Launchkey 25 MKII US$139,99

Launchkey 25 MKII

Code produit : NOVLK

ANCIEN PRIX : US$ 149,99

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Enregistrez un produit Novation avant le 5 décembre pour recevoir gratuitement le bundle Lo-Fi Ambient Tools de Puremagnetik – il inclut Verv, Pastfabric et Fathoms.

Clavier contrôleur 25 touches USB pour Ableton Live avec 16 pads RGB sensibles à la vélocité et bien plus encore.

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Very good keyboard, responsive and easy to use for beginners.
Tuur Martens
I do think the pads are a bit hard to press, but apart from that good stuff!
Great value for money
Francesco Pagliaro
E' un prodotto di qualità/prezzo ottimo, bei pad e buoni tasti della tastiera. Facile anche da utilizzare perché ci sono molti tutorial su Youtube girati dalla stessa Novation.
Ivan Flores
I got the Launchkey 25, it is very easy to use, really convenient using it with Ableton.
ingrid rodriguez gonzalez
excelente producto, el envió a Colombia llego perfecto y en un muy buen tiempo de entrega, muy cumplidos
Ryan Fisher
Very high quality and comes bundled with tons of goodies. The key action feels good and works with any DAW not just Ableton (logic pro here)
I love this keyboard, feels like it is well built and will last years. Works perfectly with FL Studio.
Dustin Fookes
First time midi controller buyer. I was surprised with how firm the RGB pads we're to press but believe I will get used to it. Ableton that came with it is fairly simple to use but there is definitely a large learning curve to get everything moving smoothly. Overall very satisfied though.
Ignacio Tradatti
Muy buen producto, fácil de usar y con gran potencial. El tema de la sensibilidad es medio complicado de entender, incluso en la sensibilidad más alta no se logran bueno niveles de volumen. Debería revisar si es un tema del controlador o propio del software.
Cummings Andrew
Great controller, using it with the Groovebox app from Ampify is really nice.
Mateo Olaya
Excellent quallity, the MIDI works well on my Ableton Suite, and has very profecional quallity. Thank you Novation
Allan Huseyin
It's a great first keyboard. Has lots of knobs and buttons to play with. Feels great. It also comes with awesome software.
Josianne Lapierre
Arrived after exactly a week, which I was really surprised and pleased about :) . Easy to use (already have a Launchpad!)! As soon as it was connected, I could start to play and create. Second song I make today. I couldn't hope better. Well, it could be smaller, could be easier to carry place to place (Only con)! Sincerely, 5/5!
Mr Connor Tetlow
By far the best thing I could have bought as an absolute beginner to electronic music creation, it's that simple to use my 9 year old little brother loves playing with it and he also is able to use the device. It's perfectly supported by abortion which allows incredible detail to each part of the music creation a definite 5*
Very good product with nice MIDI pads. Great for beginer
Mr Francis Delaney
Essential product for any electronic music enthusiast! Better for me than the mini version, since I have big fingers. I really like the 25 keys version of the keyboard because it is portable!
Mr maximiliano castillo
Es una buen equipo,es algo donde se puede empezar
Brilliant bit of kit excellent service highly recommend
Mrs Suzelle Perreault
Had some difficulty registering this product but overall easy once you get started.
Well built and sturdy, and I'm really liking the two included soft synths. My only regret is not buying the larger model for the extra 8 sliders. What decided the sale for me was the feel of the pitch and modulation wheels, they feel solid, but also sort of soft, and they sit under the hand just so... I would recommend this product.
Excelente practico y fácil de manejar
This is a great product, it works exactly as it should with ableton I also use it with presonus studio and pro tools. My only complaint is how difficult and frustrating it is getting it to work in pro tools, but I think that'd be on them.
This is best 25 keys keyboard that you can integrated with Ableton Live. You have full size keys with good quality build, 16 softs and sensitive pads that allow you to launch, record and arm clips on the fly with the InControl function. I would recommend this keyboard to anybody that is searching a portable midi controller that wants to have a better workflow in Ableton Live with a great quality build.
The Launchkey 25 MK2 is a great unit but I only give it 3 stars. The reason I bought it is because I wanted to use it with Ableton Live 9. It works great with Live and complements the DAW seamlessly. It's plug and play the way it should be. The RBG pads are great, the fader, and knobs are good ( I have no complaints about those), the pitch & mod wheel have a great feel, & the transports controls are a perfect complement. On the flip side, the bads are that it does not have 5 pin midi I/O ports, the key action is a bit weak and not as good as it cold be. The way the user has to push to buttons at the same time to access different midi channels is difficult to work with because the delay time it has to revert back it too long. The same goes for key transposition. For example, the L/R buttons above the pitch and mod wheel are used for navigating to different tracks. So, in order to select a midi channel both buttons have to be pressed at the same time. Doing this puts the controller in midi channel select mode. It takes too long for it to go back and get out of midi channel select mode because it reverts back by itself after a few seconds. This is my biggest complaint. Over all, you get what you pay for. At this price point, it's a good controller but it does lack some features that are found on other controlers. The fact that it works so well with Live is the reason why I got it and continue to use it. I love Novation and their products, I just had high expectations with this unit and felt a little disappointed. In conclusion, it's a good product for the price and the functionality that it provides.
the launchkey mk25 is easy to set up (works out of the box with some workstations and ipad apps). the price was right and i get great sounds out of it. i have been very satisfied with my purchase so far
Great product. Setting it up was a breeze and every works as expected. Very happy with this small portable keyboard. I use with protools, logic, studio one And zbleton live.
Brilliant product for the price! The novation launchkey works well with most DAW's I currently use it for fl studio the full size keys make it easy to play unlike other "25 key; keyboards" However, the pads aren't great for drum rolls but a good piece of equipment overall.
I was looking for a small but professional keyboard to connect to my iPad to make using the music Apps easier. However with the pads and knobs on the Launchkey I found greater creativity and this developed into using the free Ableton Live software on laptop. This in turn lead to buying the full version of the software. The launchkey works perfectly in all these combinations and the knobs are great for controlling effects etc. It can do so much more than just playing the sounds as I soon discovered. Definitely a very worthwhile purchase.

Caractéristiques du produit

Contenu :
  • Clavier Launchkey
  • Câble USB
  • Guide de démarrage imprimé
  • Carton d'enregistrement pour Live Lite
  • Fiche de sécurité en anglais et en français

Configuration requise :
  • Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  • Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • iOS 8 ou 7 – nécessite un adaptateur Camera Connection Kit ou Lightning to USB Camera (non inclus). L'utilisation avec les appareils iOS requiert une alimentation (non incluse)
Logiciels inclus :
  • Ableton Live Lite
  • 4 Go de sons et de samples Loopmasters
  • L'un des quatre instruments Addictive Keys de XLN Audio
  • Plug-in synthétiseur Novation Bass Station VST et AU
  • Cours Melodics gratuits sur le plug-in synthétiseur Novation V Station VST et AU

Caractéristiques techniques

  • Clavier toucher léger sensible à la vélocité 25, 49 ou 61 touches
  • 16 drum pads sensibles à la vélocité et à rétroéclairage RGB
  • 8 potentiomètres
  • 9 curseurs (modèles 49 et 61 touches) ou 1 curseur (modèle 25 touches)
  • 6 commandes de transport dédiées
  • Molettes de pitch bend et de modulation
  • 2 boutons octave / transposition
  • Écran LED 7 segments à 3 caractères
  • 2 boutons pour les canaux piste/MIDI
  • 8 boutons mute/solo et bouton de basculement (sur modèles à 49 et 61 touches)
  • 3 boutons InControl (modèles 49 et 61 touches) ou 2 boutons InControl (modèle 25 touches)
  • 2 boutons ronds à rétroéclairage RGB
  • Port USB
  • Port d'alimentation DC
  • Prise jack 6,35 mm pour pédale de maintien
  • Encoche de sécurité Kensington

Compatibilité des logiciels

  • Ableton Live Lite 10 est inclus
    Si vous disposez déjà d'Ableton Live, vous aurez besoin de la version 9 ou d'une version ultérieure pour travailler avec le Launchkey. Nous vous recommandons d'effectuer une mise à jour vers la dernière version. En effet, les versions précédentes d'Ableton Live ne prévoient pas l'intégration du Launchkey pour InControl. Le Launchkey peut également faire office de contrôleur MIDI standard.


  • Connexion USB pour Mac et PC
  • L'utilisation avec les appareils iOS requiert un adaptateur Camera Connection Kit ou un adaptateur USB (non inclus). Une alimentation (non incluse) est également nécessaire.
  • Consommation électrique maximale : 12 V DC, 1 A
    Alimentation non incluse


  • Launchkey 25 : 450 x 270 x 90 mm (L x P x H)
  • Launchkey 49 : 775 x 270 x 90 mm (L x P x H)
  • Launchkey 61 : 940 x 270 x 90 mm (L x P x H)


Caractéristique Description
Keyboard Size25 Key
Offre Sound Collective :
  • Enregistrez un produit Novation avant le 5 décembre pour recevoir gratuitement le bundle Lo-Fi Ambient Tools de Puremagnetik – il inclut Verv, Pastfabric et Fathoms.
Plug-in offert :
  • Bénéficiez gratuitement de l'instrument virtuel Addictive Keys de XLN Audio avec les produits Novation. Chaque licence complète par compte vous permet de choisir un instrument Addictive Keys, par exemple Modern Upright, Studio Grand, Electric Grand ou Mark One.

Le Launchkey de dernière génération est notre clavier contrôleur MIDI le plus adapté à Ableton Live. Parce que nous l'avons conçu dans ce but, il constitue la solution la plus rapide et la plus simple pour produire et jouer de la musique électronique. Il suffit de brancher le clavier via USB : les touches, faders, potentiomètres et pads vous confèrent un contrôle instantané de vos matrices, instruments, effets et mixers. Bien sûr, si vous n'utilisez pas Ableton, il fonctionne également avec les autres grands logiciels de musique à l'aide d'InControl.

Conçu pour Ableton Live :

Tous les contrôles fonctionnent instantanément et peuvent être réassignés librement.

Affichez votre session en couleurs :
La couleur des pads RGB varie avec vos clips.

Créez des beats expressifs :
Les 16 pads sensibles à la vélocité permettent d'ajouter des percussions dynamiques.

Modulez votre son :
Ajustez vos instruments et vos effets à l'aide de huit robustes potentiomètres rotatifs.

Emmenez-le partout :
Suffisamment compact et solide pour se glisser dans votre sac, il fonctionne sans câble d'alimentation.

Utilisez tous les principaux logiciels de musique :
Prenez automatiquement le contrôle d'autres DAW (station de travail audio numérique).

Jouez directement avec le Plug and Play :
Grâce à son intégration native et son alimentation USB, ce clavier fonctionne directement et sans driver d'installation.

Composez sans attendre :
Comprend Ableton Live Lite, l'un des quatre instruments Addictive Keys de XLN Audio, Novation Bass Station, V-station et plus de 4 Go de samples Loopmasters.

Bénéficiez de deux ans de garantie :

Bénéficiez de notre garantie pendant deux ans si votre matériel Novation a besoin d'être réparé ou remplacé en raison d'un défaut de fabrication.

Répétez les rythmes :
Utilisez Melodics pour parfaire gratuitement vos compétences en percussion de pads.

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