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MiniNova Gig Bag

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Designed specifically to fit your MiniNova and is padded to protect against knocks, bumps and scrapes.

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Seems solidly built, but not taken it anywhere yet. The logo on the front had frayed threads around it on arrival, a bit scruffy, which doesn't go so well with the otherwise clean appearance. Also a shame that it only comes in bright blue, not great for leaving subtly in a corner at a venue before a set...
Graeme Linaker
Ace and brilliant
Excellent and durable product with added pockets for gig gear and one large laptop pocket.
Jose Alfredo Camacho Kaire
Its a excellent product. The bag have an excellent design and its usefull for my needs. I think buy more products here, they have great quality.
Mr Jason Wilhelm
This product is a dream for someone like me who is a professional musician. I take care of my gear and this product is rugged and will protect your mininova. I HIGHLY reccomend the investment. It will be well worth it.

Product Specifications


Attribute Description
MiniNova is already perfect for gigging. It packs all the punch of UltraNova, but in a compact and portable form. All you really need is a way of getting it safely to and from your gigs.

That's why we created this gig bag. It's designed specifically to fit your MiniNova and is padded to protect against knocks, bumps and scrapes. It also has a pocket large enough for a laptop or iPad, plus extra pockets for cables, sunglasses and whatever else you like to take to gigs.

As well as the classic carrying handle, it also has a shoulder strap so you can keep your hands free for carrying other gear. Or throwing shapes.

Key Features

  • Designed specifically for your MiniNova
  • Protects from scrapes, bumps and drops without weighing you down
  • Lets you carry around your laptop and cables, too

TrustPilot reviews

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