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Launchpad Mini

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Contrôleur matriciel USB compact pour Ableton Live, avec 64 pads multicolores rétroéclairés et 16 boutons pour des fonctions supplémentaires.

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The gear, buttons, bundle software, everything is neat. Going to take some time to get used to though.
Byungmin So
The touch is very good. It's an unfamiliar instrument to me, but if i keep it, it'll be worth it.
daniel smith
works as expected
George Petalidis
Amazing product! so excited
Great controller!
Juan Francisco Garcia Villarmet
Lorenzo Carrillo
I bought a refurbished Launchpad Mini MK2 just a couple days ago straight from the Novation website. Delivery all the way to my hometown (Bogota, South America) was surprisingly fast and to be honest. Aesthetically, I found no flaws, scratches or dents in the product even though it was a B-Class one. All lights are functioning and all buttons work properly. The package came with a brand new cable, its proper stickers, users guide; no Ableton Live Lite registering card, however (I had to contact Ableton for my license, which went pretty smoothly). It works straight out of the box! While most of its features are quite intuitive, some others aren't, such as how to program a light show on the grid panel, yet after a couple of hours watching some tutorials online and also fooling around I was able to enjoy it thoroughly. Even though it is an entertaining piece of equipment and it works just like its bigger brothers (launching scenes is a breeze), this mini version might have a caveat: because of the nature of its small buttons, it gets complicated to trigger a sample properly and at often times it gets hard to trigger a sound when being pushed (either the sample is triggered multiple times or doesn't sound at all). It can be worked around by applying more pressure around the corners instead of the center, although it takes lots of practice and might not be as accurate as opposed to the bigger buttons of other Novation products. As for the value, it's a complicated subject since the currency from my country is currently experiencing a sensitive inflation which makes most of the imported products more expensive than they are. For a fellow Latin American might not be the cheapest product, but it is still affordable and a great option to start out. In spite of some technical features that could be improved in the future, the Launchpad Mini MK2 is an affordable, compact version that works properly for both aspiring artists and performers who need an alternative instrument that provides the ultimate portability.
Yohann Rose
Works pretty well.
Requires a bit of learning and the buttons are not as sensitive as I would've liked. Still a good purchase for the price as it allows you to experiment with your music in a new way.
Karen Fletcher
Love this Launchpad Mini!
Ableton mapping works like a breeze.
Juan David Herrera
Great product, simple, cheap and so usefull with other launch products
Nikolaus Harryson
Its a great device for launching loops and backtracks when you play by yourself. But as a triggerpad for midi instruments its not optimal. The feel of the pads are great but it requires some pressure to trigger, also it sometimes double clicks when i pushed the pad on the edges. I think this is a great live controller but not an optimal creation device.
Paulo Podence
Very nice recomended :D .
The Launchpad mini is portable and intuitive to help creating new patterns and shortcuts. Cheers Matthew James Edge
Simple, intuitive design, no problems with it at all
Maryse Grenouilloux
Great product to start. Perfect
Michael Twomey
Really good for the price, great way to dip your toes into the waters.
I start my journey with novation launchpad mini which Is ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🎹🎹🎹🎹🎶🎶🎶
Love the product. It took some time to understand how it works and the opportunities what is possible to do, but it was worth it. Thanks.
Excellent product and good price for a beginner musician
I'm still learning how to use it, but the buttons aren't quite as responsive as I'd hoped. Tutorials are great though and can't wait to start using it properly - will update my review if my experience changes.
I bought the pad "fast" even though I'm someone who has to look for reviews, comparison, advices on the product... I was waiting for more colors as I'm using Ableton 9 Live Lite given with the product. But I'm very satisfied by the Launchpad and have a good time with it.
Pedro Miguel Sequeira Santos
I've been playing guitar and drums for a couple of years and decided to get into more electronic driven music. As a begginer I have to say that I'm having a lot of fun using the Launchpad Mini with Ableton Live, it's simple and really intuitive!
wesley perry lees
The buttons can be slightly clunky . I have to push some harder than others , might be because it's new .. the code in the box for Ableton live 9 lite said that it had already been registered. Contacted customer service it was sorted within an hour. So all in all I'm happy and hopefully in a while move on to the pro
Alexis Villegas
a very good product and very easy to understand Cool
Stefan Onishchuk
Purchased for use with iPad air ,pro and , MAc for Ableton Live, Item worked as expected. , iOS apps a pleasant surprise ,online resources and support very good! Great size for notebook and tablet use,
Jun Li
It was a small Launchpad but it was a the exact size as my hand! It was easy to use and I made a small song out of it and it was one of the best things i’ve gotten as a gift. I like the colors of the launchpad which are green, orange, red and white. I wish to get a Launchpad Pro next time I get another launchpad! -Nathan
Sean Munday
My 14 year old kid was able to unbox and start using in a few hours and is really enjoying it. Great product and easy instructions.
n sowden
Ordered for my son. He is enjoying the mini launch pad thanks
craig mcnamara
After using for a few days in really enjoy the work flow. I wanted something to slip inside a laptop case and it does just that. From the studio is could see the problem being highly usefull. I would be interested to know if it is velocity sensitive as the mini misses this. For the price point no complaints and for what I want it does the job. As a main controller I would like the touch sensitivity for more expressiveness plus the expanded features for improved work flow withing ableton!
Kathryn David
Very impressed with the service ordered 1 day and received it the very next day very fast delivery service
Holden Petreman
Exactly what I expected. Great starter launchpad!
my son loved this.easy to use .come with everything.
Linas N.
Loved the product, arrived in less than 48h (eventhough it's advertised as 6 business days) and overall great sale exprience
Isabelle Luca Borg
I couldn't buy this anywhere else but from Focusrite. Fast delivery, amazing pricing. Perfect service all round. Thank you focusrite!
Nancy Milton
If you could see my son's thrill with this product, your grin would be shining brilliantly :0)
Linas N.
Great product, my little brother loves using it. Item arrived in less than 24h after purchase, eventhough we live on the other side of Europe from their warehouse.
Not satisfied
Have not received the product so cannot rate it but overall very disappointed with the experience.
Really good product with a quick delivery
J Sebastien
Nice gift for my son. Great addition to his music room.
Matthias Gutsch
Simple like making music. Very good store
Miro van den Berg
Really great and easy to use. Great lights and buttons that work perfectly.
Mr Vrajanat Subramaniam
Nice product!!!!! Love it very much
Mr Sergej M
Nice and compact but needed some config in ableton and you need an adapter to make it work with the iPad.
The Launchpad Mini is perfect for creating unique beats for performing live. It's intuitive, easy to customise and breeds creativity.
Mrs Susan Whitton
Fast delivery excellent quality will buy from this company again
Mr Sebastian Camurri
My son (12 Years old) is the user, he is really happy with the lauchpad rigth now learning the software and playing some simple songs.
Mr Davor Fanton
We had no time to invest in play and test (end of school is some five weeks ahead). We can add more info next month...
Mr mahood
It is a great product with a low price. The only thing I didn't like was the disabilities of abelton lite but that's ok since it was a free download.
Mrs Melanie Drapeau
Everything was perfect and truly love it thanks!
Ms Danae Tumanuvao
Still learning how to use it and having a blast.
Mr Aldo Murakami
I loved the way to learn to play is very easy, the variation of lights is incredible, I am truly impressed with this amazing product from Novation.
It is very easy to learn for beginners and very easy to set up.
Mr Boycott Trump
10/10 would do again and Adam and Eve fosaw this product being the bestest ever to not be created

Caractéristiques du produit

Caractéristiques techniques du Launchpad Mini

Caractéristiques techniques

  • 64 boutons carrés (matrice 8x8) avec rétroéclairage multicolore
  • 8 boutons système à rétroéclairage multicolore (assignables)
  • 8 boutons de fonction à rétroéclairage multicolore (non assignables)
  • Prise micro USB
  • Encoche de sécurité Kensington

Compatibilité des logiciels

  • Ableton Live Lite 10 est inclus
    Si vous disposez déjà d'Ableton Live, vous aurez besoin de la version 8 ou d'une version ultérieure pour utiliser le contrôleur Launchpad Mini. En effet, les versions précédentes d'Ableton Live ne prévoient pas l'intégration du Launchpad Mini ; nous vous recommandons donc d'effectuer une mise à jour vers la dernière version du logiciel.
  • Configuration minimale pour l'application Novation Launchpad App :

    • iOS 6 ou version supérieure
    • iPad 2 ou ultérieur
    • Kit de connexion d'appareil photo ou adaptateur Lightning vers USB (non inclus)

Logiciels inclus

  • Ableton Live Lite
  • 4 Go de sons et de samples Loopmasters
  • Plug-in synthétiseur Novation Bass Station VST et AU
  • Plug-in synthétiseur Novation V Station VST et AU
  • Cours Melodics gratuits


  • Entièrement alimenté par USB, iPad compris


  • 185 mm x 185 mm x 16 mm (L x P x H)
  • Poids : 420 g


Caractéristique Description
Bus PoweredYes
CompatibilityMac / PC / iPad
Dedicated Note and Drum RackNo
Function Buttons8
Host ConnectivityUSB 2.0
Pad Size3/4 Size
Pads8 x 8 (64) pads
Play Instruments and DrumsYes
Scene Launch Buttons8
Software BundleYes
Velocity and Pressure SensitiveNo
Offre Sound Collective :
  • Enregistrez un équipement matériel Novation avant le 2 février 2021 et recevez gratuitement le plug-in Zampler RX Creative Bundle de ZamplerSounds – un cadeau d'une valeur de $99.
64 mini pads qui permettent de déclencher des clips, jouer des percussions, contrôler votre mélangeur et effectuer toutes les autres tâches dans Live tout en réalisant des performances du plus bel effet pour YouTube.

Prenez les commandes d'Ableton Live :
Prenez le contrôle de toutes les options d'Ableton Live sans aucune installation.

Laissez libre cours à votre imagination :
Utilisez les 64 mini pads multicolores pour lancer des clips, jouer des Drum Racks, déclencher des effets et bien plus.

La taille est un critère :
Le plus petit et le plus léger des Launchpad est idéal lorsque l'espace est limité.

Attirez tous les regards :

Immortalisez en vidéo les effets lumineux multicolores et spectaculaires du Launchpad.

Mixez avec votre matrice :
Démarrez et arrêtez des clips, armez des pistes et contrôlez les boutons de volume, de panoramique et de départ.

Prenez les commandes de FL Studio :
Jouez sur le Piano Roll, déclenchez des samples et des effets et bien plus encore. Découvrez la nouvelle façon de jouer dans FL Studio.

Jouez directement avec le Plug and Play :

Grâce à son intégration native et son alimentation par bus USB, ce clavier fonctionne directement et sans driver d'installation.

Créez votre propre studio :

Combinez des Launchpads ou ajoutez d'autres produits Launch afin de contrôler Ableton Live dans son intégralité.

Composez sans attendre :
Comprend Ableton Live Lite, les instruments virtuels Novation Bass Station et V-station et plus de 4 Go de samples Loopmasters.

Bénéficiez de deux ans de garantie :
Bénéficiez de notre garantie pendant deux ans si votre matériel Novation a besoin d'être réparé ou remplacé en raison d'un défaut de fabrication.

Répétez les rythmes :
Utilisez Melodics pour parfaire gratuitement vos compétences en percussion de pads.

Commencez à utiliser Launchpad en quelques secondes :
Launchpad Arcade vous permet de composer directement de la musique à l'aide de l'interface utilisateur basée sur les clips et familière de Launchpad.

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