Black 61 Key Carry Case US$99.99

Black 61 Key Carry Case

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Backpack-style Soft Carry Case is the perfect way to transport your 61-key controller keyboard.

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Dan H
Reasonable bag if you don't need a flight case.
José Carlos Turner
The material is ok, could be better but does the job for the pice, excelent for my Novation 61SL MkIII, I'm happy with the purchase
Nicholas Rhodes
Great sizing for my 61 Launchkey. The pockets are perfect for my interface, computer, and cables. Very happy with this case!
Bob Mitchell
Quick delivery, snug case and sturdy.
Doc Bizzle
I like the extra pockets on this case. I'm surprised it's not a little more form fitting to the exact size of the Launchkey. But It will work for basic transport. It's normal price seems a little bit high as well.
It's a great soft case, although it doesn't offer the protection to knobs etc. that I'd hoped for.
nice stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joseph Watt
It broke on first outing. I would not advise on buying.

Product Specifications

  • Shoulder bag-style case has handles and straps for easy carrying
  • Main compartment easily fits Impulse 61-key controller keyboard
  • Also fits other Novation 61-key keyboards and MIDI controllers
  • Large pocket provides storage for 15" laptop, cables, and other gear
  • Made from rugged padded nylon to protect gear


Attribute Description
Gigging and making music on the move is a big part of many musicians' lives, so Novation makes carrying cases for our keyboards. Novation's backpack-style Soft Carry Case is the perfect way to transport your 61-key controller keyboard. This rugged nylon gig bag has plenty of room for Novation's SL MkII 61, Impulse 61 and Launchkey 61 MKII Keyboards. It also features a pocket large enough for your 15" laptop, plus additional pockets and storage compartments for cables and other gear. We put carry handles and straps on them, then added pockets that can hold up to 15" laptops, as well as cables, boxes of ProPlus and whatever else you like to carry about.

TrustPilot reviews

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