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Circuit Mono Station Synthesiser

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3 sequencer tracks with 32 velocity-sensitive RGB pads, 2 oscillators and 3 distortion modes.

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DJ Eatch
Brilliant entry into the world of hardware synths. Should sounds quite familiar to those who know the bass station 2. The sequencer and mod matrix make this quite flexible, i just need to learn better melodies to play on it!
Synthesizer is bit complicated for me like newbie but this product is worth trying. It is visually understandable and easy to manipulate. I still have not used much but i think this is cool.
Devin Longjohn
For the price this thing is hard to beat. The filter is amazing, having BP and HP filters as well as 2 different overdrive sections gives a wide sonic pallet. Adding a sine wave to the oscillator section is also a great design choice. I was very skeptical what to expect at this price point but I’ve been blown away by the results.
Victor Khashchanskiy
The first impression is very positive. I have connected the Station to Behringer Neutron via CV and to Miditech Pianobox II via MIDI. Predefined sessions sound really interesting. Now it's time to read the manual.
Frank Hofer
First of all: I'm actually a rock guitarist, I also play a little bit of drums, and also bass guitar, Banjo and more String instruments. For over 30 years. For me, keyboards were only there to fill the background with strings or to bring in any strange effects. And a few months ago I saw a "synthie-jam" on YT where someone played a few shrill sequences with a few Korg Volca's, and I was thrilled! I now own the Circuit Mono Station and a Korg Monologue, which I currently control via my DAW due to lack of experience. I am so enthusiastic about analog sound synthesis in general and the capabilities of the Circuit Mono Station in particular that I feel like I was back in 1993 when I tried my first Charvel Metal axe plus Peavey tube preamp and Lexicon digital multi-effect. Like in "The Cure" song: Just like heaven ...
So much going on here - great build, design and functionality. Managed to get it up and running without reading any manuals, thanks to having watched videos of Calc and Ricky Tinez operating Novation gear. This will work wonders when I manage to get back into live playing, as it fits perfectly with the Circuit which I bought late last year. The ergonomics and lighting are such that you can build muscle memory chops quite quickly. Also great to be supporting a UK based product. Well done Novation :-)
Daniel Preston
It’s still early days, to be fair, but I’ve had a lot of Novation Bass products. I still have a Bs Rack and a BS2. This is a weird little thing. The sequencer is pretty good, easy to use with some neat touches, like the mutate function. It could really use an update to allow it to rachet or go off grid but maybe that will come. Synth wise. Hmm. It’s a cut down BS2 but the sound from the oscillators when they interact is weird. You can hardly hear Osc 2 when Osc 1 is turned up, it’s not like my BS2. It’s worth a go, especially when it’s on an offer.
Great fun so far, have not even begun to delve deep into the functionality yet though. Really good price for a powerful piece of kit
Luke Pettett
Got this half price, so it's extremely good value. Mostly planning to use it with eurorack as a voice and sequencer. Haven't had time to learn the UI but it certainly is capable of making some cool noises... Looking forward to getting more stuck in...
Brilliant piece of kit ,in awe of the sounds its possible to make and the ease even a total newbie like me
csibrik andrás
229 € best buy for this money, use it all, ow!
Terrific addition to my family of novation products, seamless integration between the Mono Staion and original Circuit via midi has unleashed a whole new world of funky possibilities. Waiting for the correct midi trs adapters to come in the mail, but looking forward to utilizing the newest launchkey mini and it’s sick arpeggiator with the circuit->mono station->peak setup I’m currently running. Ooooeeeeeeee
It's a very good value for money and I can't wait to get in depth of it
Santiago Misas Pulgarin
Guys, You have the best online support and customer service.
Oliver Anderson
Good item, but sellers over charged me and ignored my emails
Richard Kilpatrick
If it's on sale, buy it buy it now! Quick verdict: Great sequencer, classic synth - ideal learning tool for kids as well as professional instrument. At £239, which it has been at least four times in the past year, it's incredible value, knocking the Behringer recreations out of the park in terms of consistency and quality with a far more powerful sequencer. It's a great synth for adults, but it's also an amazing teaching aid for kids. The synth engine is related to the BassStation II, but loses an envelope generator at the very least - you can use the mod sequencer or external CV to add a VCF envelope if you need to, not quite the same but close enough to be creative. Like any analogue, you can make thousands of awful noises and a few great ones, but that's part of the appeal - learning that subtlety that goes beyond as much loud/distorted as possible. The sequencer is great - unlike the Circuit, you can set clock divisions, reverse and mutate your patterns so it's extremely versatile, but it can't chain to the same level (yet. Novation do sometimes add firmware features - patch flip makes this into a cool analogue drum machine). The only negative I've found is that I partly justified this in a world of VSTs by wanting the sequencer instead of a Keystep, and it can't do chords over MIDI, even though it can send chords if you play the pads. It makes sense - it's got no need to sequence chords for the monosynth - but given how flexible the rest of the sequencer is it would be really useful. It'll teach you (or your kids) about scales too - the keyboard switches into scales with selectable root notes in an easy-to-understand way; don't mistake the blinking lights and presets as making this another rigid loop-station with no musical merit - it's VERY powerful here and could be the key to engaging children with music theory and sound design far faster than endless piano recitals and Every Good Boy Deserves Favour... Like many analogue synths, it comes alive with effects; it's also a filter and distortion unit. You might get sucked into the sequencer and patterns, but it's impossible to leave the controls alone when playing. It's brilliant!
Joel Jones
Great product. Easy and intuitive to learn. Awesome sounds!
The best entry level mono synth on the market, this is extremely fun to noodle around with. Nice layout with no menu diving. Has a great, unique sound and a fantastic sequencer.
Dub Vee
An outstanding paraphonic analog synthesizer with a wealth of sequencing and modulating options that makes it immediately accessible to any recording or love performance workflow.
Roberto Iandolo
Beautiful, well built, sounds good and is really inspiring.
I was looking for a really versatile and easy to use mono synth and after a being tempted by the offer on the circuit mono station, I’m not disappointed as it ticks all the boxes. Great fun and seriously deep and sounds amazing . Fits In perfectly with my set up
Beautifully made, well-designed, reasonably-priced and creative. What more could you want?
Joshua Wilken
This is the crown jewel in my setup. It’s doing so many important things that would take 2 or 3 other devices to accomplish normally. It’s the best value I’ve ever had in a synth!
Great product! You can get some really sweet sounds out of this thing. And with the sequencer you can control outboard gear via midi or CV. So its a real work horse for the money.
Noe Lopez
I make music with only hardware, and the Mono Station is by far my favorite piece to use. I like it so much - and it's so useful to me overall - that I purchased a second Mono Station during a 50% off sale Novation/Focusrite was having. This synth's build quality is solid. The knobs feel super solid, and I enjoy the grippy rubber feel to them. The sequencing capability is outstanding, especially now that an update added the third cv/gate sequencer I can use to control other synths which don't have a keyboard or sequencer. The workflow just makes sense to me, and its ability to send its various control voltages out the dedicated rear output just makes it always work with all of my analog synths. A well designed, fun synth.
Small but powerful weapon to anyone's musical arsenal..... tight build quality and feel.. and recent and ongoing updates keep adding more tricks, which is great also :-)
Lance Cox
This is my first Pad based Synth, so learning how to use it at the moment, get it at the sale price! a real value now, I would like to see software app or plugin for it though like Novations other products.
Jeff Brunton
Load of fun without the need for a computer. No internal speaker though so you will need headphones or speakers.
Martin R
Astonishingly capable, unexpectedly deep, and comprehensively integratable into today's DAWless and CV/Gate-cabled world, the Circuit Mono Station is an almost perfect enabler for making live music (but that also repays study and time invested in the studio). Don't prevaricate any longer!
Roman Smirnov
Circuit Mono Station was purchased at discounted price, which is greatly lower than its actual value. This is the best instrument to date I ever purchased.
Perfect synth!!!
Much better than I expected. Lots of character and rich sounds from this beast.
Roger (RAMG)
Bought this as it was on offer and what a great bargain. Brings a new dimension to my studio output. This is one of the most fun and creative tools for sound design at this price point. Really well built and intuitive to use, works well with my other gear. An ability to use for additional effects via the audio input is a bonus. Well done Novation.
Koss Sebastian Billingham
I actually bought this as a present for a friend, but I've owned one for quite a while. I've really fallen in love with the Mono Station, it's a fantastic thing to jam on and has a very tactile workflow that's allowed me to get my own "feel" into the music I'm making. The automation can be recorded on top of a sequence, so it's a lovely thing to sketch out a sequence on and then add some musical touches to with the automation. I'll probably buy another one to be honest.
Great analog sound and interface. Very approachable and intuitive sequencer. Feels more like an instrument that you play than a box that you program once you “get into the groove” (pun intended), and it does not take more than a session or two playing with the Mono Station and learning some basica via the manual or one of the many helpful YouTube tutorials (Loopop’s videos great as usual and I also found the “Kraft Music” channel’s “Advanced Tutorial” video with Enrique Martinez to be super helpful once I got going with the basics.) All in all a great instrument and purchase.
Rodrigo Laporte
Whoa! I knew it was good, I didn't expect it to be THAT good. Build quality is top notch, nothing wobbles, it feels sturdy on every knob or button or fader. The rubber bottom is a great addition, so it won't slip on your table or base where you place it. All the machine's UI is full of brilliant small details like the leds on each part changing color depending on what you have selected, or the intensity of the ligths reflecting how much you've turned that knob. So with just a glance you can have an idea of what's going on. Pads are very sensitive, you can barely touch them or hit them hard and it will capture the expected expression. I'm still learning to use it but everything is quite intuitive and clear. Now about the sound, bass is round and punchy, and it has a very good body, it feels thick, not just boomy, it cuts through the mix very good. You can distort it to your wish, with the pre-filter distortion and any of the 3 post ones, very nice. Sequencing is a lot of fun and you get a lot of inspiration from it. Duophonic operation is genious, you can really get some beautiful harmonics from there. Sub oscillator is veryyyy useful, and noise is an extra, you don't need to sacrifice an oscillator for it. Haven't tried the audio in source yet. Headphones output at the front, thank you! Midi through, not all synths at this level have that, great! clock in/out... I use it with a DFAM aaaand have to test it a bit more, it seems it's not as exact as it should. Maybe it's some setting or something I'm missing. Oh and the extra sequencer track for external cv outputs, that's some serious fun. Definitely an EXCELLENT sounding mono/duo synth with extras way more useful than its rivals'. Can't wait to use it on all my new productions!
Gabriel Juhasz
Great gear!! so happy to have it!
Rainer Steinke
It‘s really fun to play with the mono station. Reasonable build quality and very good sounding.
Christian Kunkel
Better than expected. Crazy little Beast 🤘🏻
A really complex little beast, sounds very powerful and dirty. Looking forward to get my hands more in depth in this synth.
Martin Garro
It is an excellent machine. The quality of the pads and knobs are very good The sound is huge And it is highly intuitive and fun to play live, automating all parameters. An analog highly recommended!
daren price
Great little synth ....beginner in this game but found it easy to get a grip with things after a few youtube clips .....A+++
Felix Müller
The sound is wow
Tom Napack
I love the Circuit line. The parameter locks are really expressive.
Yohann Rose
Works pretty well.
Rainer Hiller
Easy to use, great sound, excellent capabilities for sound design.
Victorio Leandro Bernardi
James Marchione
Manual needs work. Device is superb.
I have only had the Circuit Mono Station for a week but loving it already. it's intuitive and fun but powerful. I bought it during Novation savings deal at almost half price which makes the value for money excellent. Very happy with my purchase.
Mark Whittaker
Awesome capabilities but takes some time to get to learn the sequencer.
This is a great synthesiser with fantastic automation features.
Marcos Oliveira
Amazing product!
Trond Holm
Great Sound cool lightening. A must have for an exploring musician
Achat trop récent, en découverte du produit et des possibilités.
Roger Feraille
Seems great at first. Need more online guides.
didier degey
I've only worked with Live & Maschine MK3, I have lots of vsynth... This is my first analog synth... seems to have great reviews. After a fews days, sound is very great, love it. My only regret... you have to stay on the grid. A little bit disappointing when everyone says that you got the analog part of bass station 2 and the sequencer (bottom part) of circuit... so, I ask Novation... why not have implemented the nudge function of circuit ? That is the only big limitation I've found so far when working with the internal sequencer... maybe in a next firmware update... Beside that point, a real pleasure :)
Really great little synth. Love it.
Marc S
This little thing can do monstrous things, watch out!
Kat Krabbe
So rad! Amazing bit of kit! Thank you so much Novation!
Toby Duckett
A synth with a difference. A sequencer and the bass station 2 engine. Lots of connectivity possibilities, and lots of lights, what’s not to like. Oh and it sounds great!
Timothy Moore
Love the sound of this thing and the Circuit sequencer is fantastic. I wouldn't mind a built-in delay, but maybe it's better to just add an external pedal.
Samuel Hoffman
Sweet paraphonic synth with amazing sequencing! Will take a while to fully master this one...
A very nice little synth/sequencer and easy to use. Great value for money
If the Bass Station and the Circuit had a baby... Absolute beast, and we can expect Novation to upgrade it with time as usual to make it even better and to add features that we missed. That's why they are the BEST !!
Christopher Kerr
Amazingly intuitive and badass bass synth! At first glance seems like a simple little box but has quite a bit of depth and tweakability!
Timothy David Hobbs
I really like this.
Having owned the original Circuit, I was excited to try out the Mono Station. What a sound this thing has! The filter has a great vibe to it, and the raw sound has quite a bit of character. And let's not forget the modulation options! There are so many way to modulate and automate the parameters on the Mono Station. It has a cleverly design modulation matrix AND, it was record your realtime tweaks and moves. Finally, you can even step sequence parameters in it's own mod sequence track! I wish more synths would do that!
Ben Hipkiss
What can I say, what a great little machine, endless fun and really interesting rhythm productions which are a result of a fine sequencer. Buy before you try😉
First days: 5 stars! Nice synth with lots of possibilities, hope, I'll get them all time after time. Novation quality, good knobs, could be about 25% bigger for my fingers, but it's working well... ; )
Richard Osborn
Got an email from novation (I already have the sublime Bass Station 2) with a discount code for their superb Circuit Mono Station (proves that signing up for email newsletters does actually pay off!). So I made the plunge. I now have two great synths and an intuitive sequencer! The purchase process was very simple (and the price was great with the discount!) and I was kept constantly up to date about order progress and delivery progress - the package turned up within just 3 days! I'm still getting to grips with the new 'pad' format but loving it so far... What I'm really impressed with novation (owned by Focusrite) is that the really, really respect their user base and look after their customers. Both the Bass Station 2 and the Circuit Mono Station have had several very major updates via firmware. Not only does this prove that these products are still being developed (after several years!), the updates were HUGE! For that Bass Station 2, firmware updates have firstly turned it from a monophonic to paraphonic synthesizer! With overlays being added recently allowing for a different sound on each key! And for the Circuit Mono Station, its recent firmware update has turned it into (or added) an analogue drum machine! Well done novation for constantly improving your already great products. This is a company that really looks after us, its customers - thanks!
Lars Frueauff
Unique synth with an amazing seq. But you have to learn to manage this synth. I love my CS :-)
Maxime Bourbonnais
Surprisingly powerful little synth thanks to the integrated step sequencer and its ability to modulate per step. Really happy I made the jump and tried it: it will find a cozy and useful place in my studio.
Solid bass sounds, cv integrations and ongoing updates. My circuit doesn’t have to be alone anymore
Paul Mabley
The only problem I had was lack of a detailed manual but there are plenty of web tutorials to get up to speed.
Tyler F
all good!!
K. von Hörsten
Great Instrument with fantastic Features. The Sound of Mono Station is powerful
Gary Schiffer
I can't say enough good things about the Novation products I have been lucky enough to aquire, and they are pure brilliance. There is no buyer's remorse because a year later your product is likely to be even better and more capable than when you bought it. Novation makes magic items.
Ahmet Mengüç
Quality of this product is really good especially knobs . it is really comfortable and it has smooth transition .
Phil Holt
Performs as expected. Great build quality easy to use and integrated into my existing set up with no issues
Bill Howe
A Bass Station 2 synth engine, coupled with Circuit's sequencing power and performance capabilities, alongside Novation's ongoing commitment to firmware improvement and innovation, all in one handy box... what more could you wish for?
Sounds great, and pretty straightforward to use. It's great to have most of the controls in the open.
Devin Anderson
Fantastic little beast. All analogue, and all gritty for great bass aand lead sounds. Makes for a great addition to my studio.
Kev M (East London)
When I first saw this item on Youtube videos, I thought this would be a 5 minute wonder and dust collector. After watching many video reviews, I saw that this could actually be useful and took the plunge. What an incredibly versatile instrument. Seriously spruces up my projects and ticks all the boxes for looks, playability, and inspiration. With no set way to rig this thing up, my only barrier is my imagination. I can use it at the centre of my operations or to diversify another instrument. Go and check it out in a store and see for yourself. Novation rocks!
Engin Al
It's just been few hours since I've got it. This is the first analog synthesizer I've got so I don't have much to compare. But so far it's really fun and configurable in so many ways. Besides 4x6 mod matrix and mod sequencer, the freedom to set parameters by step is just incredible.
Jeff Brooks
Well worth the standard price, but at 50% off an absolute steal. Very happy
So powerfull
Peter Ver
Great sequencing capabilities, good sound, really hands-on machine.
Timo W.
A versatile little machine, and fun to play with.
A spectacular synth riff machine
Kam Lung Chau
I have a Bass station 2, four Novation Circuits and this is my second Mono Station, if I won I want to by a Peak.
Shugo NODA
I got this with 50%off coupon... It is impossible to get such a nice sound and nice machine as this price. I am really enjoying the "tweaking" the sound. The position as a standalone synth, this is so outstanding, unique and fun. Thank you!
Claudio Lauretti
Una macchina incredibile! Ha dato nuova vita al mio setup!!! Intuitiva e potente!
Sounds great and the workflow just clicks for me. Within 24 hours of getting it, I'd already finished two tracks on which I used it extensively. Fun and inspiring.
Only had it 3 days and loving it already
Brian Addison
Great synth. Easy to use and great sounds
I only had this for a couple of days but I'm already addicted! Fun and easy to play, very happy with my purchase!
The most underated piece of gear on the market. The 50% april discount was a thief, thank you so much for it.
Daniel Bahn
Had the deal of my life. Great Gear !!!
Jerome Barbier
Already a happy owner of a Circuit classic, this one is really good for adding up analog sounds to my tracks. There is no AA batteries powering so it could be frustrating for mobile people. This is not an issue for me. However the lack of speaker is my main concern since I planned to link this device with my other Circuit to get more sounds (since this one does integrates drums parts). So I remove a star for this issue that makes me plug a mixer and speakers to use both products together. Overall, I'm happy with the product but the Circuit classic is much more versatile to my uses.

Product Specifications

Circuit Mono Station What's In The Box
Novation Circuit Mono Station
USB cable
3 MIDI breakout cables
12V DC power supply included

Circuit Mono Station Included Software
Ableton Live Lite music making software
4 GB of Loopmasters sounds and samples


Attribute Description
Plug-in offers:
  • Get the Addictive Keys virtual instrument from XLN Audio free with Novation products. One full license per account enables you to choose one Addictive Keys instrument, such as Modern Upright, Studio Grand, Electric Grand or Mark One.
What is Refurbished/B Stock?
  • Unit may have minimal signs of use/wear
  • All accessories are included
  • All included Software available upon registration
  • 3 Year Warranty Included
  • Packaging may show some signs of wear or the unit may have been repackaged in generic packaging
  • To read more click here
Circuit Mono Station is a next-generation sequenced monosynth that originates from the Bass Station II, with three sequencer tracks that benefit from the 32 velocity-sensitive RGB pads found on Circuit. The synth has two oscillators, three distortion modes, plus one multi-mode filter that can be high-pass, low-pass or band-pass.

With Circuit Mono Station, the sync and tuning parameters of its two oscillators can be individually controlled. It also offers four waveshapes (sawtooth, triangle, square and sample + hold), a sub-oscillator, ring modulation and noise generation. Users can get the frequency band they want by applying high-pass, low-pass and band-pass filters with slopes of 12dB and 24dB. In addition, Circuit Mono Station introduces a powerful overdrive.

Both monophonic and paraphonic modes are available, with each oscillator controlled by its own sequencer. There are three sequencer tracks: two oscillator sequencers and one modulation sequencer. Users can alter gate length, switch patterns instantly, choose sync rate and mutate patterns.

A four-by-eight modulation matrix makes it possible to route from LFO with four waveshapes, envelope, sequencer or velocity, enabling complex modulation for pitch, pulse-width, amp, filter, distortion or CV.

Up to 64 patches can be loaded and saved on the device, right at the user's fingertips. Circuit Mono Station controls separate hardware via CV, gate and modulation outputs, and has MIDI In, Out and Thru, so other MIDI gear can be connected. Passing an audio signal through the audio input opens up a world of analogue filtration and distortion. Using the audio input with the mod sequencer, a source can be modulated, evolved and processed in entirely new ways. Via USB, Circuit Mono Station can be plugged into Mac or PC, where unlimited patches can be managed using Components.

  • Two oscillators with individual control of sync and tuning parameters
  • High-pass, low-pass and band-pass filters with slopes of 12dB and 24dB
  • Three distortion modes
  • Choose monophonic or paraphonic modes with individual glide control
  • Four-by-eight modulation matrix that enables complex alteration and routing
  • Load and save up to 64 patches on the device
  • Three sequencer tracks (two oscillator sequencers, one modulation sequencer)
  • 32 velocity-sensitive RGB pads
  • 16 scale types
  • Changeable sync rates
  • CV/Gate, CV mod plus MIDI In, Out and Thru for connecting and controlling separate hardware
  • Modulate, evolve and process sources through the audio input
  • Backup patches and sessions with Components
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⚠Warning For California Residents

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