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Bass Station II Bag

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Designed to transport Bass Station II safely. It is lined with paddingand comes with additional pockets.

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John Schwamborn
Bram Langmans
I gave only 4 out of 5 stars because the only 5 star casing for any instrument is of course a sturdy solid case , but otherwise, this is pretty much everything you can expect of a bag for Your BS2. That said, this is a very fine bag for your Bass Station II: fits like a glove, good-quality fabrics, the lot.
tom howe
Already got me through a gig, carrying my 19” laptop, my Akai controller and my ipad pro. So far feels very sturdy and decent
Mr Joseph Kelly
Great product! The shipping was extremely fast.

Product Specifications

  • Perfect for transporting Bass Station II to and from gigs
  • Padded to protect from impact
  • Includes shoulder strap for hands-free transport
  • Light Blue
  • Designed specifically for your Bass Station II
  • Protects from scrapes, bumps and drops without weighing you down
  • Lets you carry around your laptop and cables, too


Attribute Description
Being the designers of Bass Station II, we know how essential it can be to a live setup.

That's why we designed this gig bag, specifically to protect your Bass Station II from knocks, bumps and scrapes. The main compartment is padded and fits a Bass Station II perfectly. Then there are extra pockets for your laptop, iPad®, cables and whatnot.

Depending on your style, you can carry it with the carry handle, like a badass briefcase, or sling it over your shoulder in a showcase of nonchalance.

TrustPilot reviews

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