스튜디오 제어:
그리드를 사용하여 FL 스튜디오의 퍼포먼스 모드를 제어해보세요. 드럼 랙에서 비트를 만들거나 클립을 런칭하고 노래를 만들거나 패드를 다른 기능에 지정해보세요

나만의 창작품 만들기:
원하는 런치패드를 Max for Live와 함께 사용하세요. 스텝 시퀀서로 전환한 후 드럼 패드에서 동영상을 시작하거나 기능을 사용해서 상상하는 무엇이든지 창작할 수 있습니다. 또는 방대한 Max for Live 크리에이터 커뮤니티에 참여하여 무한한 영감과 다운로드 자료를 찾아 보세요.

높은 내구성:
세련되고 튼튼하며 가벼운 런치패드는 어디서나 USB 버스 전원 공급이 가능하므로, 전원 공급 장치를 가지고 다닐 필요가 없습니다.

완벽한 인스트루먼트 구성:
여러 개의 런치패드나 다른 런치 제품을 런치 컨트롤, 런치 컨트롤 XL, 런치키와 조합해서 직접 제어가 가능한 에이블톤 라이브 스튜디오를 만들 수 있습니다.

즉시 음악 제작:
에이블톤 라이브 라이트, Novation 베이스 스테이션 및 V 스테이션 가상 인스트루먼트, 4GB 루프마스터즈 샘플 포함.

2년 보증 제공:
제조상의 결함으로 인해 Novation 하드웨어를 수리 또는 교체해야 하는 경우 2년 보증이 적용되므로 안심할 수 있습니다.

리듬 연습:
Melodics를 사용하여 패드 드럼 연주 기술을 무료로 연마할 수 있습니다.

런치패드 즉시 시작:
런치패드 아케이드에서는 사용자 인터페이스 기반의 친숙한 런치패드 클립으로 즉시 음악을 만들 수 있습니다.

⚠Warning For California Residents

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