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El MiniNova ofrece las prestaciones propias de un instrumento el doble de grande.

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Manfred Flock
IT IS the best Synthesizer in that price Segment. And even outnumbers more expensive ones.
great product! amazing service!! recommended!!!
Carlos Dueñas
Very complet!
Mr Steven Spicer
what a lovely way to wile away the hours with all the crap on tv, inventing your own sound (steve wright radio one dj) was the master of jingles if he had one of these it would have been even more awesome.
Peter Macios
Love this product. Can't wait to get my hand on it again.
Matthew Whitman
Great product for the price!
Martin from London
Would have liked a more substantial keyboard but it serves the purpose
Love your products
Thorvaldur Valdimarsson
The MiniNova is a excellent small synth with a great vocoder feature.
pierre yves
Delivered as promised.
Steven Bird
I really dig this synth, compact but with enough more than enough features and programmability that make it more powerful than it at first seems...
Mr Jason Wilhelm
I have to say that this product is well beyond it's years. It is a little intimidating and costs a lot of money but is worth every penny. I do wish they had a full size keyboard version of this. I also wish and hope that novation is not abandoning their soundpack free plug ins. As a child of the 80's and how a lot of my gigs are around 80's covers. I hope that there will be more patches and soundpacks forthcoming for the mininova. but beyond all that. It is a awesome awesome product.
Mr keith tucker
Rugged and toogh and a electronic musicians dream representing aux88 in the stufio and on the road. Novation has always set there standards high and lived up to every task. Thank you for making great products and letting aux88 into your family
Reviewing as a beginner who bought this as my first synth a few years ago: The Mininova is easy to use, versatile and deep. You can be simple with it, or delve into greater complexity with good results either way. I am particularly impressed by the arpeggiator (which can be programmed to play complex sequences, including rests), and the 'tweak' and other functions giving it great flexibility of sound during live play. These features set it apart from others in the price range, as far as I'm aware. I would recommend it to anyone interested in these features, and as a first synth as it is reasonably priced. For me the main lacking features are true sequencing and multi timbrality - to be honest I would have bought a Miniak instead if my friend didn't already have one I could play.
The Mininova is one of my favourite mini synths in my studio. When I got mine I couldn't keep away from it for Months! I actually created my first professional sample pack using this synth so it's been a vital piece of kit on my studio. Once you dive Into the menus you soon realise that the possibilities to create pretty much any kind of sonic arsenal you can personally think off are all there ready to use. 3 oscillators which can be traditional waveforms or variable wavetables, all of which can be modified with LFOs, envelopes, modulation slots, and the ability to sync them, use ring modulation, thicken them with density settings.... its truly amazing, and that's just the oscillators!! The mini keys might not be for everyone, but the synth itself is huge.
The Mininova is an excellent synth that allows the user to create amazing sounds right in their DAW. There is very little guess work when it comes to tweaking controls for the sound that that you want. There are also tones of patches that can be downloaded from the site and can also be modified and automated to fit your sound needs. I give the MiniNova 10 stars!!!!
jose eduardo
I love my Novation MiniNova! I believe it's the most powerful and capable digital synth in this price range. I was considering buying a MicroKorg when I came across this. Same concepts but WAY more under the hood and a more intuitive and fun interface IMO. Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is a design issue. As I've seen online, many have had an issue of keys breaking off. I had one loose key and when I took it apart I found several keys that were cracked/ready to break. Novation sent me the needed replacement keys and a detailed guide to replacement. I recently had a friend with the same problem with a MicroKorg so maybe it just comes with the territory of mini keys. Either way it's a beast of a synth and I'd highly recommend it!
Excellent choice for a "First Synth" and a very capable instrument. This is a fun and intuitive synth for the beginner with plenty of options for those wanting to dig deeper. I use to think I was too stupid to play synths or figure out how to use them with a DAW, but this small yet powerful machine was just what the doctor ordered. Being very affordable and coming with a copy of Ableton Live 9 Lite...this was really an obvious great value to get started. I fell in love with making music again. I've since added more equipment to my set up, but do so now with confidence from what I learned from starting with this device...and I still use regularly along with everything else.
Very full sound with a lovely character and lots of controls.
I bought this synth 2nd hand on eBay kind of "accidentaly". I bid on it happy of a very low price, but didn't hope to win as I was sure somebody will outbid me. So i won. Why I decided to bid in the first place? When I was bying my first synth I was considering either MiniNova or Ultranova. Decided to go with something else, but stil had those in mind. Just before the biding I spent some time checking if I would actually like it. I thought it will be nice addition to my colection and was only sad that making sounds is only from the menu. But fortunately there is VST editor so it is not that bad. I am very happy with the synth and the sound. Surprisingly these tiny keys feel quite well when you play. If you can afford go for Ultranova. But if you are interested more in playing then creating go for this one.
I purchased the miniNova for it's ability to alter the sounds during playback, nicely done. The presets are awesome and can be easily altered and saved as a new custom instrument. The miniNova is also a vst instrument usable in most DAW's. I have used it with Ableton 9, Anvil, and Garage Band, runs equally well on Windows and Mac. However, I have had some serious issues with the miniNova on Ableton 9 on my PC laptop running Windows 8.1, crash and burn issues. I do not recommend using the miniNova with Ableton, at least not on Windows, unless you want to spend a LOT of time trouble shooting. Have a computer techy sitting beside you if you are not a computer geek. The miniNova works fine on Anvil which is a free download. I have had no issues with the miniNova on the MacBook, works fine with Garage Band.
i love it,,learning new things daily
I've had so much fun with this awesome synth!!! So much stuff you can do. I never get bored when using it. I definitely advise you to get it!
Its a nova... What more could I say?
Endlessly fun and easy to understand. A great keyboard for all types of music. And because Novation is so awesome, it grows with you with downloadable patches. The vocoder is pretty solid, but you must speak right into it. Design is sleek and easy to master as well as personalize.
my rig wouldn't be complete w/o at least 1 MiniNova !
I purchased my MiniNova primarily because I wanted a vocorder for harmony vocals and for some new synth sounds. The 8 voice functionality exceeds my needs. The supplied voices are great. The ability to reprogram, modify and tweak all the patches allows me to bend and twist the MiniNova any way I My friends that have bought other similar synths are now looking into adding a MiniNova to their systems.
The mininova is a great intuitive keyboard with lots of great sounds. The arp and variation buttons allow a simple riff to sound very dynamic. The sounds are very contemporary and accessed by genre or alphabetically. It has all the usual facilities of a Synth. Midi, pitch and mod wheel. With a big filter knob and an easily adjustable parameter matrix the mininova is fun and compelling piece of kit which produces thrilling and exhilarating sounds. There are also a range of more standard sounds. Minikeys make this less chord friendly, but it is great for leading, baselines, pads and generally weird Noises. Fun, fun, fun - in equal measure.
This synth is a true beast so versatile so many sounds you can endlessly tweek thee only synth you need
This Mini sounds great with lush pads and a large cutoff filter knob, which is a great feature for any synthesizer. It feels solid, like a good filter knob should be. I ended up selling mine only due to having too many keyboards and not enough talent to give all my machines enough love and attention they deserved.
This is brilliant, I bought one after hearing one at a small gig and speaking to the guy using it. It is mind-blowingly versatile with a full range of variables. It's best to modify sounds with the software, I use Reaper, works well. You can get all the presets from the big brother in the range free and a load of others, store your sounds to the device and a software library. Some of the sounds are one note tunes, throw in a beat and you are there - hours of entertainment. One criticism, the presets are a bit oriented to House music, so you have to modify things for a traditional string sound. Could do with a good few basic to advanced tutorial videos from Novation.
Its seriously a really fun synth ive never got bored with it so that has to mean something!!
I've had the Mininova for a few years now so feel I can give an honest opinion of the pros and cons. When I bought it (new, not used) I got the matching carry case bundled in which I didn't think I'd ever really use but thought it might be nice as a collectable. The case is as sturdy as you would expect for a padded travel bag and looks nice. The synthesiser itself has a very nice sound, probably not suitable for all people in all situations but very nice all the same. It has a characteristically digital sound which is clear of unwanted noise and sits very well with all of the analogue synths I use and also the other digital ones in my setup. My current setup is a mixture of newer Volcas, Microbrutes and samplers with some older 80s and 90s analogue and digital units and it fits in nicely both soundwise and physically, some won't care for the small form factor but with the mic fitted you can sit it atop pretty much anything that doesn't have too many knobs and sliders with ease I tend to use it for Boards of Canada type sounds ie lots of slow swell pitch modulated melodic drones which it is perfect for. I don't care much for the genre dial but programming from the board is a breeze and I don't really use the in-daw editor as it's not something I need. Midi implementation is good apart from arpeggiator clock, a known issue, speed clocking is fine but if you play by hand rather than trigger from a sequencer it doesn't automatically trigger on the beat. That said, the fx sound fantastic and can all be synced to a clock. I love the favourite patches feature as well as the arpeggiator itself, very useful. I mainly got it for the vocoder and although it is very good, it probably doesn't stand up to some of the old classics or even the better vst versions but you don't need a laptop or a few grand spare to get a Roland! The gooseneck mic is nice. Overall I'd say it's a quality keyboard providing you don't have a Mercury / Barson playing style because the keys can feel a tad flimsy. It looks very cool in low light too with the illuminated panel and wheels if you like that sort of thing. Provided you don't expect a Jupiter 8 you won't be disappointed. The closest I've ever had vst wise was the Rob Papen plugs...think a cross between Blue and Predator and you're pretty close. Recommended!
A great entry level digital synth. Once you get your head around the menu system, it's mainly plain sailing. Alternatively you could use the VST plug-in in Ableton to control it, and this way gives you complete control over all functions in an easy to use visual front end. Great sounds, and the inclusion of the vocoder adds further possibilities using your voice. Recommended!
Honestly this is the best synthesizer for the money and the flexibility of sounds. I own 4 MiniNovas and 3 MoroderNovas and can't get enough of the sounds and patches I can add. I learn something new every time I turn it on. A BRILLIANT Machine!!!
Small and powerful. I am able to sync my Nova with my computer, add sounds, automate its parameters and use it as a midi controller. What else can you ask for?
The mininova was my first synth and I still absolutely love it. It's very versatile, and was a great introduction to sound design and synthesis for me. Love the mininova
Great synth for the price. there are a lot of sound libraries available which really bring this thing to life. Integration with the computer is good and the pc editor and librarian works well to organize your sounds. Only downsides are that usb midi or arp doesn't output from the hardware midi. Sound is a little thin compared to more expensive synths. I would still recommend this to anyone who fancies a hardware synth/midi controller for their studio or for gigging. Its fun to play with.
It was broken when i took it out the box. I got my money back.
This was a very good instrument, however the keys are too small for me to use so I had to sell it.
Got back into music production after 20yrs...have a love for synths but not the budget! Then i spotted the Mininova 😍 The sounds of its big brother with an amazing price tag....then there's the instant control! Oh my, straight in with tweaking knobs and making awesome sounds.. Fits right into for my long evolving sound scaoes, basses, fact everything. At the price I would almost buy another!
loved the retro styling, the wooden side cheeks did it for, the config options are fairly comprehensive, given the cost/size of the unit, it was this or a Microkorg..I feel I chose the right one!!

Especificaciones del producto

Contenido de la caja:
  • Sintetizador Novation MiniNova
  • Micrófono de cuello de cisne
  • Cable USB de 1,5 m
  • Fuente de alimentación de 12 V
  • Tarjeta de registro
  • Guía de usuario
  • Guía de iniciación
  • Tarjeta de descarga de software
Requisitos del sistema:
  • Mac OS X 10.5.7 o posterior
  • Windows 7 (todas las versiones) o Windows Vista (todas las versiones), o Windows XP SP2 o posterior (todas las versiones)
Software incluido:
  • Automap de Novation
  • Plug-in editor de software en formato AU y VST
  • Gestor de patches independiente

Especificaciones de hardware del producto

Controles de utilidades, pantalla y selección de patches

  • Pantalla LCD de 16 caracteres especialmente diseñada
  • 1 codificador grande con retén para selección de patches
  • 1 interruptor de orden de patches
  • 1 dial de volumen
  • 1 rueda codificadora con retén
  • 5 botones de navegación/función
  • 2 botones para selección de patches

Controles de teclado/interpretación

  • Rueda de inflexión de tono (con iluminación LED)
  • Rueda de modulación (con iluminación LED)
  • Teclado de 37 notas sensible a la velocidad
  • 4 ruedas suaves de edición/interpretación
  • 1 rueda suave de gran tamaño de filtro
  • 1 selector de parámetros de seis posiciones
  • 6 LED indicadores de parámetros
  • 8 botones de selección de animación/arpegiador/patch favorito retroiluminados en tres colores.
  • 2 LED indicadores de animación/arpegiador
  • 1 botón «hold» retroiluminado
  • 1 conmutador de palanca animación/arpegiador/patch favorito
  • 1 botón de selección de patch favorito
  • 1 control de tempo para el arpegiador
  • 1 LED indicador de tempo para el arpegiador
  • 2 ruedas codificadoras retroiluminadas de control del arpegiador
  • 2 botones de selección de octava retroiluminados

Entradas, salidas, panel posterior

  • Entrada XLR para micrófonos dinámicos
  • 1 entrada de jack de 6,5 mm
  • 2 salidas de jack de 6,5 mm
  • 1 salida de auriculares de jack de 6,5 mm
  • Pedal de sustain con entrada de jack de 6,5 mm
  • MIDI In/Out
  • Entrada de alimentación de 12 voltios
  • Interruptor de alimentación USB/CC (corriente continua)/off (apagado)
  • Puerto USB (el MiniNova puede alimentarse por USB)
  • Ranura de seguridad Kensington

Motor de síntesis

  • Polifonía de hasta 18 notas (distribución dinámica de voces)
  • Monotímbrico

Por patch

  • 3 osciladores
  • 1 generador de ruido
  • 2 moduladores en anillo

Formas de onda incluidas:

  • cuadrada, senoidal, triangular, dientes de sierra, pulsos, 9 combinaciones de dientes de sierra:pulsos
  • 20 formas de onda digitales
  • 36 tablas de ondas

Tipos de filtros

  • 2 filtros por patch
  • paso bajo sin resonancia, 6 dB por octava
  • paso bajo, 12 dB
  • paso bajo, 18 dB
  • paso bajo, 24 dB
  • paso banda, 6:6
  • paso banda, 6:12
  • paso banda, 12:6
  • paso banda, 6:18
  • paso banda, 18:6
  • paso banda, 12:12
  • paso alto sin resonancia, 6 dB por octava
  • paso alto, 12 dB
  • paso alto, 18 dB
  • paso alto, 24 dB

Fuentes de modulación

  • 20 inserciones de modulación por patch
  • 6 generadores de envolvente
  • 3 LFO
  • Postpulsación (la recibe el sistema de síntesis, pero el teclado no genera postpulsación)
  • Velocidad
  • Función key scaling/tracking
  • Rueda de modulación
  • Pedal de expresión

88 destinos en total que incluyen

  • tono de afinación del oscilador, amplitud de pulso, índice de tablas de ondas, nivel y sincronización
  • corte de filtro, resonancia, ajustes de envolvente
  • parámetros de efectos y niveles de envíos
  • modulación recursiva (fuentes de modulación que se modulan a sí mismas)

5 inserciones de efectos por patch

  • Distorsión: hasta 2 instancias
  • Compresor: hasta 2 instancias
  • Chorus/phase: hasta 4 instancias
  • Delay: hasta 2 instancias
  • Reverb: hasta 2 instancias
  • Gator
  • EQ


  • VocalTune
  • Vocoder de 12 bandas
  • Arpegiador: 33 patrones
  • Función de edición de ritmo de arpegio en tiempo real
  • Función de acordes: hasta 10 notas
  • Almacenamiento de patches: hasta 384 en hardware (sale de fábrica con 256 patches)

Requisitos de alimentación

  • Alimentación a través del bus USB
  • Fuente de alimentación de 9 V de CC incluida
  • Consumo de corriente máximo de 9 V CC, 300 mA

Dimensiones del producto

  • 560 mm de largo × 250 mm de fondo × 75 mm de alto

Compatibilidad de sistemas operativos

  • Compatibilidad de sistemas operativos no relevante para este tipo/gama de productos


Atributo Descripción
Analogue / DigitalDigital
Bus PoweredYes
Expression InputYes
Modulation WheelYes
Pitch WheelYes
Software BundleNo
Sustain InputYes
XLR Mic InputYes
El MiniNova ofrece las prestaciones propias de un instrumento el doble de grande y suena como uno con el doble de precio. Tanto si estás dando tus primeros pasos en la síntesis como productor principiante, como si eres teclista de una banda que busca un instrumentos resistentes para llevar a cualquier actuación o si ya tienes gran experiencia en el diseño de sonidos y necesitas un nuevo equipo portátil profesional para añadir a tu arsenal, esta fiera compacta de Novation estará a la altura.

Este espectacular microsintetizador polifónico de 18 voces y con alimentación por USB tiene de todo: 3 osciladores y un generador de ruido por voz; 14 tipos de filtros; un vocóder de 12 bandas con VocalTune; 6 generadores de envolvente; 3 LFO; 20 ranuras de asignación de modulación; 5 efectos simultáneos; plug-in editor para Mac/PC y gestor de patches.

Sonido enorme, sintetizador pequeño
El MiniNova, basado en el sistema de síntesis del UltraNova, tiene más polifonía, más tipos de filtros, más efectos y más modulación que cualquier otro sintetizador de su clase. Y gracias a que se alimenta mediante el puerto USB, puedes conectarlo fácilmente a tu ordenador sin que te estorben un montón de cables.

Cada uno de los sonidos del MiniNova está listo para incluirlo en cualquier mezcla tal cual, pero todos se pueden retocar sutilmente o distorsionar hasta que queden irreconocibles a través de los 24 parámetros de síntesis accesibles desde el panel frontal.

Cada uno de los tres osciladores (por voz) utiliza 14 formas de onda analógicas, 20 formas de onda digitales y 36 tablas de ondas, y ofrece una opción de densidad/desafinación (para crear sonidos más densos), sincronización virtual (para ataques con más pegada) y una opción «hardness» (un filtro de paso bajo adicional). Cada patch tiene disponibles dos filtros, lo que ofrece una selección de 14 tipos de filtros de paso bajo/alto/banda con pendientes de atenuación de 6 a 24 dB/octava; y se pueden aplicar hasta cinco efectos de forma simultánea, incluyendo distorsión, reverb, chorus/phase, delay, compresor, ecualizador y el efecto «Gator» exclusivo de Novation.

El MiniNova, con sus bajos sucios y densos, sus leads atronadores, pads exuberantes, arpegios punzantes y tonos analógicos de corte clásico, aporta toda la personalidad, potencia y versatilidad que cabe esperar de un sintetizador de gran tamaño, pero en un instrumento resistente y compacto de 37 miniteclas.

Encuentra tu sonido con rapidez
El MiniNova incorpora 256 sonidos magníficos, trae espacio para guardar otros 128 creados por ti e incluye un gestor de patches fácil de usar con el que podrás guardar todos los patches que quieras en el ordenador y recuperarlos luego.

Puedes buscar sonidos por estilo y tipo: encontrar ese bajo perfecto para hip hop o un lead ideal para electrónica resulta rapidísimo.

Novation publica de forma periódica nuevos paquetes de sonidos para el MiniNova, creados en colaboración con músicos y diseñadores de sonido de renombre como Daniel Fisher, Chuckie y Dino Soldo.

Crea voces únicas

No contento con romper moldes como el microsintetizador más formidable del mundo, el MiniNova también tiene un micrófono y un vocóder integrado (y además, no uno cualquiera). En el modo VocalTune, afina automáticamente tu voz a las notas que toques en el teclado.

Pero el espectáculo lírico no se queda ahí, puesto que también puedes pasar la señal del micrófono por el procesador de efectos. Añade reverb, distorsión, chorus/phaser, Gator, compresión o ecualización para generar efectos vocales verdaderamente llamativos o recrear frases vocales famosas.

Como es natural, las funciones de creación sonora del MiniNova no se limitan a la entrada de micrófono: puedes conectar cualquier instrumento externo y convertirlo en algo distinto usando los filtros y efectos del vocóder (incluido el modo VocalTune).

Animación (Animate) y arpegiador (Arpeggiator)
Con el MiniNova en el modo Animate, si pulsas al menos uno de los ocho botones con luz morada se activa una serie de variaciones sonoras que aportan aún más diversidad a cada patch y ofrecen toda una gama de transformaciones instantáneas para tocar en directo y causar sensación. Cada botón ajusta varios parámetros en tiempo real sin que tengas que hacer nada más: perfecto para dar vida y movimiento a los pads y para crear melodías de bajos y leads electrónicos demenciales siempre que quieras.

Pasa al modo Arpeggiator y los mismos ocho botones se usan para programar patrones con los que podrás añadir directamente una dimensión rítmica a los patches de tu MiniNova.

Software de edición incluido

El MiniNova es totalmente editable en todas sus características desde el propio dispositivo, por supuesto, pero para editar y recuperar sesiones de forma aún más rápida tienes el MiniNova Editor, un plug-in con un magnífico diseño para Mac y PC que muestra de forma clara e intuitiva el sintetizador dentro de tu DAW.

Características principales:

Crea sonidos inmensos
Crea bajos sucios y densos, leads atronadores, pads exuberantes y sonidos de corte clásico con hasta 18 voces y efectos potentes.

Creado por una leyenda
El sistema de síntesis del MiniNova fue ideado, producido y refinado por el legendario sintesista británico Chris Huggett, que cuenta con una trayectoria de cinco décadas repletas de pasión, experiencia y conocimientos.

Retoques sutiles o cambios radicales al instante
Retoca sutilmente tus sonidos con los diales o transfórmalos por completo con los botones «Animate» y las ruedas de inflexión de tono y de modulación.

Crea voces únicas
Habla o canta al micrófono y pasa tu voz por el teclado y el procesador de efectos.

Encuentra tu sonido con rapidez

Busca al instante entre los 256 sonidos por tipo o género musical y guarda otros 128 sonidos creados por ti.

Agrupa efectos
Cada voz se puede procesar con un máximo de cinco efectos, incluyendo distorsión, reverb, chorus, phase, delay, compresión, ecualizador y Gator.

Guarda todos tus sonidos
Usa el plug-in de edición y el gestor de patches para editar totalmente tus sonidos y efectos, y guarda todos los patches que quieras en tu Mac o PC.

Llévatelo donde quieras
Resistente, compacto y con alimentación por USB. Podrás llevártelo allá donde vayas.

Sonidos gratis
Descarga paquetes de sonidos gratis creados por músicos y diseñadores de sonido de renombre y publicados de forma periódica.

⚠Advertencia para residentes en California

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