Launchkey Mini [MK3] US$74,99

Launchkey Mini [MK3]

Código de producto: NOVLKMIN3DM

ANTES: US$ 87,99

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Mathieu Gauvin
Small, portable and easy to use
Fair price. I bought a refurbished piece and it had almost no physical flaws. If it starts to malfunction I have a 3 year guarante.
Very nice and small controller to bring it anywhere.
Jeff O'Brien
This keyboard is a great value!
Good keyboard, plenty features, well built. Small form factor perfect for what I wanted.
Antonio Valdés
I don't have any Launchkey, the package was empty and I do not receive any response
Ulrik Arizaga
I bought a refurbished MK3 mini, it came right on time and the process of shipping was smooth and without any inconvenience. The product feels and looks like brand new, excellent purchase, I totally recommend buying directly from Novation. Thanks!
Jhon Andry Rodriguez
Pretty cool. I’m grateful
Stephan Heiß
The Mini MK 3 has just the right sice to fit it within a BP and take it every where you want.
Hashim Zeb
This in my opinion is the best mini keyboard i have ever set my fingers on and the cherry on top is it’s reasonable price

Especificaciones del producto

,• 25 x Mini-keys
• 1 x Touch Strip for Pitch-bench with centre zero
• 1 x Touch Strip for Modulation
• 8 x Knobs
• 16 x RGB Backlit, Velocity Sensitive Pads
• Transpose Buttons
• Octave Up/Down Buttons (with Preset function as shift)
• Play and Record Buttons
• Arp and Fixed Chord Buttons
• Stop/Solo/Mute Button ^^
• Scene Launch Button ^^
• 3.5mm jack socket for MIDI Out (MIDI din break-out cables NOT included)
• USB Socket
• Kensington MiniSaver Slot
• Midi Channel Selection*
• Capture MIDI function*^^
• Tracks function*
• Scene Down function*^^
• Scene Up function*^^
*Function accessed with Shift
^^Ableton Live specific function

Comprehensive DAW Integration

• Scripts for Ableton, Logic and Reason (Device Control for Ableton, Logic and Reason)
• All other DAWs through HUI i.e. Pro Tools, Reaper, Studio One
• Take control of Volume, Pan, Sends, Record, Play, Preset and Assign Custom Mapping

Ableton Integration

• Volume, Pan, Sends A and Sends B through knobs
• Record and Play
• Assign Custom Mapping to knobs and pads
• Track navigation

Ableton specific integrations such as

• Device Control
• Capture MIDI
• Clip Launch
• Clip Stop
• Scene Launch
• Scene Navigation
• Track Solo/Mute


• Creative Arpeggiator with Mutate Mode and Deviate Rhythm
• Mode: Up, Down, Up/Down, Played, Random, Chord, Mutate
• Rate: 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 and all associated triplets
• Octave: 1, 2, 3, 4
• Rhythm: o, oxo, oxxo, Random, Deviate
• Latch: on/off
• Tempo, Swing and Gate through pots when pressing 'Arp'
• When Mode is set to Mutate, access all Mutate possibilities through the pot while pressing 'Arp'
• When Rhythm is set to Deviate, access all Deviation of the rhythm through the pot while pressing 'Arp'
• 3 x symbols at the left side of the keyboard reserved for future arp updates

Fixed Chord

• Fixed chord, to play chords with one finger

Software Compatibility

• Ableton Live Lite is included
<If you already have Ableton Live it must be version 10 or greater to work with Launchkey Mini. Launchkey Mini will also work as a standard MIDI controller.>
• Logic script, Reason script; all other DAWs through HUI i.e. Pro Tools, Reaper, Studio One

Power Requirements

• USB bus powered
• Power supply not included

Product Dimensions

• 330mm length x 172mm depth x 31mm (40mm including knob-caps) height


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