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Scarlett 18i20 3rd Gen

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18-in, 20-out USB audio interface

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James Dellorefice
The sound is solid. The unit is intuitive to use. Great support from the company.
My 18i20 didn't work out of the box--it did cause a link to pop up on my computer, so it was being recognized, but the Focusrite software wouldn't recognize the device. I contacted Focusrite tech support and after trying a couple things they said to send it back and they would send a new one. That sounded like a potential waste of time to me--I had a hunch it was a software problem, not the hardware. I have a new M1 Macbook. So I plugged it into an old computer and it worked. After it updated its firmware, it then worked on my new Macbook. Glad I didn't trust their tech support and have them ship another brick. The only reason I bought the 18i20 is because Focusrite obsoleted my (perfectly functional) Saffire Pro40. So suffice it to say that I don't trust Focusrite to properly support their products and I recommend you buy from a different company.
James Kent
This is a nice update from my previous Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 which served me well for over a decade
Rob U
Focusrite deliver again. An excellent audio interface; sturdy construction, very nice pre-amps, and enough inputs to cover my needs for casual jams with friends. The control/mix software takes a little getting your head around, but works as advertised (and actually, not that hard to understand). The quality of sound is fantastic, and for the price (I took advantage of the trade in offer), is impossible to beat. Set up was a breeze too, and Focusrite's support is excellent when you need it. 5 stars all round. I'm super happy with this purchase. Incidentally, I traded-in a Saffire Pro40 and the 18i20 is better in every way.
Bruce Mawer
This is exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommend by thousands of other users. I am not disappointed.
Andy C
Great interface! Shame phantom power isn't per channel, rather than banks of 4, but i can live with that. The sound quality is decent!
Max Hodges
Sounds great , seems stable and is exceptional value , a worthy successor to my Saffire
Marco Naranjo Morelos
Excellent purchase
Best regards to all focusrite team for the Perfect transition
Peter Nelson
Focusrite is top-notch in my book. I had a 1st Gen interface from about 2012 and that wouldn't work well with my new M1 Mac Mini. The folks at Focusrite gave me a very fair trade-in deal so I could get the 3rd Gen. To me, that says that they appreciate and value their customers and are willing to do meaningful acts to retain a customer. On top of that, the interface is working out really well in my recently remodeled music room/studio. I will definitely look to Focurite/Novation for products in the future. They have earned my respect and trust. Let's make some music!
The product is great. I had the Focusrite Pro 40 and it had developed issues on a couple of channels. The natural alternative in 2021 was the Scarlett 18i20. I was concerned about it being USB2 versus the Firewire 400 connection in terms of bandwidth. However, I wasn't disappointed. I ran a 24 track virtual instrument (plus audio) session on Logic Pro X, 2012 Mac Mini (16Gb, OS Mojave) and had no issues. One thing I was a bit worried about was that I went into the Focusrite Control software at one stage and it couldn't see the Scarlett. A reboot sorted this out but given that the Air setting is controlled by this, I hope this glitch is addressed for users of MacOS Mojave. Most of us are using this because of some legacy hardware drivers being 32 bit, which Catalina and above doesn't tolerate. Overall, this is a great product. Many thanks to Focusrite and the Tech support team, particularly Andy.
Boo Music
Firstly, Focusrite helped me out in a pinch by offering me a very attractive option to replace my older firewire Saffire units. Secondly, the units themselves are gorgeous: Ergonomically friendly, easy set up, a much better & easier control app, & they sound wonderful. Very fast via USB-C & with undetectable latency as far as these ears can discern! The price point is killer! But I'm rambling...I can't sing this company's praises loudly enough! Bravo, people!! Well done & Cheers!!
Bryce Kim
Quick and easy to use! Like the Solo, just bigger.
Its an excellent pre-amp, and a great replacement for my Saffire liquid 56 interface.
James Matthews
Easy set up procedure. Great sound. Mix software a huge improvement from the old Mix Control.
Jill Jarman
Got tbis to replace an older Focusrite interface. Clean sound, works with my DAW (Cakewalk for bandlab) and notation programs (Finale) flawlessly so far. The DAW instantly recognised the interface. Very easy to set up with on screen walkthrough instructions. Moving from Firewire to USB was worried about latency but testing with a software piano there is no difference. Yet to try with full midi / software orchestral set up. Have used the midi also so altogether impressive bit of kit.
Mark Kono
Good value and flexible interface.
Max Padovani
I just recieved it, and will be using it for recording next week. Everything seems to work.
Sidney Joseph
Really awesome interface, excellent preamps and easy to setup and use
Ben Garnett
Just a really solid model, at the perfect price/performance ratio for an enthusiastic amateur such as myself. Pre-amps are fine, converters are great, and driver performance is rock-solid on my Windows 10 system.
keith watkins
it took longer to rack it than to set it up. Excellent product that sounds great.
Wolfgang Schrepfer
I buy this Hardware from focusrite. I will integrate the hardware in my Studiosystem at home.
Santiago Urrusti
Nice sounding, excellent condition
Michael Boyes
For the money great pre amps and some lovely touches that makes this unit a joy in the studio
Nicolas Bertrand
No electric converter
Great interface. I have had one in the past and had no troubles, clear audio and a great looking bit of kit for a rackmount. The 3rd gen sometimes doesn't like USB 3.0 on a Windows PC so watch out for that.
Guy Walker
I own a 2nd gen Scarlett 18i20 and the 3 gen in hooking up and being up and running in under 30 minutes seems to be an awesome upgrade from the 2nd gen which was very good to begin with. The extra Adat in/out is a plus.
James Hoover
Excellent product and support!!!
Have only used it for a few days but so far it works well. The Control software is no the most intuitive thing on the planet, a bit buggy and often drops out and shows that the unit is not connected when it clearly is and functioning. Focusrite could improve on that.
SABAG Ivy Gamboa
For the price,it s amazing soundcard.
Albin Johansson
I really like it, especially since it's fully compatible with FL studio.
Ben Noble-Chirstoff
Very good value for money. Very good design and quality.
Best bang for the buck! I love Focusrite!
Fuzzy Disco
Great product, should be just what we needed.

Product Specifications

,What's in the box
• Scarlett 18i20 3rd Gen.
• 1 x USB cable (Type C-A)
• IEC Cable (Power cable)
Included Software

Ableton Live Lite music making software
Three Month Avid® Pro Tools® subscription
Free 3-month Splice Sounds subscription with new Splice accounts
Antares® Auto-Tune® Access
Brainworx bx_console Focusrite SC
Focusrite Red 2 & 3 Plug-in Suite
Relab LX480 Essentials
Softube® Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555
XLN Audio® Addictive Keys
XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2: Studio Rock Kit
Access to the Focusrite Plug-in Collective
Feature Specifications:

Connectivity USB Type-C
Protocol USB 2.0
Form Factor Rack Mount (1U)
Simultaneous I/O 18 x 20
A/D Resolution 24-bit/192 kHz
Number of Preamps 8
Number of Pads 8
Phantom Power YES
Instrument Inputs 2
Line Inputs 8
Analogue Outputs 10
Headphone Outputs 2
Main/Alt Speaker Switching YES
Talkback YES
Digital Inputs S/PDIF & 2 x ADAT
Digital Outputs S/PDIF & 2 x ADAT
Loopback YES
Bus Powered NO
Included PSU YES
The easiest way to check that your computer's operating system (OS) is compatible with the Scarlett 18i20 is to use our online OS Checker


Attribute Description
Power SupplyEU
Hitmaker Expansion:
  • Create studio quality vocals, powerful guitars, luscious keys and huge drums, then mix and master with iconic Focusrite studio hardware – all in the box. Hitmaker Expansion is built to give you all the plug-ins you need to write, produce, mix and master your music in studio quality, featuring exclusive content from legendary Auto-Tune® creators Antares®, along with Brainworx®, Softube®, XLN Audio®, Relab and more.
Housed in a 1U rack-mountable enclosure, the third-generation 18i20 boasts extensive simultaneous I/O comprising eight mic preamps, 18 inputs and 20 outputs in total. Take your studio to the next level with the 18i20, offering superior sound quality, talkback functionality and onboard speaker switching. Improved A-D and D-A conversion ensures your recordings and playback will sound clear and pronounced up to 24-bit/192kHz, vital to helping you perfect your mix.
The Scarlett 18i20 features eight of Focusrite's best-ever-performing third-generation Scarlett mic preamps: with optional Air setting to reproduce the Air effect of their original ISA mic preamp, giving your vocal or acoustic recordings a brighter and more open sound. There's also a pad on every mic preamp to accommodate higher-level signals without clipping. The two front panel high-headroom instrument inputs allow you to record guitars and basses without any clipping or unwanted distortion.

Speaker-switching technology allows you to switch between main and alt monitors to get a new perspective on your mix, and the new built-in talkback mic lets you communicate with your recording artist at the touch of a button, helping you capture that perfect take.

A pair of virtual loopback inputs allows you to capture a stereo feed of any combination of hardware input and software playback channels – making podcasting, live streaming and sampling tasks easier.

Scarlett 18i20 is designed to stand up to days on the road and connects straight to your Mac® or PC via USB cable. It comes with all the software tools you need to get started: two comprehensive digital audio workstations, Ableton® Live Lite™ and three month Avid® Pro Tools® subscription; Softube's Time and Tone Bundle; Focusrite's Red Plug-in Suite; a choice of one of four of XLN Audio's Addictive Keys.

If that wasn't enough, Focusrite have partnered with Splice to give 3rd Gen. interface owners a free 3-month Splice Sounds subscription when setting a new Splice account. Splice Sounds offers millions of high-quality, royalty-free one-shots, loops, and presets, with new releases daily from your favourite producers, sound designers, and artists. Creators use Splice to make all kinds of music, including chart-topping pop, Grammy-winning albums, underground mixtapes, and cinematic scores.

And as with all Focusrite products, you'll also benefit from membership of their Plug-in Collective offering free software downloads and generous discounts, as well as a three-year warranty and award-winning customer support.

Key Features:
• Eight of the best performing mic preamps the Scarlett range has ever seen, now with switchable Air mode to give your vocal recordings a brighter and more open sound
• High-performance converters enable you to record and mix at up to 24-bit/192kHz
• Two high-headroom instrument inputs to plug in your guitar or bass
• Four monitor outputs with anti-thump technology and speaker switching, and onboard talkback functionality with built-in, front panel talkback mic
Eight balanced line inputs for connecting synthesisers, drum machines and other line-level sources

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