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Launchpad Mini [MK3]

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Launchpad Mini is our most compact and portable 64 RGB pad MIDI grid controller. It gives you everything you need to start performing in Ableton Live - and it'll fit in your bag. Start making and performing tracks with Ableton Live wherever you are.

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Jordon Nickerson
I encountered a glitch that made the Session page unavailable. The support team helped me fix it, but I had to reset all of my Ableton preferences to do so.
Michael Weiser
Very sleek and responsive. I appreciate the new user modes and the improvement in the components software.
Christoph Eisner
It is fun and the quality is really great
Dorian Calderon
Todavía no se usa ya que es un regalo pero es perfecto.
Neil Lovely
Exellent product
This little small controller is very powerful!!! Quality build for the price!!
Andres Cantu Rodriguez
I really like the feel of the pads
Monsef Ben Haddouch
I loved it but I wish it could also be used on the Linux platform, since I usually use Linux and since it wouldn't let me I had to take the old computer that had windows
Jacob R.
If I'm being honest, it's so much fun.
Gustavo Marin
Excelente equipo, pero elevado en el precio
Sacha Lapointe Aube
Love this little beast ! Accelerate my workflow for ideas recording when im jamming in Ableton. He fits right in my hardware team ! :)
Mevrouw Wies Steinmeijer
Good product
Jesus Cuadra
the launchpad mini mk3 is a product that offers you a lot for less than 100 dollars (in my case 89 being a refurbished product) it is portable and resistant. it was an excellent purchase
Awesome. I bought a B-stock / refurb, and it's brand new as far as I can tell.
Santiago Misas Pulgarin
Nice to produce music easily.
Gunnar Olafsson
Very pleased with the Launchpad Mini, Pétur Óli Iceland
Yashpal Singh
Great Product
Michael Blumberg
Amazing product from an amazing company.
Jose Ramon Crespo (3po)
Many control possibilities. Wel built. Good price/quality relationship.
Chaimae Maanane
Very smooth. Comes with lots of tutorials and free software to get you started.
Christian Kyriacou
Awesome product easy to use great software fantastic support
Rui Campos
Exactly what i was missing in my studio, awesome upgrade from MK1. Those RGB led lights give me the colour feedback i was missing from MK1. Built quality is excellent, the pads are also excellent. Great work Novation!

Product Specifications

Product Hardware Specifications

  • 64 Pads
  • 16 Buttons
  • 81 RGB LED's
  • USB-C Socket
  • Kensington MiniSaver Slot
Software Compatibility

  • Ableton Live Lite is included
If you already have Ableton Live it must be version 9 or greater to work with Launchpad Pro. We recommend that you update to the latest version as previous versions of Ableton Live do not include the Launchpad Pro integration. Launchpad Pro will also work as a standard MIDI controller.

Power Requirements

  • USB bus powered
System Requirements

Product Dimensions

  • 180mm length x 180mm depth x 14.2mm height
What's in the box

  • Launchpad Mini [MK3]
  • USB-C to USB-A Cable


Attribute Description
Bus PoweredYes
CompatibilityMac / PC
Plug-in offers:
  • Get the Addictive Keys virtual instrument from XLN Audio free with Novation products. One full license per account enables you to choose one Addictive Keys instrument, such as Modern Upright, Studio Grand, Electric Grand or Mark One.
Launchpad Mini is our most compact and portable 64 RGB pad MIDI grid controller. It gives you everything you need to start performing in Ableton Live - and it'll fit in your bag. Start making and performing tracks with Ableton Live wherever you are, using the huge array of sounds in the box to get you started.

Launch your music making

Bright pads make it easier than ever to see your Ableton Live session and launch your sounds. It looks great too; full RGB colours perfectly match your clips and scenes. Seamless Ableton Live integration means Launchpad Mini brings your session to your fingertips, so you can spend more time launching and less time clicking a mouse.

Nothing holding you back

You can start making music today with Launchpad Mini. With its hands-on controls, tonnes of sounds in the box and our step-by-step interactive platform to get you set up, we've gone further than ever to make it easy to get started. Launchpad Mini is the grid controller for any Live performer.

Launchpad Mini [MK3] & Live Loops in Logic Pro X

Live Loops brings cell-based looping playback and performance to Logic Pro X for the first time. With Launchpad Mini [MK3] as your Live Loops controller, use cells to sketch out arrangement ideas, fast, and record your performances. Setup is automatic: just select your Launchpad from Logic's Control Surface Setup, then rotate the device 90 degrees to display the Live Loops grid. (Logic Pro X 10.5 is required.)

2.0 Firmware Update

Firmware version 2.0 and Novation Components 1.32 bring an exciting Custom Mode keystroke widget. You can keep creativity flowing while making music by assigning essential DAW shortcuts to your Launchpad grid using the Novation Components software for a faster, more intuitive workflow and endless new possibilities.

Key Features

  • 64 RGB pads – RGB pads give you a perfect reflection of your Ableton Live session, making it easier than ever to see your clips.
  • Ableton Live Integration – quickly launch your clips and scenes at the press of a button. Stop, Solo and Mute controls make it easier and more tactile to control your performances, no mouse needed.
  • Three Custom Modes – use Components to customise mappings and control anything MIDI easily from Launchpad Mini.
  • Small, light – Launchpad Mini's slim, lightweight design means it'll fit into any setup, anywhere.
  • Get started easily – download all the software you want with step-by-step video guides to get you set up with Live and making music in minutes through Novation's interactive onboarding.
Included Software

  • Ableton Live Lite – quickly organise and arrange your sounds and start making tracks with this staple electronic-music-making software.
  • AAS Session Bundle - Three synths for music makers, providing staple sounds for your tracks.
  • XLN Addictive Keys – Access one of four virtual keyboards when you register your first piece of Novation hardware.
  • Sound Collective – bringing Novation hardware owners a new free plug-in every few months.
Enjoy three years of warranty

Wherever you happen to be in the world, you can rely on a three-year warranty if any Novation hardware needs repairing or replacing due to a manufacturing fault. Click here for more information.

TrustPilot reviews

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