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Cancellation & Returns

Can I cancel an order?

We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time, this means that as soon as you place the order on our website the wheels are set in motion to get you order out to you as quickly as possible. Whilst this is great in terms of getting your item quickly, it does mean that is not possible to cancel an order once placed.

If for any reason, you no longer require the items that you have ordered, they must be returned to Focusrite.com once you have received them. For more information about returns, please read our Returns Procedure

Can I return part of a discounted product bundle?

If one of the products within your bundle is faulty then this can be returned, repaired or refunded under the terms of your warranty, however if you decide you no longer require one of the products within your bundle you will need to return the bundle of products as purchased.


Do I need to pay tax on my order?

In the European Union (EU):
With the exception of Ukraine, sales tax is included within the prices displayed on the Focusrite.com website, no further charges will be due beyond what you pay on the store. For orders placed from Ukraine customers will be liable to pay taxes.

In the US:
Prices are displayed excluding sales tax, sales tax will be added at the point of checkout based on your billing address. Sales tax is chargeable for addresses in the following states:

  • California
  • Florida
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Tennessee
Outside of the EU and US:
Prices are displayed including sales tax and import carrier charges.

Additionally, please note that when ordering from Focusrite.com, you are considered to be the 'Importer of Record' and as a result you must comply with all laws and regulations of the country into which you are receiving the goods.

It is a legal requirement that we declare the full value of the goods (not including shipping charges) on all packages destined outside the European Union or the United States. It is a criminal offence to falsify the details on this form. We cannot inaccurately describe the contents of the shipment, claim a lower value or mark it as a gift. Please do not ask, or expect us to do any of the above.


What is a pre-order?

Pre-ordering allows you to secure a product that has yet to be formally released for public sale. Your order will be dispatched at the point the product is released for public sale. In the meantime we hold a charge on your payment card and take the funds at the point the product is dispatched as opposed to when you make the order.

When will I be charged for a pre-order?

No funds will be taken from your account until the pre-order begins processing for delivery. This could be anytime up to 5 working days before the product release date.

How is payment for my pre-order held?

When making a pre-order on the site a hold authorisation will be placed on your payment card to pre-authorise the value of your transaction for up to 28 days. Once your pre-order is ready to be processed for dispatch, your card will be charged the full amount of the pre-order, and the hold authorisation will be removed.

Will I be notified before payment is taken?

Upon placing your pre-order you will receive a pre-order confirmation email. You will receive a further notification up to 7 days before the products release date to notify you of it's imminent release and charging of your card.

What happens if the price of the item increases before release?

Pre-orders will secure the product at the price applicable at the time of order, if the price increased between the pre-order being placed and the product release date you will be charged the lower amount. You will never be charged more than the amount advertised at the time of placing your pre-order.

When will my product arrive?

Upon dispatch your pre-order product will follow our standard delivery timelines for your delivery location.

Can I cancel a placed pre-order?

Up until the point of processing your order and taking funds, we may be able to cancel your pre-order. Please get in touch with our Customer Service team for assistance.


Where can I find my order invoice?

Invoices for any orders you have placed can be found within your user account area. You can login to your user account here.

How do I recycle my old unit?

As a responsible retailer, we have met the requirements placed on us by financially supporting the national network of WEEE recycling centres established by local authorities. Read more here.