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Launchkey Mini

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Enregistrez un équipement matériel Novation avant le 2 février 2021 et recevez gratuitement le plug-in Zampler RX Creative Bundle de ZamplerSounds – un cadeau d'une valeur de $99.

La version MK2 du clavier contrôleur 25 touches alimenté par mini USB conçu pour Ableton Live.

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Roman Fictum
Still learning to know this little keyboard. But so far so good.
Samuel Virgo
john blair
Great Product, Great Service
james coubrough
Great everything really
Victor Yamil Dabdoub Velazquez
Matthias De Gisi
The quality of the product was pretty good, got a refurb so some scratches are expected but all in all it was well worth the money
Judit Laszlo
Great starter kit for music production!
Miguel Antonio Pérez Escobar
It’s awesome, the balance quality price is excellent
Value for money (y)
Sean C.
As someone trying to get into music production, I was looking for something that is affordable and would help me break into working with DAW's. The Launchkey Mini definitely checks both those boxes and more. The Mini is a good size for travel and storing in backpacks (would definitely recommend a case) and is definitely a good first MIDI keyboard for beginners like myself! I also really appreciate that the finish doesn't leave fingerprint marks. Great device overall.
Juan David Atehortúa
Excelent price/quality
david fuchs robles
very handy and light weight it's perfect to work wherever i go with Ableton Live.
Great product and has improved the quality of my beats and my workflow by a million percent
Very valuable and fun to play! The included software is super awesome!
Nisachon Keawjamjang
Compact, but very functional
Richard Stockdale
Plug it in and it just works. Very well built and a very usable controller.
Fun to use. Very user friendly
The Launchkey mini is portable and powerful enough to help, with all things creative in music. Cheers Matthew James Edge
Bacquart Alec
Good packaging. The product is like as the photo. Quick utilisation after unboxing (Sorry for my language, i am french)
Omar al Marzooqi
I am so happy to receive my LauchKey Mini so fast via international shipping to UAE
Mr Matias Macias
For the price i'ts ok, the integration with ableton live is great but the build quality is a bit bad in my opinion, also it would be nice to have some sort of pith wheel and mod wheel
Ricardo Tapia
Essential. Highly recommend to new producers and people interested in learning music theory/creation.
Nathanael Moore
It is a very versatile machine. The best part is that it is integratwd so well into Abelton live
Andres Ramirez Osorio
I like it, its beautiful and very portable, I will use it for a long time. The only thing I dislike its that for me, the keys are hard to touch, I mean, I have to push hard to get a high midi velocity and that tires my hands fast.
This product is great. I have no complaints, It is as I had expected.
Yogindra Abhyankar
Hi! I like to say that the product the LaunchKey Mini Mk2 , is excellent !! and the customer support I have receive is very helpful and nice. I use to get the support very quickly. I have downloaded the stuff and started using the product. everything is as said. I have liked it very much and surly going to produce high quality music.. Even the video tutorials are up to the mark, one can get going very easily.I am using it on windows 10 64 bit on my pc, it is working completely. thanks a lot to Novation & Focusrite team. Looking forward to get more new products.
Mike Vaughn
Small, portable, powerful, just good stuff. I dig the colour change on the underside too!
Amit Rafaeli
The product is working but theres a delay in the sound that ruining all the expiriance... the keys feels very like a toy-ish
Luis Cetina
Product works flawlessly and the materials are very good
Very simple plug and play operation. Everything mapped in Ableton beautifully.
Good for a beginner!! it can control Ableton very comfortable and 16 pads are enough for creating music. I think Launchkey Mini is the best midi controller!
Sonja Sujecki
I've never been more excited about producing at home ever since purchasing my first midi controller. Learning how to use the Launchkey Mini was easier than expected, with its functions improving my workflow 100%. I've made the most progress i've made in production since starting one year ago. Highly recommend to people who have just started making music, or are looking at taking there art to the next step.
Konstantinos Dimou
This product is really simple to use. Although you may want to have a little bit of knowledge for using Ableton beforehand, you can easily learn how to use it. I recommend this product for beginners as it's basic, and serves your purpose to a certain extent. I can vouch for this, as I am a beginner myself. Also if you are worried about delivery time and are in a hurry, have no fear. Mine arrived within two days and in great condition. No damage or missing parts. If you are skeptical about its portability, don't. It's really portable. I bring mine everywhere. No messy cables, no need to recharge it or anything, so that if you are in a hurry, you can immediately pack it up.
Heidi Stewart
Excellent does exactlywhat it says
Great entry level midi controller, fantastic software package. Delivered promptly. Really pleased! Would definitely recommend Novation to anyone.
Alvaro Romero
great all around device, love the pads better than the launchpad's
Philip Mastriforte
Excellent introductory product. Easy to set up and has already provided hours of entertainment.
I'm really happy with the size of Lanuchkey Mini. It's very interesting to make music with Launchkey Mini.
Jacob Main
This was looking for my first controller and I am very happy I chose this one. It is cheep, useful, portable, well made and comes with great software. Would recommend.
Machine is perfect! It is really lovely. I am sure this machine will push me creating good music!
Mr Jonathan Saw Yu Heng
This is my first USB midi controller I own. It is the most affordable and compact controller on the market and great for beginners producer.
Mr Raihan Habib Imon
Im fully satisfied with the service. Highly recommended for new beginner. .. happy to produce new music. Just happy to make new sounds and music. I am falling love with creation novation. Best wishes for new beginners. ..
Diego Bruno Flores Salazar
Really a good product, I really wanted portability and I'm pleased with the Launchkey Mini.
It is the perfect keyboard to travel with and can be linked to an ipad with a little help from the tech. dept.
The best thing I can say about the mini is originally I bought it for when I am travelling or not in my studio and it is now my studio keyboard...I sold my big midi keyboard as this just fits the bill. Great key feel simple yet usable and compliments my launchpad so well. Love it!
For Ableton Live in particular my original model Launchkey Mini gets as much daily use as my QWERTY keyboard. Straightforward modes make it simple to operate by not overloading it with features that would require a display in order to see current states. Features lacking such as pitchbend & modwheel, aftetouch, master channel fader, and arpggiator, tend to be missing from most of the competing products from Akai, M-Audio and others - and where they do have some of those features, lack the tight integration with Ableton Live that all Novation controllers appear to have by default.
A brilliant adequate midi controller for any beginner of learning to play play Piano or learning EDM sample looping or patterns. A good price also.
Is a very nice compact piece of production, very intuitive and fully workable with ableton! I Love it!
As a relative newbie to computer produced music and midi controllers, I wanted something not too complicated or expensive to control Ableton, and give me a keyboard as well, so I went for the Launchkey Mini, and it does the job just fine. Ableton recognised it from the start, and it's very easy to use. Does what it says on the tin! I'll be upgrading to a Launchkey 49 or 61 soon with any luck, they're that good! Recommended.
Does exactly what i need it to do. Compact and extremely functional. Accurate responsiveness and super easy to configure with Reason.
A truly fantastic, robust and beautiful product. For the price, you can't go far wrong. I use this a a MIDI controller to control Traktor effects and It's just perfect.
Love it for FL studio, quick simple and a cheap option. 5 stars!
Don't let the size full you; this is a piece of technology that's highly customizable for various sessions... Thanks Novation --
I've been using my Launchkey Mini coupled with FL Studio HD on my iPad. It does everything I need it to do. I especially like the velocity sensitive keys. I am also a big fan of how portable it is.
great price, awesome function, but horrible hardware design. The USB to mini usb connection is a joke. you will lose control and power w/in a month. too bad, i loved the keyboard. The mini hook up on the keyboard will quickly break. No power, no control... just dead
Awesome. Great keyboard to start your producer career
Nice midi controller. Keys are a great size to swiftly move around and the drum pads have a nice feel to them. Great build quality just wish there was more support for more platforms!
Very portable and great for on the road work. I just love how the keyboard feels overall with the ability to assign sounds to each pad or with the knobs control some of the effects. If anybody is looking for a great portable keyboard, the Novation Launchkey Mini is one i'd recommend for both amateurs and professionals.
Great portability and function for Live. Keys feel fine for mini keys, but don't expect a semi-weighted key feel. Any type of pitch bend & mod wheel inclusion would have made it 5 stars. A little combo bend wheel would be great.
Ideal for ipad and young kids
Love being able to carry this around in my bag at college so that when a melody pops in my head, I can get it in Ableton immediately
Novation's Launchkey Mini has all of the quality and features I need to be creative in my music as well as being portable so I can produce on the go.

Caractéristiques du produit

Contenu :
  • Launchkey Mini
  • Câble USB vert
  • Guide de démarrage imprimé
  • Carton d'enregistrement pour Live Lite
  • Fiche contenant des informations relatives à la sécurité en anglais et en français
Configuration requise :
  • Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  • Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • iOS 8 ou 7 – nécessite un adaptateur Camera Connection Kit ou Lightning to USB Camera (non inclus).
Logiciels inclus :
  • Ableton Live Lite
  • 4 Go de sons et de samples Loopmasters
  • L'un des quatre instruments Addictive Keys de XLN Audio
  • Plug-in synthétiseur Novation Bass Station VST et AU
  • Plug-in synthétiseur Novation V Station VST et AU
  • Cours Melodics gratuits

Caractéristiques techniques

  • 64 boutons carrés (matrice 8x8) avec rétroéclairage multicolore
  • 8 boutons système à rétroéclairage multicolore (assignables)
  • 8 boutons de fonction à rétroéclairage multicolore (non assignables)
  • Prise micro USB
  • Encoche de sécurité Kensington

Compatibilité des logiciels

  • Ableton Live Lite 10 est inclus
    Si vous disposez déjà d'Ableton Live, vous aurez besoin de la version 8 ou d'une version ultérieure pour utiliser le contrôleur Launchpad Mini. En effet, les versions précédentes d'Ableton Live ne prévoient pas l'intégration du Launchpad Mini ; nous vous recommandons donc d'effectuer une mise à jour vers la dernière version du logiciel.
  • Configuration minimale pour l'application Novation Launchpad App :

    • iOS 6 ou version supérieure
    • iPad 2 ou ultérieur
    • Kit de connexion d'appareil photo ou adaptateur Lightning vers USB (non inclus)


  • Entièrement alimenté par USB, iPad compris


  • 185 mm x 185 mm x 16 mm (L x P x H)
  • Poids : 420 g

Systèmes d'exploitation compatibles

  • La compatibilité avec les systèmes d'exploitation n'est pas pertinente pour ce produit ou cette gamme


Caractéristique Description
Offre Sound Collective :
    Enregistrez un équipement matériel Novation avant le 2 février 2021 et recevez gratuitement le plug-in Zampler RX Creative Bundle de ZamplerSounds – un cadeau d'une valeur de $99.
Plug-in offert :
  • Nous vous offrons gratuitement un instrument virtuel Addictive Keys de XLN Audio avec chaque interface Novation. Une licence complète est attribuée pour chaque compte, permettant de choisir un instrument Addictive Keys, par exemple Modern Upright, Studio Grand, Electric Grand ou Mark One.
Le Launchkey Mini avec son mini-clavier à 25 touches est idéal pour esquisser les idées dans Ableton Live. Déclenchez des boucles et créez des percussions dynamiques avec les 16 pads multicolores sensibles à la vélocité. Modulez vos effets et instruments à l'aide des huit potentiomètres. Le Launchkey Mini fonctionnera dès que vous le brancherez sur la prise USB de votre ordinateur, ou sur votre iPad avec le kit de connexion d'appareil photo. Il s'intègre immédiatement avec Ableton Live ou n'importe quel autre grand logiciel de musique et est livré avec l'équipement nécessaire pour commencer à créer de la musique, notamment Ableton Live Lite.

Conçu pour Ableton Live :
Toutes les commandes sont disposées de façon intuitive et répondent instantanément.

Créez des beats expressifs :
16 pads multicolores sensibles à la vélocité pour déclencher des clips et jouer des percussions.

Modulez votre son :
Modulez ou réaffectez à votre guise les instruments et les effets à l'aide des huit potentiomètres solides.

Créez et jouez facilement :
Ce mini-clavier est doté de 25 touches légères et sensibles à la vélocité.

Emmenez-le partout :
Suffisamment compact et solide pour se glisser dans votre sac, il fonctionne sans câble d'alimentation.

Utilisez tous les principaux logiciels de musique :
Prenez automatiquement les commandes d'autres DAW (dont FL Studio).

Jouez directement avec le Plug and Play :

Grâce à son intégration native et son alimentation USB, ce clavier fonctionne directement et sans driver d'installation.

Composez sans attendre :

Comprend Ableton Live Lite, l'un des quatre instruments Addictive Keys de XLN Audio, Novation Bass Station, V-station et plus de 4 Go de samples Loopmasters.

Bénéficiez de deux ans de garantie :
Bénéficiez de notre garantie pendant deux ans si votre matériel Novation a besoin d'être réparé ou remplacé en raison d'un défaut de fabrication.

Répétez les rythmes :

Utilisez Melodics pour parfaire gratuitement vos compétences en percussion de pads.

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