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Launchpad Pro Case

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Lightweight 'shell' for your Launchpad Pro with removable li that becomes a desk tray.

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A guy
Is more or less practical, takes forever to put the launchpad inside.
Flynn Stronach
Sturdy , light and well priced
Perfecto a medida para launch pad pro, pero es muy caro en comparación a lo que es como estuche, no tiene para guardar los cables. también vino con una de las bolsas que absorben humedad rota, y esto manchó de blanco y resecó la tapa del estuche en su interior.
joanna power
What an absolute bargain and now the launch pad is safe
Gerald Blondel
Quality is very good, but it’s a bit heavy and there is no pocket for the cables.
I hope accessories can fit in the case too.

Product Specifications

  • Two-piece design with integrated velcro straps securing top and bottom sections
  • Bottom half works as protective tray when using Launchpad Pro
  • Rear cut out for easy connection of cables
  • Rubber feet to keep the case firmly in place while playing
  • Rugged construction to absorb the gig treatment


Attribute Description
The Launchpad Pro Case is a durable and lightweight 'shell' for your Launchpad Pro, comprising a bottom section and a lid with velcro straps that fasten securely but are easy to release.

Remove the lid and the bottom section becomes a desk tray for your Launchpad Pro. Place the lid below the base to raise the height of your Launchpad Pro

The bottom section also features a cut-out section at the rear to access Launchpad Pro's USB and MIDI ports, and power supply socket.

TrustPilot reviews

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