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SL 49 MkII

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The SL MkII 49 is the last word in professional USB MIDI controllers.

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My 49 SL MkII is my most used piece of studio equipment. Originally when I set out to buy a master keyboard controller I wanted something that was flexible enough to adapt to my playing and workflow, and the 49SL MkII was everything I wanted - and more. It's clear, ergonomically designed, laden with high quality knobs, sliders, pads, and buttons, and of course a excellent, highly playable Keybed. plus there's much more possibilities when using the menus, such as midi zones, layers, controller labeling, usb/midi settings, and much much more. The keyboard iteself is awesome to play, and has aftertouch too. There's also plenty of ins and outs : 2 midi outs, midi in & thru, usb, and pedal options. The 49 SL MkII really is one of the best master keyboard controllers you will find.
The most amazing feeling FATAR keys, touch sensitivity, and automap control over EVERYTHING make this thing a MONSTER!!!! I have had one since they come out and its still the BEAST!! I mean the best...ok BEAST IS BETTER!!!
Been the best keyboard I could ever have hoped for. easy to set up and easy template structure. Compatible with so many different DAWS'. I personally use Sonar Platinum and this is a Powerful blend of sound and functionality. Love my Novation MKII 49
Hello from Rob Mullins in LA, CA. I have been using this controller in several studios the past couple years and it is killer! In fact, I used it on my "Soulful" album controlling Logic Pro and it was great. There are so many functions on it you could never get bored and the feel of it is rapid and very quick to the touch. Lightweight and easy to carry under your arm on the way to your next gig. I used it up at Bogie's as my main controller with the Carmen Grill Band and made it in charge of the B3 sounds which are important in that kind of music. If you don't have one of these, get one!-Rob Mullins

Product Specifications

What's in the box:
  • Novation SL MK II 49
  • 3m USB cable
  • Installation CD
  • Xcite+ pack CD
  • Registration Card
  • Safety information sheet
System Requirements:
  • Max OS 10.4.0 * or greater (Leopard and Snow Leopard - 32-bit kernel only - also supported)
  • Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or greater (Vista 32, Windows 7 32/64 also supported)
  • Novation is constantly testing Automap with different operating systems.
Included Software:
  • Ableton Live Lite music making software
  • Xcite+ pack royalty free loops and samples
  • Novation Automap

Product Hardware Specifications

  • 25, 49 or 61 note velocity sensitive semi-weighted Italian made keyboard with assignable aftertouch
  • 144 character blue backlit LCD screen

Assignable Controls

  • 8 endless encoders (infinite rotation) with touch-sensitivity and 11 segment LED rings
  • 8 pots (270 degree rotation) with touch-sensitivity
  • 8 sliders with touch-sensitivity
  • 32 buttons with integrated LEDs (37 in MIDI mode]
  • 8 soft feel trigger pads
  • Xpression X-Y Pad
  • Xpression Joystick

System Buttons

  • General Automap Operation Buttons (Learn, View, Browser Groups etc.)
  • Octave up/down buttons with LED indicator
  • 1 Automap button with LED to toggle Automap mode on and off
    Template and edit modes have been combined into one edit mode, for editing both individual controls and overall settings within one template


  • USB socket (not class compliant)
  • MIDI IN, OUT and THRU din sockets plus additional MIDI OUT din socket
  • Sustain pedal 1/4" jack socket
  • Expression pedal 1/4" jack socket
  • Power switch Ext DC / USB

Software Compatibility

  • Novation Automap software for control of all major DAWs and plug-ins
  • Ableton Live Lite 10 is included
    If you already have Ableton Live it must be version 8 or greater to work with the SL MKII. We recommend that you update to the latest version as previous versions of Ableton Live do not include the SL MKII integration. SL MKII will also work as a standard MIDI controller.
  • SL MKII requires a MIDI driver for both PC and Mac (supplied)

Power Requirements

  • Fully USB bus powered
  • Maximum power consumption 9V DC 500mA
    Power supply not included

Product Dimensions

  • SL MKII 25: 468mm length x 293mm depth x 68mm height
  • SL MKII 49: 803mm length x 293mm depth x 68mm height
  • SL MKII 61: 965mm length x 293mm depth x 68mm height

OS Compatibility

  • OS compatibilty not relevant for this product range/type


Attribute Description
Keyboard Size49 Key
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What is Refurbished/B Stock?
  • Unit may have minimal signs of use/wear
  • All accessories are included
  • All included Software available upon registration
  • 2 Year Warranty Included
  • Packaging may show some signs of wear or the unit may have been repackaged in generic packaging
  • To read more click here
The B Stock SL MkII 49 is the last word in professional USB MIDI controllers. Combining a superb semi-weighted Fatar keybed with a ridiculous number of controls, it connects your hands directly to your DAW, plugin instruments and effects, with comprehensive visual feedback via the controls themselves and the LCD screen.

Incredible Professional Keyboard
Express yourself on the SL MkII 49's 49-key premium semi-weighted Fatar keybed. Featuring velocity sensitivity and assignable aftertouch, this supremely playable keyboard feels like a real musical instrument, and is enhanced by the inclusion of expression and sustain pedal inputs.

Get Instant Hands-On Control
The SL MkII 49 is bristling with controllers. 56 fully assignable faders, buttons, pots and LED-ringed encoders all instantly and effortlessly hook into your software via Novation's acclaimed Automap software, giving you direct hands-on access to your DAW and plugins.

Eight Trigger Pads and Two Xpression controllers

Finger drummers will love The SL MkII 49's eight soft feel trigger pads, while the Xpression Joystick combines pitchbend and mod wheel functions in one intuitively tweakable controller, and the Expression X-Y Pad serves as a freely assignable 2D touchpad.

See Exactly What You're Controlling
The 144-character LCD screen provides information on the software parameters being controlled by the SK MkII 49 at any time, including the names and values of entire rows of knobs, faders or buttons. Novation have also lined the screen up with the rotary encoders, so you can see what they're assigned to without looking at your computer screen.

Get Immediate Visual Feedback
The SL MkII 49's illuminated controls deliver further visual feedback: 11-segment LED rings around the encoders reflect the position of your filter cutoff or reverb mix balance, while the backlit buttons let you see at a glance what tracks in your project are muted or soloed, for example.

Touch-Sensitive Controls

Every knob, encoder, button and fader on the SL MkII 49 is touch-sensitive. Simply touch a control without moving it to bring up information on its entire row on your LCD screen.

Control Any Major Music Software
The SL MkII 49 gives hands-on control of the transport and mixer in any major DAW application, including Live, Logic, Cubase and Pro Tools. You can also use the SL MkII 49 with Novation's powerful Automap software to control third party plug-in instruments and effects, such as those by Native Instruments, Universal Audio, FXpansion and countless other developers, with parameters mapped automatically and intelligently.

Key Features:

Incredible Professional Keyboard
Pro-quality velocity-sensitive Fatar keybed with semi-weighted action and assignable aftertouch.

Instant Hands-On Control
Automap automatically maps the SL MkII 49's controls to your software, giving you direct access to plug-in instruments and effects.

See What You're Controlling
The 144-character LCD screen lets you see at a glance exactly what you're controlling, including the parameter names and values of entire rows of knobs, faders or buttons.

Instant Visual Feedback
Backlit buttons and bright LED rings around the SL MkII 49's eight smooth rotary encoders give immediate visual feedback on plug-in parameters and mixer channel status.

Huge Array of Touch- Sensitive Controls
Touch any of the SL MkII 49's beautifully illuminated controls to see its current assignment displayed on the LCD screen.

Control Any Major Music Software
Take control of DAW applications and third party plug-in instruments by the biggest (and smallest!) names in the industry.

Bus-Powered by USB
Plug directly into your Mac or PC via USB and start playing – no power cables required.

Use Your Pedals and MIDI Instruments
Connect standard expression and sustain pedals for performance input, and plug the SL MkII 49 into external MIDI instruments via 5-pin DIN MIDI Out to play and control them.

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