This is where it all began. The Launchpad was the birth of the grid system that fuelled an evolution in electronic music. It's time you joined in.


64-pad grid controller for Ableton Live, now with RGB LEDs that match the clips in your session view.


Launchpad Pro

8x8 grid of RGB, velocity-sensitive pads to trigger & combine clips and control your external hardware.


Launchpad Mini

Compact USB grid controller for Ableton Live, with 64 multicoloured backlit pads & 16 extra function buttons.


Launch Control XL

Ultimate controller for Ableton Live with 16 buttons, 24 knobs & eight faders, all integrate with Live.


Launchpad & Launch Control XL Sleeve

Fits either Launchpad or Launch Control XL like a glove and has an internal pocket for storing cables.


Launchpad Pro Case

Lightweight 'shell' for your Launchpad Pro with removable li that becomes a desk tray.


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