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Circuit Rhythm

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A powerful and versatile sampler for making and performing beats. Record samples directly in, then slice, sculpt and resample them effortlessly. Grooves can be quantised or captured off-grid, and layers can be built up across eight sample tracks. Live sets come alive with performance FX. Circuit Rhythm can be integrated into any MIDI-enabled studio rig, or unplugged for creators on the move.

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It is exactly what I expected as an owner of both the original Circuit and the Mono Station. Very versatile and very easy to use. I have not used it in a recording yet, but every time I've picked it up for a quick jam, I've lost hours and hours just having fun.
Carlos Canto
Very small and light! Useful for every ocation!
Ian Sainsbury
Not sure if the CR has quite found its user base yet, but I think it will when people catch onto its strengths, rather than focus on what it can't do. It may not have the depth of other, more expensive hardware units, but it has the best workflow—in my opinion—of all the groovebox samplers I've tried, and I've tried plenty. I'm thinking of adding a Tracks.
Great box, loads of fun and easy to use but can get much deeper than expected
Es un gran producto , muy bien empaquetado, de buena calidad, me llegó a tiempo, volvería a comprar en su tienda, la opción de tienda en línea estuvo excelente!
Rodrigo Laporte
Superb compact sampler. Best used as a companion for other gear, since it has plenty of connections. Can also be used as a standalone gear for some live performance. Sampling is easy, sequencer is awesome. Great use of linked patterns/sessions. The only big miss is time stretching. And of course stereo, but that's understandable for the price. Integrated battery is genious, I end up using it anywhere with just some headphones. Overall excellent product, can't recommend it enough
kevin Wedd
Well built sturdy product. You do have to watch online tutorials, but the fun is in experimenting to find your way around the sampler.
Andrew Barton
Only just started using it but i know it will be a fantastic bit of kit for my livesets Dstorm sound system. Bstorm
Dennis Pfitzmayr
Why can the individual tracks not output polyphonically?
Martin Baldock
I have created a "Circuit Band" with the Circuit, Monostation, Tracks, and now the Rhythm. My intention is to experiment, and synch them via MIDI using one as master, the other 3 as slaves. The Rhythm is as robustly built as the other "Circuits", and I envisage being able to manipulate the sounds easily in a live situation with the added advantage of me being able to sample other instruments too. Pictured is my initial setup in the martCave, and a screen dump of the very first session in Acoustica Mixcraft Pro 9.
Alex Buga
I love it. It's simple, fast, it has everything I need for making songs on the go and in the studio. I wish it had polyphony more than stereo sampling. Even with the cost of losing voices. At least so you can jam with a sample and resample the loop
David Flynn
Still too early to give a full assessment of the Circuit Rhythm but it should make a useful addition to my set-up.

Product Specifications

What's in the box:
  • Circuit Rhythm
  • USB-A to USB-C cable (1.5m)
  • USB Power Adaptor
  • Safety Information Sheet

System Requirements:
  • Circuit Rhythm is class compliant, so will work with any modern Mac, Windows or Linux PC. For further information see the Novation web site.

Included Software:
  • Novation Components Standalone software.
  • Sound Collective – Bringing Novation hardware owners a new free plug-in every couple of months.

Product Hardware Specifications

  • 32 RGB Backlit Velocity Sensitive Pads
  • 28 RGB Backlit Tactile Click Buttons
  • Power button with charge status LED
  • USB-C Socket
  • Kensington MiniSaver Slot
  • 3x MIDI DIN (In, Out, Thru)
  • MicroSD card slot
  • 3.5mm Sync Out
  • Stereo Audio In (Mono Summed)
  • Unbalanced Stereo Out
  • Headphones out
  • 8x Endless Encoder Macro Knobs with RGB indicators
  • Volume Knob
  • Master Filter Knob with centre detent

Software Compatibility

  • Load Packs and samples, backup Projects and more with Novation Components (Web and Standalone).

Power Requirements

  • USB bus powered
  • Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (4 hour run-time). Charge via USB port.

USB Power supply included.

Note: Maximum power consumption is required to be screened onto the product next to the power jack and must be consumption and not the specification for the power supply. Format is to the nearest 100mA. Up to 900 write in mA, above 1000 write 1.1A, 1.2A etc.

Product Dimensions

  • 240mm (9.45") width x 210mm (8.27") depth x 45mm (1.77") height
  • Weight: 0.78kg


Attribute Description
Circuit Rhythm is the powerful and versatile standalone sampler for the modern beatmaker. Samples can be recorded directly to the hardware, then sliced sculpted, reversed, looped, resampled and played chromatically — all in the box. Grid FX invigorate your live performances, with lo-fi tape, stutter, beat repeat effects, and more.

Eight Sample tracks — each with their own 32-step patterns, chainable for up to 256 steps per track — provide a seamless beatmaking workflow. Go from a sample to a complete beat with ease using the powerful and hands-on sequencer. Grooves can be quantised or captured off-grid into the sequencer, and probability and pattern mutate controls keep your beats evolving.

Circuit Rhythm's comprehensive connectivity includes full-size five-pin MIDI in, out, and thru, and analogue sync out, making it the perfect sampler partner to any studio rig. The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to four hours of battery life, so you can make beats on the move, and Novation Components provides a platform to load samples and backup your work.

Key Features

Sample and resample
Record samples directly to the hardware, then slice, sculpt and resample your sounds effortlessly.

Slice, reverse, loop, play chromatically, and more
Playback samples however you choose, whether you're chopping straight from vinyl, making basslines and melodies, or punching in drums.

Perform with grid FX
Invigorate your live set with performance FX: embrace imperfection with lo-fi tape, stutter your mix with beat repeat, and more.

Eight Sample tracks
Make beats with eight sample tracks, each with their own 32-step patterns, chainable for up to 256 steps per track.

Seamless beatmaking workflow
Go from a sample to a complete beat with ease using the powerful and hands-on sequencer.

Go off grid
Capture your groove quantised or off-grid into the sequencer, and keep your beats evolving with probability and pattern mutate.

FX on everything
Douse samples in lush reverb and delay, make your mix pump with sidechain, and punch with the master compressor.

Comprehensive connectivity
Connect to your studio with full-size five-pin MIDI in, out, and thru, and analogue sync out. Sample through stereo inputs, and listen through stereo out or with headphones.

Never stop creating
Insert a microSD card to save and access thousands of samples and projects.

Create anywhere
The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to four hours of battery life, so you can make beats on the move.

Go further with Components
Novation Components is the online companion that lets you load samples and backup your work.

Sound Collective
Register your Circuit Rhythm today to get access to free plugins and content with Novation Sound Collective.

v1.1.1 Firmware Update
The v1.1.1 update for Circuit Rhythm speeds up the transfer of samples and projects from Components to Rhythm dramatically. For maximum speed, send content to the SD card pack slots (2-32).

v2.0 Firmware Update
Firmware version 2.0 for Circuit Rhythm introduces more options for expressive performance and flexible sampling.

Beat Match
With Beat Match, you can speed your samples up or down to get drum breaks perfectly in time with your session and make your beats flow seamlessly. Two new Beat Match pads in the Sample Mode Menu let you speed up or slow down the selected sample so that it fits seamlessly with your project.

Fixed Length Recording
You can now record samples so that they'll be perfectly in time with your current project. A new toggle in the Sample Record View lets you choose between a fixed length sample recording of 8, 16, 32, or 64 steps.

Perform with Grid FX Parameters
Take full control of your performances and tweak your sound to perfection with on-board controls for Grid FX. Every Grid FX parameter is now available to control directly with Rhythm's macro knobs. Performance Mode lets you go wild with temporary changes, while Edit Mode gives you the ability to make permanent changes to the Grid FX slots in your project.

Improved Arrangement: Save Mute States to Scenes
Muted track states are now stored with Scenes, so you can more easily arrange your track without the need to have any empty patterns in your project.

Trigger recorded Samples Immediately in Sample Record View
Newly recorded samples may now be triggered immediately in Sample Record view, so you can quickly decide if you're happy with your sample.

Enjoy three years of warranty. Wherever you happen to be in the world, you can rely on a three-year warranty if any Novation hardware needs repairing or replacing due to a manufacturing fault. Click here for more information

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