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Es un sintetizador Nova clásico, una caja de ritmos y un secuenciador de muestras, todo combinado en una groovebox independiente.

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Miroslav Marčetić
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luch_o90 luch_o90
Awesome groovebox, it's a fun and creative tool that anyone who is initiating on dawless music production should have.
Adrie Judd
This is my first groove box, I already own a Launchpad Pro and Launch control XL so the circuit was a no Brainer, absolutely love it,
Mr. Fixit
I ordered a refurbished Circuit. It arrived with the battery-only function not working. It works fine when plugged into the AC adapter. I reported the issue and am waiting to hear back from support. It’s between Xmas and NYE so I’m anticipating a delay. Another point that is not entirely the fault of the vendor, but more due to Brexit. But the shipping was a bit of an ordeal. I received multiple messages from the courier company about customs coming into Spain. In the end the thing arrived just in time for Christmas but I had to spend a fair amount of time providing the sane information repeatedly. I’m really not looking forward to going through that again when returning the Circuit to repair the battery issue. I hope they can figure out how to deal with shipping to the EU so that the customer doesn’t have to spend a lot of time dealing with customs.
Maxime Naud
This is an awesome little product. I never learned any musical instrument and only worked in DAWs. The Circuit is the closest I ever came to jamming, and with a little bit more experience I am positive that I will indeed be jamming with other musicians. And with the ease of use, this will happen a lot sooner than later. Thanks for creating this device!!
Santiago Urrusti
Totally worth it
Gustavo Pineda
Excelente, económico y buena atención.
Charles-André Richard
Received the unit. Seems like the inside circuit are issues.
Arrived malfunctioning. No responses from support.
steven pilz
Excellent little beat maker/sequencer. Intuitive interface.
I did a lot of research for a product that would suit a complete novice like myself. Something that would be relatively easy and fun to use. Something that is portable and could be used standalone so I have no excuse to pick it up and play (battery powered and headphones). Also something that would not break the bank, but can still create very high quality sounds. Thanks to Novation providing slightly lower cost refurbished stock, that is all possible. As soon as I plugged it in I managed to create a few simple loops that sounded great (to me), despite having no musical experience at all. Watching the performers on YouTube proves that the pro's can get a lot out of the Novation Circuit too. Highly recommended. Thank you Novation!
32 Drum velocity sensitive drum pads for live use is so good.
Ricardo Antonio Baigorria
I hope that Novation will launch its own SAMPLER hardware, compatible with CIRCUIT, to the market
Nikolai Sokolov
First 2 hours using — nice house track )
Patrick Cammack
A unique approach to creativity in music production. Fits me to a T!
Amana Mission
Love the Novation Circuit! This little box is so versatile. We use it mostly as a midi controller for softsynths; the knobs are smooth and map easily. The pads are smooth and responsive to several layers of velocity. There is nothing quite like the Circuit, and we have looked.
Dan Doughty
Fantastic and easy to use product, I had ideas flowing literally in minutes. Great connectivity means it can also connect to outboard midi gear and become the heart of a DAWless set up! Love it!
A killer groove box, really easy to use. Fuels your creativity and doesn't get in the way of your ideas.
Bernhard Hochenauer
I saw the circuit and at first i thought it´s nice, but you could not get deep enough in it. i saw that you put a lot of work and features in it and i enjoy using it now and hope for further improvements, because a lot of people abandon their products after selling it. I also got the BS 2 and was happily surprised about the latest update. Thumbs up, best wishes
Keith Mitchell
Great product! I've wanted to own something like this for awhile. It could use a few minor improvements and I would love to see the firmware Open Sourced (although that's probably hoping for too much) since it has a lot of potential that developers like myself would love to leverage. Totally worth 5 stars!
Simeon Fitch
Innovative, fun, and evolving.
Orchard construction
So much fun to be had by this little miracle of tech 😃👍🎶
Christopher Denny
Amazing groovebox, I play with this on a daily basis. Great sounds, intuitive interface, and even the online interface is nice and easy to use, you really nailed it, Novation. Though I don't know if it's the drivers or what, but its MIDI isn't nearly as responsive as a lot of your other controllers. Getting past that, this has to be one of my favorite products of yours out there.
Great product, easy to make beats in seconds. Download the latest user guide from the website to get up and running quickly.
I really love this little guy so much. It is so intuitive to use as a user of DAW sequencers. The batteries seem to last for ages and the speaker isn't half bad... The synth engine is pretty powerful and the free patch editor means you can program some decent patches of your own. Also it looks pretty haha. After years of staring at screens I'm finally having fun again with music! Many thanks for developing and updating such a cool product
Bought as a gift. Worth it.
giampaolo scatozza
Still dont know how to use properly. So far it's a lot of fun. I know it's very powerful and looking forward to master the circuit.
Nori pasla Putra
This is magic Very fast delivered
Mr Jonathan Belisle
I was up in running in 3 sec.
The item is very cool, but stopped functioning after only four months of light use. Every time I press play the groove box shuts down. I've tried it with batteries and the adapter, same results both times. I intend to try to get my money back, or at least exchange it.
Novation Circuit is always on my production desk. From the start it was fun and inspiring, and recent expansions and updates have turned it into a must have tool. It integrates well with my novation hardware and Ableton software. This a brilliant piece of gear.
I think "Circuit" lives up to its name. It's a standalone synthesizer, sequencer, and drum machine. It's got a built-in speaker, but with some headphones plugged in you've got a powerful instrument that you can take anywhere, jam anytime. But, route Circuit into Ableton, and you've got all of the additional sound morphing FX and the like, along with Isotonik's Circuit Synth Editor, which gives you full control over the synth parameters, allowing you to get really deep with your sonic creations. Or, with Circuit hooked up to the web, you've got Novation's Circuit Components, which allows you to upload your custom patches for safekeeping or sharing. Novation has updated Circuit several times since its release, with new features like the ability to upload your own samples, being added along the way. At the price point, there's no better groovebox out there!
The workflow on this box is a joy to use: I have the Circuit as part of my live improv electronic rig - and the interface is so good I can work with live while I'm playing doing things I'd never do on the computer live. And while it is a serious peice of professional gear, I recently gave a 12 year his first lesson in electronic music with it. He produced his first track - with him in control of the unit - in under 2 hours. It's that easy to learn!
Fun music source. Can't wait to master all the possibilities. Small but big on how much it can do.
Awesome for sequencing, and I like the pretty lights.
Sturdy construction, well conceived. As a bonus runs off batteries for portable use. Novation has made major upgrades. good support. All around excellent!
I wasted my money on this non intuitive toy. That is all
I bought the Circuit before Components or the synth editor. I thought it was great then just with the factory presets, now it's amazing! I've made a personal goal to fill it up with 128 of my own sounds. I play with this thing almost everyday. It really makes new ideas easy to come by and develop. I kinda want a second one. BUY ONE!
I've had my Circuit for about two months now and initially purchased it as a way to work on song ideas while I'm away from the studio. I take it into coffee bars or on flights when I travel, and it helps me keep the creativity flowing. The newly-added features to be able to swap in my own samples and access to the synth engines really sealed the deal for me. In the studio, it's really easy to export the MIDI data into Ableton Live so I can expand on my ideas, and I've been experimenting with integrating it with my Eurorack modular with a MIDI-to-CV converter. I just recently figured out (duh!) that I can plug my 61-key MIDI controller into it which makes it even easier for me to play in those 6-voice synth parts. The Circuit has made it easy for me to take my creativity on the run, with robust features (love the FX chain) and an intuitive interface. In the studio, it's expanding the controls and interfaces I can use to create music. I just love this thing.
I am still getting familiar with the Circuit. I think it is an excellent instrument. Very fun to use, and with the new Components makes it even more useful.
Love it! Works great! Going online to edit wasn't a good idea. That's like giving your ideas away. So I can't enjoy the editing. What if I don't want u to see what I'm doing. Are u the gov?!?! Lol u should change that!
My first foray into a digital music machine that wasn't a keyboard or a computer. I've really had fun with this straightforward approach to making a project. I'm definitely still learning how best to use it, but I've enjoyed exploring the deep possibilities circuit offers and the fact that Novation has been working to add functionality to this product even after I bought it. Plus, the ability to grab Circuit and use it anywhere is a great feature. Beginners looking for plenty of options with a logical control scheme look no further!
I love Circuit for making beats anywhere! Such an awesome creative tool
With just a couple of firmware tweaks this amazing wee box could be the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Great piece of kit, its intuitive, its inspirational and above all its great fun to use and explore its capabilities!
Andrew Porritt
Just a beautiful piece of kit. Intuitive and fantastically tweakable. I can't switch this on without capturing at least a couple of ideas. Whilst the base model was great, the new firmware and Circuit Components open it up to fantastic levels of customization. Now with the synth editor, you can delve in and create your own patches. Sometimes the stock patches can sound a smidge "clean" so it's a godsend to be able to edit them or replace them with your own. Of course the ability to replace the samples is fantastic also. It's a great little box to take to work / on trips etc. You won't find anything anywhere near as inspiring for the money.
Innovative, easy to use and great fun. I love my circuit.
This little guy is packed with possibility. It comes with two very easily twicked nova synths that beg to be sequenced. That Easily side chain to its built in four track beat machine. Once you plug it in to a louder PA, you really get to appreciate the quality of the stock sounds! The built in speaker is a cute and welcome concept, but hardly has any real world use as it doesnt express the true sounds of the device. Along with the external sound editing and sample librarian, novation offers a free online storage to backup all your work. Brilliant. oh and it can run off batteries!
Great bit of kit. Got me and my kids back into making music. It is a great toy fun and easy to play but loads of depth if you want to take it further. Don't get your Kids piano lessons get them one of these.. get yourself one too! Everyone should have a Circuit.. very accessible deep instrument nice one novation. keep up the good work! happy customer here!
Circuit is AMAZING! Extremely easy to use, fun, and sounds amazing! Also I'm using it combine with other synths like Moog Sub 37, Moog Mother 32, Moog Minitaur and it's a game changing! The sample function with the software is phenomenal! I bought in a store in Chicago and some guys from Novation were talking about the product and experimenting at the store, I started talking with them and all the functions of the Circuit that we talked about could solve my necessities! I truly recommend the product! I'm dying to get the Novation Bass Station and use both on my ring, possibilities are unlimited! Congratulations Novation! You guys rock
Every manufacturer claims that their product is intuitive to use. That word is so overused. After having owned hardware synths, groove boxes, controllers and such, only one box I have, that is truly intuitive is the Circuit. Nothing to read, no menus, just a simple workflow. I use it as a standalone, outside on a hot summer night with headphones. Or as a sequencer for my Volcas. I use it almost everyday. The Components editors and sample transfers are awesome too. I customize my box whenever I want fresh sounds. I just love this product.
Not the gadget for me. To me it feels very limited on patterns and sounds, and mostly dated sounds at that. The fun in spinning filter knobs wears thin out after about 5 mins and I yearn for something fresh and inspirational but I can't find it (and I have explored ALL it can do). Everything ends up sounding very similar, and I desperately want to break free of its pattern-based and sonic shackles, but without midi there's not a lot else it can do. It just isn't the gadget to set my world on fire. I wish it were a different story, but I'm very disappointed after all the launch hype. So, my Circuit is in the departure lounge. Perhaps its next owner will love it more.
nova engine sounds great - editor makes all the difference - I use it for ambient soundscapes as well as for key/bass sounds sample editor is a lot of fun I loaded mine up with chiptune and ethnic percussion.
It wasn't very first. Then novation updated and added multiple extra features. Now it's like a mini hardware based Ableton. All updates run flawlessly. It's hard to encompass all the personal possibilities. Customers should view the excellent novation web tutorials on the various features. Then you can understand that this tool can be set up for many things. Highly customizable. Highly fun. Very portable. Very reliable.
I'm a musician who plays drums, guitar, and keys. Love performing and improvising with other musicians. The Circuit fits into that style really well. I can manipulate and move through pieces of music while improvising them, it's a good experience!
Very simple to use and integrates with a studio easily. Really need the editor to get the most out of the internal synths but is also very good for sequencing external gear to, the scale option is good if like me you are not very good at playing instruments and mainly program. For the price the synths sound quite good and very programmable.
So worth it. Sounds great out the box, solid tactile feel and design and easy to use; and the fact that it's stand alone and not another controller could mark the return of groove box culture. Should society not blow itself up, this could prove to be a memorial peace of gear.
I am just getting to know this instrument but so far have found it intuitive and inspiring. There is a lot more depth to be found and I look forward to the exploration. As a mobile scratchpad, it is unmatched and is helping me get my ideas out faster than ever before.
Intuitive and creative this little box is a whopper, perfect mix of beats, synth and fx. Love it
I love my Circuit. I have Volca and Electron groove boxes and while they are great machines, none of them are as immediately satisfying as the Circuit. The portability means I have way more opportunities to make music and the extremely easy workflow, from playing your little melody out on the velocity sensitive pads to saving an 8 patterns for each of the 6 tracks. Polyphonic overdub and recording automation gives even more creative options and the firmware update allowing for custom building patches and uploading drum samples really expands the capabilities. I only have 2 criticisms: 1) there is no way to preview a patch during selection so you either need to make and play a pattern first or switch back and forth between Note and Patch screens to hear what the sounds you select actually are. A mild inconvenience. 2) the USB does carries only midi data so you need to route back your audio through an audio input if you want to get it in to your DAW. However, at this price point and considering all the other aspects I love about the Circuit, these failings are pretty acceptable. 100% would recommend 100% would buy again
great jam box. new firmware upgrade makes it very powerful. Its a must buy, especially if updates keep coming
If your somebody that likes to knock out a quick melody in a minimalist style then this machine will take you there quick.And a lot of people will use it purely for that reason.Theres enough functions there to keep somebody new to music happy and for an introduction for children this thing could be really inspiring.Personally i would have been happy to pay more for a screen,more tracks,and triplet and real sampling functionality.But that comes at a price.But in all honesty for a seasoned pro its just too little but for a newcomer more than a enough..
If you're looking for an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use production tool, look no further. Deep levels of potential here, lots of great synth sounds, multiple sequence chaining, great drum sounds, super levels of customizability, all in something powered by 6 trip-a's that'll fit in your backpack. If you're a producer who wants a portable joint to knock out some new ideas, or a newbie who wants an easy-to-learn tool to start bustin' out beats, this be yer boy.
I think it's a great product, but sadly the limitation in the number and type of voices meant that I returned it after a couple of weeks, and traded it in for a Korg Electribe. However there are things that I miss from the Novation namely: - Interface. overall, the UX/UI of the Novation is excellent. I picked it up in a few hours, and was instantly comfortable with it. On the other hand, the Electribe feels like programming a VCR rather than jamming on an instrument. - Sequencer. The circuit's sequencer in both live and step mode is a joy to use compared to the Electribe, which is pretty much impossible to use in step mode. - Effects. The Novation has a real volume and send control for each channel instead of the dry volume or wet volume approach of the Electribe. On the other end, the number of type of effects is really small. - Voices. At least for the type of music I make, I found that the rigidity of the 2 synth + 4 sample approach really limiting. - Encoders. The Circuit's infinite and relative encoders are great when switching between voices, since they always represent ground truth. The Electribe is much harder to use, even in catch mode, since you can't tell what the current value is without trying to change it. After working with both, my ideal GrooveBox would have the interface of the Novation, but with the number of tracks and voices of the Electribe. Even just support for additional midi-only tracks in the sequencer which would drive external sound modules would have made the Circuit flexible enough for me to keep.
i returned it. my experience with it sucked because the manual was useless.
I've had my Circuit for two weeks, and I love it. My daily life is busy, don't have a ton of time for music, so I wanted something without a steep learning curve. Circuit does that well, I was making sounds within seconds, and patterns and loops within minutes. The portability can't be overstated, it's great. On board sounds are good, but the real fun is the tweak able parameters for each. I'd recommend it to anyone, especially given the price. If it was stolen I'd buy it again.
Bought the Circuit in early 2016 as I wanted a great multi-track sequencer that was particularly suited for live jamming at home. I was a bit hesitant as I've never used any pad-based gear (MPC, Launchpad, etc.) other than the Arturia Beatsep, which I found too limiting. I have a load of keyboard and desktop synths, and tend to use a small combination of them at a time while working on a tune. The Circuit specs were appealing, but I wasn't convinced I could get the hang of something with no display, no labels and so on. I also had never purchased a Novation synth or controller. I was comparing the Circuit to the Electribe and the Beatstep Pro. In the end, I felt the Electribe sequences would be much too short and limiting, and I wasn't convinced that the BSP had yet overcome its initial growing pains. Also, the Circuit's ability to use *chords* (not just notes) in its sequences was really appealing. I went ahead and got the Circuit, which also seemed to have a significant advantage in features for the price. What a great choice that was! The Novation Circuit has easily been the best sub-$500 gear investment I've made in the past year. Although I bought it primarily for sequencing and as a "sketch pad", the onboard synth sounds are really quite good, and the drums more than meet my needs. It's not a TR-8 out of the box, but it has that potential. Components are solid, documentation (PDF) is extremely clear, complete and well-written (thank you!) and, despite the interface being like nothing I've ever used before, I got the hang of it in no time. And it is FUN! And as a sequencer, it is absolutely tight and easy, very easy, to use. Biggest plus: shortly after I purchased it, some massive updates were released that actually extended the features of the Circuit a great deal: webMIDI based interfaces for updating the Circuit and its patches; a wonderful wide and deep patch editor (desktop), and; the ability to load your own samples! Don't like the drum patches? Swap them out for your own! Simply amazing. After 5 months with the Circuit, I can't imagine ever letting go of it. It's not only a great piece of gear on its own, but it's been instrumental (ha!) in getting so much more out of the other gear I connect to it. I can't think of anything else like it on the market right now in terms of value and innovation.

Especificaciones del producto

Contenido de la caja:

  • Novation Circuit
  • Cable USB
  • 2 cables de conexión MIDI: conector de 3,5 mm a DIN hembra de 5 pines
  • Guía de inicio impresa
  • Lista de patches de Circuit
  • Ficha de información de seguridad
  • Incluye 6 pilas AA
  • Adaptador de corriente de 12 V incluido

Requisitos del sistema:

Circuit ofrece entrada y salida MIDI a un ordenador conectado vía USB. Tiene compatibilidad nativa, de manera que funciona con cualquier ordenador moderno Mac o PC con Windows.

Software incluido:

  • Software de creación musical Ableton Live Lite
  • 1 GB de samples y sonidos de Loopmasters

Especificaciones de hardware del producto

  • Cuadrícula de 32 botones sensibles a la velocidad con retroiluminación RGB
  • 28 botones de función con retroiluminación RGB
  • 8 diales continuos con indicadores LED RGB
  • Diales dedicados para filtro y volumen
  • Conectores de 6,5 mm para las salidas izquierda y derecha
  • Dos conexiones MIDI (conectores de 3,5 mm con cable DIN para conexión MIDI)
  • Conector USB
  • Conector de 3,5 mm para auriculares en el panel frontal
  • Altavoz integrado
  • Diales con recubrimiento de goma
  • Controles rotatorios fijados al chasis con tuercas de metal
  • Conector de alimentación
  • Interruptor de alimentación
  • Compartimento para 6 pilas AA (incluidas)
  • Ranura de seguridad Kensington

Motor de sonido

  • 2 sintetizadores Nova
  • Caja de ritmos de 4 partes
  • Polifonía de 6 notas por sintetizador
  • 64 patches de sintetizador
  • 64 patches de percusión
  • 8 controles macro para el sintetizador (puedes controlar hasta 4 parámetros con un dial)
  • 4 controles de parámetros de percusión (tono, caída, distorsión, filtro)
  • Vista de mezclador con niveles y ajustes de silencio
  • Efectos master con envíos de pista independientes
  • 16 delays
  • 8 reverbs
  • Efecto de cadena lateral (7 tipos y desactivado), activado por el canal 1 de percusión
  • Filtro general paso alto / paso bajo


  • 32 sesiones
  • 6 pistas por sesión (2 de sintetizador y 4 de percusión)
  • 8 patrones por pista (sintetizador 1, sintetizador 2, percusión 1 y 2, percusión 3 y 4)
  • 16 sesiones de demostración
  • Grabación en tiempo real (notas, velocidad y automatización)
  • Cuantización automática de notas a pasos y automatización de 6 eventos por paso
  • 50 parámetros de automatización (hasta 4800 eventos por patrón)
  • Intervalo de tempo interno: 40 - 240
  • Intervalo de tempo con sincronía externa: 30 - 300
  • Swing: 20 - 80 %

Interpretación en tiempo real

  • Detección y grabación de velocidad a escala completa; editable a 16 niveles
  • 16 tipos de escala y transposición cromática
  • La vista de sintetizador ampliada duplica la zona que se puede tocar
  • La vista de caja de ritmos ampliada permite grabar percusión en tiempo real
  • Octava (introducción) y octava de patrón (edición)
  • Duración y ajuste de patrones
  • Cadena de patrones configurable
  • Cambio entre sesiones instantáneo y colas de cambio de sesión


  • Velocidad y puerta por paso
  • Múltiples duraciones de puerta por paso (con grabación en tiempo real)
  • Edición de automatización por paso
  • Eliminación de pasos, parámetros de automatización por patrón, patrones, sesiones
  • Duplicación de pasos y patrones

Compatibilidad de software

  • Incluye Ableton Live Lite 10
    Circuit también puede funcionar como controlador MIDI estándar por USB.

Requisitos de alimentación

  • Circuit se puede utilizar con 6 pilas AA o fuente de alimentación (ambos incluidos); no recibe alimentación a través de USB
  • Consumo de corriente máximo: 12 V CC, 600 mA

Dimensiones del producto

  • 240 mm (ancho) × 200 mm (fondo) × 35 mm (alto)


Atributo Descripción
Analogue / DigitalDigital
Analogue Ins0
Analogue Outs2
Bus PoweredNo
Features2-part synthesiser and a 4-part drum machine
Function Buttons28 RGB backlit function buttons
Headphone Outs1
Host ConnectivityUSB 2.0
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  • Incluye todos los accesorios
  • Todo el software incluido está disponible después de registrarse.
  • Incluye garantía de 2 años
  • El embalaje puede mostrar algunas señales de desgaste o la unidad puede haber sido reempaquetada en un embalaje genérico.
  • Para más información, pulsa aquí
Crea nueva música electrónica de forma rápida y fácil con una groovebox independiente que combina sintetizadores basados en el Nova y sonidos de batería impecables. O tus muestras.

Circuit: diseñado para inspirar. Dos sintetizadores Novation polifónicos y una caja de ritmos de cuatro partes, junto con un intuitivo secuenciador que emplea una cuadrícula de pads. Todo esto en una dispositivo independiente que te permitirá comenzar a crear música electrónica en unos instantes. Toca algunos pads, experimenta con los diales y tu canción empezará a surgir, con el tempo y la clave perfectos. Ajusta el sonido de los dos sintetizadores basados en el Nova y añade tus propios samples para hacer que tu instrumento sea único. A continuación, prueba a jugar en tiempo real con los efectos, los patrones y los sonidos para dar forma a tu canción.

El Circuit es pequeño, puede funcionar con pilas y tiene un práctico altavoz. Con él podrás crear música sin necesidad de nada más. En el estudio se entiende con tus sintetizadores y funciona en sincronía con tu software musical. En resumen, es lo único que necesitas para idear, crear y tocar nueva música.

Ideas en segundos. Pistas en minutos.
Circuit inspira, desde el primer momento. Combina un sintetizador de 2 partes y una caja de ritmo de 4 partes con un secuenciador que emplea una cuadrícula de 4 × 8 pads sensibles a la velocidad con iluminación RGB, con el que descubrirás nuevas sendas musicales y crearás ritmos electrónicos al momento.

El Circuit es pequeño y puede funcionar con pilas: brilla con luz propia. Puedes crear canciones completas desde cero sin necesidad de usar un portátil, y a continuación guardarlas y tocarlas en vivo. Ni siquiera necesitas altavoces porque incorpora uno. Por supuesto, el Circuit puede conectarse a tu equipo de sonido, y también puede comunicarse con tu ordenador y tus otros sintetizadores gracias a sus salidas de línea y sus puertos USB y MIDI.

Sonido puntero
El Circuit se basa en el sonido del Nova y ofrece sonidos punteros con patches monofónicos y polifónicos profesionales, y personalidad a raudales para crear fácilmente líneas de bajos rugientes, leads épicos y pads cálidos.

Da forma rápidamente a tus ideas
Lánzate a una nueva forma de crear música. La cuadrícula dividida del Circuit muestra los pasos y las notas al mismo tiempo para que puedas secuenciar y tocar mientras ves exactamente lo que ocurre. Construye cada parte de forma rápida y sencilla, bien programando cada paso, bien grabando tu interpretación en tiempo real.

Combina simplicidad y experimentación
Usa modos sencillos y optimizados para mantener a la perfección el tempo y la clave de tus armonías, ritmos y melodías mientras creas frases, ganchos y acordes. O ponte a experimentar y explora a fondo las posibilidades del secuenciador.

Circuit Components
Una colección de herramientas que amplía tu Circuit y te ofrece todo lo que necesitas para diseñar y personalizar tu instrumento. Solo tienes que arrastrar samples a tu Circuit con Sample Import usando la herramienta web optimizada basada en Web MIDI, y crear así tu propia paleta sonora.

¿Buscas el ritmo perfecto?
Los pads sensibles a la velocidad con iluminación RGB te permiten crear rápidamente ritmos expresivos de batería mediante el secuenciador por pasos o tocando toda la gama de sonidos de percusión. Define tu sonido con un control total del tono, el decaimiento, la distorsión y la ecualización.

Ajusta tu sonido con facilidad
Da forma a tu sonido usando los ocho diales, con los que podrás retocar sutilmente cada patch o transformarlo por completo. A continuación, añade movimiento y ritmo grabando o secuenciando tu interpretación.

Crea canciones completas con efectos
Crea una canción entera combinando hasta 128 pasos de patrones de sintetizador y batería, y añade después amplitud, profundidad y energía a tu música con los efectos integrados. Enlaza tus sintetizadores al bombo mediante la cadena lateral para lograr ese efecto de bombeo. Cuando termines, guarda tu canción en uno de los 32 espacios disponibles.

Características principales:

  • Sintetizador de 2 partes con modelado analógico y tabla de ondas basado en el diseño Nova
  • Caja de ritmos de 4 partes
  • Cuadrícula de 4 × 8 pads de secuenciador RGB sensibles a la velocidad
  • Tipos de oscilador de diseño MiniNova y nuevas tablas de ondas actualizadas
  • 64 patches listos para empezar a producir
  • Secuenciación por pasos o creación en directo
  • Adapta tu música al tempo y la tonalidad
  • Ajusta el sintetizador con 8 diales macro con iluminación LED RGB
  • Graba y reproduce tus ajustes
  • Combina hasta 128 pasos de patrones de sintetizador y percusión
  • Añade impresionantes efectos de delay y reverb
  • 32 posiciones de memoria para guardar sesiones
  • Crea tus propios patches de sintetizador con Circuit Editor
  • Utiliza tus propios samples con la función de importación
  • Compacto, funciona con pilas
  • Altavoz integrado con funcionalidades DSP
  • Los pads, los diales y el secuenciador se pueden utilizar con ordenadores y hardware conectados a través de USB y MIDI
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