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Launchpad X is the essential 64-pad MIDI grid controller for Ableton Live. It gives you everything you need to make music. Launch, play and perform your sounds and build your tracks using the large, super-sensitive RGB pads and mixer controls.

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Patrick Hudd
Great value refurbished item that works flawlessly and was delivered extremely fast.So impressed, i bought other refurbished items afterwards.
Incredibly fast shipping. Fantastic product quality. Order directly from Novation to get the best deal and the fastest shipping :) I ordered on Dec 15, I was worried it wouldn't arrive until after Christmas. It got here in 2 DAYS !!!!! Thank you all very much!
Steven Simms
The Launchpad X slaps! In other words it is the perfect compliment to my creative workflow. It’s notes mode is almost a melody generator powered by your imagination.
Cevahir Yıldırım
it is still not delivered. but you are sending the survey.
Ruth Harrigan
This product is easy to learn and very useful in music production. There’s are a lot of tutorials available which is very helpful in getting started.
Mr Attilas
Device is packed with features and is well build. Force sensitive touch are perfect :)
Andy - North London
Any doubts I had of moving from a 2nd gen Launchpad Mini have evaporated. The touch sensitive pads with the LEDs and the ease of use just blow it all away. Adore it as a performance and music creation abilities it offers.
samuel woodley
great 5 stars
I like my Launchpad X and I'm enjoying learning Ableton Lite which came included with it.
It was hard to get to use at first for a beginner but I got the hang of it in the first week.
Camilo Garrido
It's great, the sensitivity is super expressive for playing and is beautiful with the lights and all. Could be cheaper, but is awesome anyways.
Launchpad with new capabilities and brand new design.
Jordan I.
Good mixture of features at competitive price.
kazuhide mizukoshi
It is a very sensitive product
Ilia Lebedev
Amazing and modern product. Finally I've got some drumpads that are as geeky as me
Jon Emery
This version is so much better with the velocity / aftertouch, Notes and customizable modes. Much more usable in DAWs other than Live.
Patrick Ulmer
I ordered the Launchpad X for use of the Launchpad App on my iPad Pro like shown on several Videos from Novation - but it does not work Meitner with or without powered USB Hub as told by the Service another 20 € waste of Money - so Ableton ok, Logic ok - IPad no way.
The hardware is really solid. There seem to be some glitches in the software though.
Kristofer Savason
Its a fun way to spare ur time instead of playing videogames. i havent bought any other products yet but i think i should get a pro sometime.
Beautiful design, light and compact yet powerful!
Arnold Chinaka
I like this one. I can almost throw away a midi keyboard :)

Product Specifications

Product Hardware Specifications

  • 64 Velocity and Pressure Sensitive Pads
  • 16 Buttons
  • 81 RGB LEDs
  • USB-C Socket
  • Kensington MiniSaver Slot
Software Compatibility

  • Ableton Live Lite is included
If you already have Ableton Live it must be version 10 or greater to work with Launchpad. We recommend that you update to the latest version as previous versions of Ableton Live do not include the Launchpad integration. Launchpad will also work as a standard MIDI controller.

Power Requirements

  • USB bus powered
System Requirements

Product Dimensions

  • 241mm length x 241mm depth x 17.5mm height
What's in the box

  • Launchpad X
  • USB-C to USB-A Cable


Attribute Description
Bus PoweredYes
CompatibilityMac / PC
Velocity and Pressure SensitiveYes
Plug-in offers:
  • Get the Addictive Keys virtual instrument from XLN Audio free with Novation products. One full license per account enables you to choose one Addictive Keys instrument, such as Modern Upright, Studio Grand, Electric Grand or Mark One.
Launchpad X is the essential 64-pad MIDI grid controller for Ableton Live. It gives you everything you need to make music. Launch, play and perform your sounds and build your tracks using the large, super-sensitive RGB pads and mixer controls.

The essential Live controller

Everything about making tracks in Ableton Live is made easier with Launchpad X's quick, hands-on clip and scene launching and Launchpad's most playable grid to date. Play your instruments and devices expressively with the 64 velocity and pressure sensitive RGB pads, then never lose an idea with one-press Capture MIDI control. Launchpad X belongs on the desk of every Ableton Live music maker.

Express yourself

Launchpad X gives you everything you need right at your fingertips so you can spend less time clicking a mouse and more time making and performing music. Never worry about being out of tune – Dynamic Note and Scale modes let you effortlessly play perfectly in-key basslines, melodies, chords and leads. Step back from the mouse, get hands on and dive into your tracks.

Launchpad X & Live Loops in Logic Pro X

Live Loops brings cell-based looping playback and performance to Logic Pro X for the first time. With Launchpad X as your Live Loops controller, use cells to sketch out arrangement ideas, fast, and record your performances. Setup is automatic: just select your Launchpad from Logic's Control Surface Setup, then rotate the device 90 degrees to display the Live Loops grid. (Logic Pro X 10.5 is required.)

2.0 Firmware Update

Firmware version 2.0 and Novation Components 1.32 bring an exciting Custom Mode keystroke widget. You can keep creativity flowing while making music by assigning essential DAW shortcuts to your Launchpad grid using the Novation Components software for a faster, more intuitive workflow and endless new possibilities.

Launchpad X goes even bigger with an additional four Custom Mode slots added in version 2.0. Now with a total of eight slots, you can explore even more ideas and experiment with the versatile new Custom Mode key stroke widget, without compromising on the space you have to create.

Key Features

• 64 RGB pads – large RGB pads give you a perfect reflection of your Ableton Live session, making it easier than ever to see your clips.
• Ableton Live Integration – quickly launch clips and scenes, never lose ideas with Capture MIDI, and access performance controls like stop, solo, mute, record arm, volume, pan, and sends to dynamically control your music, no mouse needed.
• Four Custom Modes – use components to customise mappings and control anything MIDI easily from Launchpad X.
• Dynamic Note and Scale modes – enable you to effortlessly play perfectly in-key basslines, melodies, chords and leads. Launchpad X even knows when you're drumming and shows your drum rack on the grid.
• Velocity and pressure sensitive – play your instruments and devices expressively with the 64 velocity and pressure sensitive RGB pads.

Included Software

• Ableton Live Lite – quickly organise and arrange your sounds and start making tracks with this staple electronic-music-making software.
• AAS Session Bundle – Three synths for music makers, providing staple sounds for your tracks
• XLN Addictive Keys – Choose one of four virtual keyboards.
• Sound Collective – bringing Novation hardware owners a new free plug-in every few months.

Enjoy three years of warranty

Wherever you happen to be in the world, you can rely on a three-year warranty if any Novation hardware needs repairing or replacing due to a manufacturing fault. Click here for more information.

TrustPilot reviews

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