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Two-part 16-voice 61-key polyphonic synthesiser with three New Oxford Oscillators per voice.

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James Castell
It sounds great and perfectly combines hands-on control with surprisingly deep sound design possibilities. I don't think that there is a better featured poly synth available for the price at the moment.
Stephen Austin
This synthesizer sounds amazing. Great control. Great FX, great build quality.
Feels and sounds amazing! I don‘t want to miss it
Timothy David Hobbs
Great Synth, fun to play!
Martin Torre
All the things reviews says, are truth. Impressive Synth, endless posibilities, easy to use, the best sound, it feels solid. So much fun is waiting for me :).
Jaish Chada
The novation Summit is so much more than just 2 Peaks. It can sound like several synths; from a PPG ,to a DX7 to a DSI Prophet 12 and even a "vintage analog". It's a great all round synth and is heavier than its slim profile would suggest. It's a subtractive analog hybrid synth, with FM and 60 wavetables. The latter was a nice surprise to me. Because of these, I thought there might be too much overlap between my Korg Prologue 16 and Nord Lead 4, but it has a MUCH cleaner sound than either and the effects are amazing! The Summit complements the other 2 synths very well and fills in a "Hi-Fidelity" gap in sound. Don't get me wrong, the other 2 sound amazing, too, but the sound is apples to oranges and the apples are crisp, juicy and tasty, but the orange has a rich, even colour, a thicker skin with more texture and is just as juicy but in a different way. You can dial in some similar sounds on each synth but imagine the Summit is a 24-bit WAV file through the latest audiophile DACs and the Prologue 16 is a 320 MP3 put through a tube amplifier. The build quality is also great. As I mentioned it's a slim keyboard but is heavy; not back-breaking, but definitely solid with heft. The knobs are also solid and have a nice feel and good clickiness for certain knobs. The buttons are all solid and have a firm click when pressed. The bright blue rubber support frame underneath it looks decent, but I wonder how long it will last if the keyboard is moved often and whether it will get dirty over time - doesn't seem to be as easily replaceable as regular rubber feet. I prefer it for its flexibility on certain stands where you don't have to worry about where rubber feet are positioned (often interfering with arms or brackets). This rubber "frame" design provides a lot more stability and grip on a flat surface. The rubber also enables it to sit lower about 1/2" lower on a desk than if it had average rubber feet. The "Animate" feature is also great for performances; reminds me of my Nord Lead 4's "Impulse Morph" although the summit has only 2 buttons (allowing for 3 combinations - 1, 2 or 1 and 2) versus the NL4's 4 buttons allowing for 7 combinations. The audio input is also a nice feature and it's using metal 1/4" jacks, not the 1/8" that are becoming more common. The OLED screen is also well thought out. I would've liked feedback on the selected Oscillator shapes, waves, the envelopes shapes or an oscilloscope of some sort, but the screen is very useful and large. The arpeggiator along with its bi-timbrality are a lot of fun and provide some nice creative options, but I wish it had a sequencer. Hopefully in a new firmware update, this can be added, but that's the only reason I'm knocking off a star as I see this synth as a better sounding competitor to some other hybrid synths, but many of them have sequencers. The sound, though... YouTube demos give an idea of the character, but not the quality. At first it can sound similar to several other keyboards (old and new) and it is feature rich, but then you realize the SOUND quality and fidelity is astounding - not just the overall sound and its filters, but the effects - especially when compared side-by-side with other synths. It's reverb tails can go on for days. If you can't already tell, I'm super happy with this purchase and look forward to a lot more time with this synth.
Fantastic synth, Impressive sound quality, Great interface.

Product Specifications

### Synth Engine
* 16 note polyphony (dependent on voices used per note)
* 2-part-timbral
* Layered, Split, Dual Bi-Timbral Modes
* 5 Voice Modes - Mono, MonoLG, Mono2, Poly, Poly2
#### Per voice
* 3 oscillators
* 1 noise generator with HP filter control
* 1 ring modulator
* 2 LFOs
* 1 amp envelope and 2 mod envelopes (ADHSR + looping)
* 1 filter
#### Waveforms include:
* Sine, tri, sawtooth, square / pulse, plus 43 wavetables of 5 waveforms per row
#### Filter
* 1 state variable OTA filter per voice
* 12/24dB slope
* Low-pass / band-pass / high-pass / dual filter (separation of each 12dB filters)
* dual filter: LP > HP, LP > BP, HP > BP, LP + HP, LP + BP, HP + BP, LP + LP, BP + BP, and HP + HP
* Pre-filter overdrive
* Post-filter distortion
#### Modulation
* 16 modulation slots per patch
* 2 sources per destination per slot
#### Mod sources
* Direct (depth)
* Modulation wheel
* Aftertouch (polyphonic and channel AT)
* Expression pedal 1
* Expression pedal 2
* Keyboard velocity
* LFO1 positive
* LFO1 bi-polar
* LFO2 positive
* LFO2 bi-polar
* Amp envelope
* Mod envelope 1
* Mod envelope 2
* Animate 1
* Animate 2
* CV mod input bi-polar
* Bend Up
* Bend Down
#### Mod destinations
* Oscillator 1-3 frequency, v-sync level, shape amount and level
* Noise source level
* Ring modulator output level
* Overall synth output level
* Filter drive, distortion, cut-off frequency and resonance
* LFO 1 and 2 frequency
* Amp env / mod env 1 / mod env 2 attack, decay and release
* FM Osc 1 -> osc 2, osc 2 -> osc 3, osc 3 -> osc 1 and noise -> osc 1
* Osc 3 -> filter cutoff frequency
* Noise -> filter cutoff frequency
#### Effects
* FX are per part
* Analogue distortion
* 3 chorus types
* Delay with 16 types of delay sync, LP and HP damping, slew and stereo
* 3 reverb types
#### FX Mod Matrix Source
* Direct (depth)
* Mod wheel
* Aftertouch
* Expression pedal 1
* Expression/breath pedal 2
* Velocity
* Keyboard
* LFO 1 +/-
* LFO 2 +/-
* LFO 3 +/-
* LFO 4 +/-
* Amp envelope
* Mod envelope 1 & 2
* Animate 1 & 2
* CV +/-
* Bendwheel +/-
* Bend up
* Bend down
#### FX Mod Matrix Destinations
* Distortion level
* Chorus level
* Chorus rate
* Chorus depth
* Chorus feedback
* Delay level
* Delay time
* Delay feedback
* Reverb level
* Reverb time
* Reverb low pass
* Reverb high pass
#### Misc
* FM controls on front panel
* Global LFO 3 & 4
* Arpeggiator with key latch – 33 patterns
* Patch storage - up to 512 on hardware (ships with 256 factory patches)
* Glide control
* All knobs (excl. volume), sliders and most buttons transmit and receive MIDI cc commands for external control and mapping
* Microtuning with Scala table import and table tuning creation
* Manual mode
* Multi pot mode: Relative, Pot pick-up, Snap
### Product Hardware Specifications
* 50 control knobs
* 8 45mm sliders
* 1 volume knob
* 1 data encoder knob
* Rubberised knob caps with spun metal discs
* 55 function buttons
* 2 Animate buttons plus hold button
* OLED display
* Kensington Lock
* Power switch
* IEC power supply connector
* USB socket for system (MIDI comms only, no bus power)
* MIDI In / Out / Thru
* 2 1/4" jack sockets for continuous or switched pedals
* 1 3.5mm jack socket for CV in
* 2 1/4" jack sockets for left and right outputs
* 2 1/4" jack sockets for left and right auxiliary outputs
* 2 1/4" jack sockets for left and right inputs
* 2 1/4" jack socket for headphone output
* Metal chassis with American walnut wooden end cheeks
* Metal magnetic inset end pieces
### Software Compatibility
* Ableton Live Lite is included
* Summit is a USB-MIDI class compliant device
### Product Dimensions
* 998.4mm width x 302.4mm depth x 71mmheight


Attribute Description
Plug-in offers:
  • Get the Addictive Keys virtual instrument from XLN Audio free with Novation products. One full license per account enables you to choose one Addictive Keys instrument, such as Modern Upright, Studio Grand, Electric Grand or Mark One.
Built on the innovative foundations of Novation's critically acclaimed Peak, Summit is a three-oscillator-per-voice, 16-voice keyboard synth aimed at the professional or semi-professional musician seeking an inspiring, empowering instrument for use both live and in the studio.
In fact, Summit effectively puts the power of two Peaks at your fingertips, enabling two completely independent patches to be split or layered across the keyboard, or switched between on the fly. It also expands on Peak's layout, with many 'hidden' controls and functions made accessible on the front panel – FM routing, LFOs 3 and 4, all arpeggiator parameters and more – plus the addition of pitch and mod wheels. Summit also features numerous new filter options, and an audio input for processing external sources with its reverb, chorus and delay effects.

At the heart of Summit are three digital New Oxford Oscillators per voice, hosted on the FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) chip. As well as generating authentic analogue-style waveforms at incredibly high resolution, this also facilitates FM and wavetable synthesis for the design of rich, complex and highly textural raw tones. Each voice feeds into a true stereo signal path comprising dual analogue filters, three stages of analogue distortion and analogue VCAs; while a wealth of modulation assignment options and three colourful effects bring movement, life and polish to your patches.

Summit Firmware Update v2.0

In Novation's biggest update for Summit, firmware update v2.0 brings in essential improvements and a multitude of features across stereo controls, modulation, unpredictability, and effects, that give you powerful tools to shape your sound.

Peak powered up
The acclaimed Peak architecture taken to the next level, with 16 voices, expanded front panel controls, new filter options, a five-octave keyboard and more
Two sounds at once
Multitimbral engine for splitting, stacking and switching between two simultaneous patches
Digital where it counts
Digital FPGA-generated New Oxford Oscillators for analogue-style, wavetable and FM synthesis
Analogue where it matters
Dual analogue filters, analogue VCAs and three stages of analogue distortion per voice
Per-part effects and arpeggiation
Process each part or an external audio signal with reverb, chorus and delay effects, and create riffs and melodic lines with a variety of arp modes, adjustable gate time and preset patterns
Wavetable Editor
The Wavetable Editor unleashes the power of the wavetable oscillators. It features drawing tools and a Live Edit mode, so you can draw your own oscillator shapes and preview them in real time. Audio import lets you load in your own audio to be used as the oscillator waveform. Included is a curated selection of space-themed audio from the NASA sound library, plus exclusive content from production giants Noisia.

Key Features
• Two-part multitimbral 16-voice polyphonic synthesiser
• Three NCO New Oxford Oscillators per voice, enabling subtractive, wavetable or FM synthesis
• Analogue multimode 12/24dB filter per voice with Dual mode
• Five-octave semi-weighted, premium keybed with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch• Per-part effects: distortion, chorus, delay and reverb
• Stereo audio-in routable to onboard effects and aux outputs

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