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Launchkey 49 [MK3]

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Take control of any music setup with Launchkey 49, Novation's inspirational MIDI controller keyboard. Create and play with Ableton Live, and connect external MIDI gear. Scale and Chord Modes expand your musical vocabulary, velocity-sensitive pads and keys provide expressive control.

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Awesome quality product, works perfectly with ableton live 11 for Mac, definitely recommend for those who love making music.
Alex Castanha
It'a beautiful keyboard, works perfectly with Ableton. Nice touch and feeling when i play it. The only thing that is missing, is off button. the keyboard lights stays on even when my computer is off. I have to disconnect the usb cable to shut it down... Exept that, everything is perfect!
Luis Román Beltrán Bautista
Hands down, the best midi controller, from the best brand, for the best music software. I'm loving every inch of it.
Anvesh Velpula
Product is amazing and I love it
正基 王
perfect MIDI keyboard with the pad function, easy to use, easy to carry with for live performances
Perfect product and fast shipping!
Tadashi Kaneko
Gqeat Product.
J Heck
Looks and feels great quality.
Every piece of Novation gear I've owned has been solid and well built, so when it came to needing a new midi controller keyboard for live gigs, I decided to go for the Launchkey 49 MK3. Nice action, knobs, faders and pads are all nice and solid, and it has lots of great features, and is easily customisable. Works a treat with the Roland MC-707, which is the core of my live setup. Very happy with it!
The transport buttons were loose which caused me to open the keyboard to fix it.
I use Launchkey 49 MK3 in the new intagration with cubase. It is amazing all that you can do. Really happy!!
Luis Pablo Nieto Gil
Worth it!!
Philip Hendrickson
I am not a keyboard player, and I got the Lk49 to build songs to practice my drums with. I think I will be happy with it, but it has been very slow going to get started with it. I wish there were a cheat sheet I could keep handy for all those times when I can’t remember how to make something happen between the Lk49 and Ableton. It wastes so much time to have to watch a bunch of videos just to find that one button or click to do the thing I need. So inefficient! But the keyboard seems to do its business pretty well.
Cliff Moir
Watch Launchkey 49 is a perfect keyboard controller for Ableton Live, especially if you work completely in the box.
Christopher Cornell
So far this keyboard/controller has been awesome. It was easy to setup and configure. The software included with it has been awesome.
Perfect size with tons of features fully integrated into my favoured DAW.
Benjamin Hardy
I am an owner of the mk1 of the Launchkey49, and the mk3 is a huge upgrade in terms of features and build quality. The responsiveness of the keys is great, and the knobs and sliders feel tight with no wobble. I haven’t had a chance yet to test the pads for drumming but they are super useful for controlling Live. I think there will be more of a learning curve to get up and running with this controller but that’s because there are so many more features, so that’s a good thing.
Julian Alberto Colorado Garc
The best Ableton controller for the price, very recommended!!!
Antonio Valdepeña
It is a great controller, a must have if you are into ableton. 100% recommended
Benjamin Weller
good it fun
Really nice upgrade to the range! Build quality is good and the integration with Ableton Live is smooth.
Usame Sevgi
Great, Highly recommended to check for a student discount :)
Cruz Leonardo González Lozano
Un producto excelente, recomendado sin dudas. Especialmente si tu DAW principal es Ableton
I really love it. I missed the user guide but it was super easy and self-explaining.

Product Specifications

What's in the box:
  • Novation Launchkey 49 [MK3]
  • USB A to B type cable
  • Safety information sheet
System Requirements:
The easiest way to check that your computer's operating system (OS) is compatible with the Novation Launchkey 49 [MK3] is to use our online OS Checker

Product Hardware Specifications:

  • 49 velocity sensitive keys
  • 16x2 char screen
  • 16 RGB backlit velocity sensitive pads
  • Pitch bend and modulation wheels
  • 8 knobs
  • 5 pin MIDI out socket
  • Arp/scale/fixed chord buttons
  • Octave up/down buttons
  • Play/stop/record/loop button
  • Track navigation buttons
  • Capture MIDI/quantise/click/undo buttons
  • Stop/solo/mute buttons
  • Scene launch button
  • Device select/device lock buttons
  • USB B socket
  • Sustain pedal 1/4" jack socket
  • Kensington security slot
Power Requirements:
  • USB bus powered
  • Power supply not included


Attribute Description
keyboard size49 key
pitch wheelyes
modulation wheelyes
velocity and pressure sensitiveyes
Plug-in offers:
  • Get the Addictive Keys virtual instrument from XLN Audio free with Novation products. One full license per account enables you to choose one Addictive Keys instrument, such as Modern Upright, Studio Grand, Electric Grand or Mark One.
What is Refurbished/B Stock?

  • Unit may have minimal signs of use/wear
  • All accessories are included
  • All included Software available upon registration
  • 3 Year Warranty Included
  • Packaging may show some signs of wear or the unit may have been repackaged in generic packaging
  • To read more click here
Launchkey is our intuitive and fully integrated MIDI keyboard controller for making tracks in Ableton Live and with your external equipment. The Launchkey experience is designed for players of all types and abilities. With Launchkey, regardless of experience, you can create and play your music like never before. With its various musical creation features, all of which can be used standalone, Launchkey removes barriers to creativity, and expands the musical vocabulary of even the most talented keyboardists.

Eight Scale modes guide you into new musical territory, by transposing keys played to notes in the scale selected. Simply choose your root note and your preferred scale, then play. Three Chord modes transform the keys and pads into an interactive surface of musical exploration, where every note played is tonally and harmonically linked. The arpeggiator lets you explore new melodies and find ideas quickly, while the mutate function reconstructs your patterns into exciting new forms.

Custom Modes simplify the relationship between controller and software, with more power than ever in your hands. Programmable using the Novation Components browser-based tool, Custom Modes let you design the behaviour of your Launchkey, with control over control assignments, MIDI routing, pad colour and much more.

Launchkey 49 [MK3] is equipped with a full-size five-pin MIDI DIN output, enabling simple connection to the universe of MIDI devices — new and old. Coupled with its immense standalone potential, Launchkey is now the centrepiece to your live or studio rig — computer or not.

The Launchkey platform has always been about flexibility, and the MK3 revision carries this mantra at its core. Larger, improved velocity-sensitive pads provide greater control over dynamics, and eight fixed rotary knobs bring your software to life at your fingertips. The integration with Ableton Live is truly seamless, with a dedicated button for activating the Capture MIDI function, plus track arm, quantise, click and loop controls, for flying around your Session faster than ever.

Not an Ableton Live user? No problem, Launchkey also has full integration with Logic and Reason, plus out of the box functionality with other DAWs including Studio One, Cubase and Pro Tools, via HUI.

Whether starting out or locked in a groove, Launchkey is the controller keyboard to take you further on your musical journey. With a collection of software instruments, including Ableton Live 10 Lite, Spitfire Audio LABS Expressive Strings, XLN Audio Addictive Keys, Klevgrand R0Verb and DAW Cassette, AAS Session Bundle and the Novation Sound Collective, Launchkey 49 equips you with an amazing bundle of sounds.

Firmware Update v1.1
The firmware v1.1 update introduces the Strum Mode feature. Users can hold down notes and trigger Strum Mode by using the mod wheel on the Launchkey [MK3]. Strum Mode can also be used alongside other arpeggiator modes to really ramp up your musical imagination.

Key Features

  • Designed for Ableton Live – Immediate access to all the controls you need.
  • Create and play with feeling – Velocity-sensitive keyboard and 16 velocity-sensitive pads enable expressive and dynamic performance.
  • Get creative with chords – Three chord modes (fixed, scale and user) let you trigger chords with one finger.
  • Never hit a wrong note – Scale modes transpose keys and pads to notes in the selected scale.
  • Capture MIDI – One-touch access to Ableton Live's Capture MIDI feature means you'll never lose an idea.
  • Get melodies moving – Powerful arpeggiator takes you to new melodic, harmonic and rhythmic places.
  • Control anything MIDI – Five-pin MIDI output works with any MIDI-compatible device.
  • Easy-to-read screen – 16x2 character screen lets you easily see the state of what you're controlling or selecting.
  • Choose from four model sizes – 25-, 37-, 49- and 61-key variants let you pick the perfect controller for your setup.
  • Make music immediately – Free software, including Ableton Live 10 Lite, virtual instruments, plugins and sample packs let you start creating straight away.
  • Shape your sound – Tweak instruments and effects to perfection using eight rotary encoders and (on 49- and 61-key models) nine 45mm faders.
  • Make Launchkey your own – Four Custom Modes enable you to create unique control setups for any performance or studio rig, using Novation Components.

    Enjoy three years of warranty. Wherever you happen to be in the world, you can rely on a three-year warranty if any Novation hardware needs repairing or replacing due to a manufacturing fault. Click here for more information

TrustPilot reviews

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