Scarlett 2i2 3e génération US$179,99

Scarlett 2i2 3e génération

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Enregistrez une interface Focusrite Scarlett, Clarett, Red, RedNet ou ISA avant le 6 octobre 2022 et recevez gratuitement le Lo-Fi Glow de Native Instruments - un cadeau d'une valeur de $49.

Interface audio USB 2.0 dotée de 2 entrées et 2 sorties avec 2 préamplis micro/instrument, prise en charge 192 kHz et alimentation par USB.

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Nicholas Amoranto
Great product. Fairly simple to use. Nice set of tutorial videos also.
Steve W
The 2i2 came highly recommended by just about every musician I know who has a home studio! I needed to upgrade from my itrack solo, so I bought my factory-refurbished, 3rd gen 2i2 at a discount after realizing the warranty was the same as new. A few days later it arrived, and honestly, it looked brand new! Not a scratch on it! Works perfectly And sounds fantastic! Great product, great value!
Having a little trouble, for the moment, to output my son's electric guitar while we're playing. But the recording directly into abbleton, for example, is excellent !
Could have better electronic components. When you plugin or disconnect the device to USB port, and you have your speakers on, a loud "Click" sounds. (This not happens with Yamaha Devices such as a Mixer with USB that i have.
Santiago Hidalgo Arteaga
Quede encantando con el producto. Saludos desde Ecuador.
Bill Miller
I could not believe the great service I received in having to thoroughly test my 2nd Gen 2i2. Then how well Focusrite handled the return and exchange for the 3rd Gen 2i2. Very professional. I am very happy with the entire process and thank you all very much.
Ian Phillips
Bought a refurb unit: excellent price for a well-made and easy to use unit.
Amazing piece of equipment for the price. I use it to record an old synth, and it does its job beautifully.
Greg Gastwirth
Can't wait to fully start recording my guitar and bass playing. I am also and a heavy Zoom user and I have been told by listeners that my voice has popping and clicking so I need to get some kind of fix.
Luis Gonzalez
Really satisfied with the overall quality, options, refurbished option, look and feel. There’s just no doubt why Scarlett is one of the musicians’ favorite in terms of price and quality!
Lisa Gibson
It's a nice little interface, and the only reason I rated it 4 instead of 5 stars is that there's not quite enough gain for my mic, an AT2035. I have to have it at 90-95% for narration, so I returned it to get one that has a bit more gain.
samir handa;
works great
Fernando F.
Es muy entretenido, el software que lo acompaña es espetacular.
Anderson Rocha
Device itself is very intuitive to use. Plugin instalation is a cumbersome process. I was able to download software, get my ilok registration, and install Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555 plugin. I still can't use it. For some reason I can't find it on Focusrite control or Softube.
This unit was a refurb at about 70% cost of new and is indistinguishable from brand new. A great service is to offer refurbished units to a customer base - Focusrite is square on the money here. Great device from a customer-focused company. Kudos to Focusrite.
Refurbished, but looks like new!
I ordered the refurbished model, it's in great condition and new enough for me; it works perfectly. I'm excited to finally have this audio interface (been roughin' it without any external audio interface for a while, the last one exploded).
Joseph Jones
Great, the perfect interface to start with
Ricky Staniforth
Fixed my problems with professionalism and courtesy
Ant Barron
The 5 stars say it all!
Stevie Walker
Robustly built, well designed. No fuss, just works.
Jenya Canada
I ordered a refurbished product and absolutely happy with my little Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen. Looks and works like a brand new product.
toni andriotis
Actually quite impressed. Solidly built and works with very, very, little noise, if any, that’s usually due to the setup and not the unit itself. Will consider the midi version later on, when I’ll need it.
Cameron Walker
Amazing audio interface. Huge upgrade from the 2i2 2nd gen. My only complaints are: 1. The headphone volume knob and the monitor volume knob are a bit closer together, making it harder to turn them due to fingers catching the other knob. 2. The addition of the direct stereo monitoring option is cool, but if you only have one input, it adds a second button press to swap between direct monitoring and not-monitoring. Other than those small nitpicks, it’s truly an amazing device :)
Samuel Vandegrift
Intuitive, easy, and dreamy sound. I’ll stand amazed if they can improve this product. Plus the sleek aluminum housing looks great on my desk.
Vasily Khoruzhick
Pretty good audio interface. It's class-compliant so it works fine with Linux.
Gavin Killen
I can't rate the product as it never got to me. I'm rating the service.
Antonio Howell
By far, meet my expectations. Beautiful powerful interface for your buck.
Chloé Lescs
Very satisfied !!!
Amazing for everyone starting out. Recording is awesome, the software included is a really awesome perk.
I love the design and colour pallet for it. The product works perfectly. No complaints
I have high hopes and will adjust this review once I finally receive the product.
One of the most well-known audio interface here in the Philippines. We will be using it in our church live streaming. I really love this product and it was recommended by our main church. That is why we are not hesitant to purchase this. Quality product and value for money. I had to order it directly from Focusrite website to assure that it’s authentic and legit.
grabación y mezcla hasta 24 bits/192 kHz .. Recomendable totalmente !!!
cristobal trabucco
perfect for bigginers
Nestor Jr.
I was expecting the product to have damaged box or have scratches on it considering that it is a B stock BUT when i opened the box, I swas surprised to see that the item looks as good as brand new, no scratches here and there and it does what it is built for.
Travis G
Perfect for a beginner studio or small space
Jesús Daniel Herrera Hernandez
The beaste
Paul Liboon
I got a refurbished one that looks brand new and works like one. So glad I took the risk.
Ben Jenssen
Excellent sound quality. All I need.
Jorge López
Excellent bang for the buck with this refurbished model. I owned a 1st gen for many years which I dropped recently damaging the headphone jack. I use it still on a spare computer but am glad to have upgraded to the 3rd gen. Although it is lighter and the buttons feels less "substantial"/tactle compared to the 1st gen (which as toggle switches etc.) - the 3rd gen unit seems more responsive and sensitive in sound, and I appreciate the new control software that comes with it.
Steve Johnson
A great product. Highly recommended.
Kingsly Atem
Not applicable since I haven't received it yet
Gunnar Olafsson
Great product.
Jonny John Liu
I was actually looking for soundcard as mine broke and this works great. Also looking forward to recording somethings too!
Cristian Zarate
awesome for home recordings very versatile
Amazing audio interface with lots of bundled software to get you going. Brilliant value, particularly as I got a refurb which to be honest looks brand new.
Allen Rios
The product is everything that I needed and works perfectly! Happy to buy a good product at a cheaper refurbished pricd
Giovany Lezama
Everything I expected from a Focusrite product even though it is a refurbished one.
Jay Misra
Scarlett products deserve their amazing reputation.
Kieran Smith
Solidly built interface that does everything I need for recording solo at home - highly recommended
Francisco Xavier Ramos Bravo
Great product, it looks like new although it's a refurbished one. Original cage and everything. I'm very happy
Quality audiobook box
Johan Rodriguez
The product came in great condition even though it was refurbished. It's easy to use, great hardware, great software (with instructions for how to install it). Great quality!
Kristian Berglund
Good product and great contact with the company Focusrite!
Jason Ash
Great product
Everything is perfect about this, only needs to be a bit heavier it feels cheap when you hold it. and the price needs to be a bit lower imo.
Dilson Abraham
Great entry level product for beginners and intermediates.
José Luis Marín
Great Device
Marco Antonio Gándara Esparza
Good value for the money.
Michael Alvis
Great sound quality and great durablility. I recommend these to all of my friends that are trying to get started with a budget!
Endre Samson Kiss
looks good, sounds good
Just what I needed
Jonatan Garces Lara
Unit build quality & looks is wonderful & elegant. It's smaller than previous gen & sound quality is amazing. Thumbs up for USB type C.
Joel Wanjiru
Joshua Paul Merugu
This is just an Amazing product and value for money spent.

Caractéristiques du produit

• Scarlett 2i2 3e génération
• 1 câble USB (Type C-A)
Logiciels inclus :
Logiciel de création musicale Ableton Live Lite
Abonnement de trois mois à Avid® Pro Tools®
Abonnement gratuit de 3 mois à Splice Sounds pour les nouveaux comptes Splice
Antares® Auto-Tune® Access
Brainworx® bx_oberhausen
Brainworx bx_masterdesk
Brainworx bx_console Focusrite SC
Relab LX480 Essentials
Softube® Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555
XLN Audio® Addictive Keys
XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2: Studio Rock Kit
Accès à Plug-in Collective de Focusrite

Caractéristiques techniques

Connectivité USB Type-C
Protocole USB 2.0
Format Desktop
E/S simultanées 2 x 2
Résolution A/N 24 bits / 192 kHz
Nombre de préamplis 2
Alimentation fantôme OUI
Entrées pour instruments 2
Entrées ligne 2
Sorties analogiques 2
Sorties casque 1
Alimentation USB OUI

Pour vérifier si le système d'exploitation (OS) de votre ordinateur est compatible avec la Scarlett 2i2, il vous suffit d'utiliser notre outil de vérification en ligne


Caractéristique Description
Hitmaker Expansion:

  • Créez des voix de qualité studio, des guitares puissantes, des touches pulpeuses et d'énormes tambours, puis mixez et masterisez avec le matériel de studio emblématique de Focusrite, le tout dans la boîte. Hitmaker Expansion est conçu pour vous offrir tous les plug-ins dont vous avez besoin pour écrire, produire, mixer et masteriser votre musique en qualité studio, avec du contenu exclusif des légendaires créateurs Auto-Tune® Antares®, ainsi que Brainworx®, Softube®, XLN Audio®, Relab et plus.
Offre Plug-in Collective :

    Enregistrez une interface Focusrite Scarlett, Clarett, Red, RedNet ou ISA avant le 6 octobre 2022 et recevez gratuitement le Lo-Fi Glow de Native Instruments - un cadeau d'une valeur de $49.
Interface audio la plus appréciée des artistes de tous genres, la Scarlett 2i2 troisième génération est équipée de deux entrées micro/ligne/instrument permettant d'enregistrer et lire simultanément jusqu'à deux canaux via les sorties casque et moniteur indépendantes.

Le modèle 2i2 dispose de deux préamplis micro Scarlett améliorés de troisième génération, dotés d'un réglage Air optionnel pour reproduire l'effet Air du préampli micro ISA original de Focusrite et vous permettre d'enregistrer vos instruments et vos voix avec un son clair et plus ouvert.
Équipée de convertisseurs AN-NA 24 bits / 192 kHz hautes performances, la troisième génération d'interfaces Scarlett offre la même qualité de son professionnel sur l'ensemble de la gamme.
Les entrées instrument à haute impédance et à grande réserve de niveau vous permettent d'enregistrer une guitare ou une basse sans clipping ni distorsion indésirable, tandis que les vumètres de gain sous forme de halos vous facilitent le réglage des niveaux d'entrée.

Scarlett 2i2 est conçue pour résister au transport et aux manipulations quotidiennes. La connexion se fait directement à votre Mac® ou PC via un câble USB, aucune alimentation externe n'est requise. Elle est livrée avec une suite complète de tous les logiciels dont vous avez besoin pour vous lancer, y compris deux stations de travail audio numériques : Ableton® Live Lite™ et abonnement de trois mois à Avid® Pro Tools®. Suffisamment intuitive pour les débutants tout en étant suffisamment sophistiquée pour produire des effets sonores exceptionnels qui sauront inspirer créativité et originalité.

Focusrite s'est associé à Splice pour offrir aux titulaires d'interfaces de 3ème génération un abonnement gratuit de 3 mois à Splice Sounds lorsqu'ils créent un nouveau compte Splice. Splice Sounds met à votre disposition une bibliothèque de millions de one-shots, boucles et presets de haute qualité, libres de droits, alimentée chaque jour avec des nouveautés signées par vos producteurs, concepteurs de son et artistes préférés. Les créateurs utilisent Splice pour composer toutes sortes de musique, de la pop à succès aux mixtapes underground, en passant par les albums récompensés aux Grammy et les bandes originales de films.

La Scarlett 2i2 peut officiellement est utilisée avec les iPad Pro en USB-C. La configuration et le fonctionnement sont simples : branchez-la, lancez votre application de création musicale préférée et profitez du son de Focusrite partout où vous allez.

Et comme pour tous les produits Focusrite, vous bénéficierez également d'une garantie de trois ans, d'un service d'assistance primé et d'un accès à l'offre Plug-in Collective, où vous pourrez télécharger gratuitement des logiciels et profiter de remises très avantageuses.

Caractéristiques principales
• Deux des préamplis micro les plus performants de la gamme Scarlett, accompagnés désormais du mode Air réglable pour apporter un son plus clair et plus ouvert à vos enregistrements
• Deux entrées instrument à grande réserve de niveau pour brancher votre guitare ou votre basse
• Deux entrées ligne symétriques adaptées à la connexion de sources de niveau ligne
• Convertisseurs hautes performances pour enregistrer et mixer jusqu'en 24 bit/192 kHz
• Grâce à notre outil Quick Start, vous ne perdez plus de temps au démarrage

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