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Scarlett 8i6 3rd Gen

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8-in, 6-out USB audio interface

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Ray Pulley
The interface took some work to get it integrated with my PC, mixer and drums, but once I figured that out, it is flexible and the sound quality is great. I had some noise issues on the USB in my PC. The support team responded quickly and worked with me to find a solution. Note that the issue was with my PC and attached peripherals, not with the 8i6.
I bought it because my Saffire Pro 40 Firewire would not work with Mac Ventura - a shame because I really liked the layout of the P40. But the 8i6 is no slouch, either. It has a few eccentricities, like I still get a pop from the front input even when its volume control is all the way off. My main issue is that it isn't well explained in the adverts - I think that should be made clearer. One would think that a USB C to C cable would give USB C speeds, but that doesn't seem to be the case. And I would think that the USB Port would give USB 3 speeds with a USB 3 equipped computer (in my case, Apple). So,in my case, if I read your manual correctly, I went down in bus speed from FW400 at 3Gps, to USB 2.0 at 480Mps, which increases lag time and limits the number of tracks, as you know.. I would certainly love to be corrected, if I am wrong here, but I purchased the 8i6 expecting at least USB 3.xx speeds..
Spencer W.
Great interface, loved the price for a refurbed unit.
Horace Greeley
Hard to rate what I've not received.
David Poirier
It is replacing my old trusty Focusrite Saffire pro 24 dsp and do the job just as well!
Ben Last
Very flexible, transparent sound, well designed unit. The only thing lacking is some form of marking on the front panel to allow noting of gain control positions.
Mr Gibbons
Just love your products - my third upgrade.
Rowan Smith
Great piece of kit
Richard Buckland
Quality interface, quiet preamps.
George Axcell
Solid tank of an interface
Sebastien K
Perfect for my needs!
Excellent device!
It works as described. You will need to watch the YouTube clips to make set- up easier. And you will need to be connected to the internet for drivers and so on. Trade from 1st gen 18i8 to 3rd gen 8i6 and so far the only issue I am having is that the line inputs seem to be “quieter” than the 18i8 - could just be a setting I haven’t discovered yet!
Jens Michels
The Produkt is really nice! The Focusrite Control Software could be updated to run smoother on macOS with an Apple Silicon Additionally I would love to mute the Microphone inputs via Software
Gaeran Southern
I’m surprised that the 8i6 is not USB 3
Vicky Flint
Fantastic product and perfect for my studio needs - thank you
Martin R
What you need in an audio interface is something that just works, and works well. Once installed and set-up, this very quickly became an integral part of the studio. It works beautifully in the background, allowing me to concentrate on making music!
David Gould
I bought a refurbished device so paid below the normal RRP. Still learning but it is essentially plug in play with a bit of tweaking in the Focusrite Control Software and then the usual DAW modifications. Still experimenting as I have never used a home based audio interface (Used to the Pro Tools Recording Studio setup, bit bigger). But this is amazing and as yet only limited to what I can do at home!
Jacob Kendall
It takes a while to learn the ins and outs, but I'm getting there.
Christopher Neiman
This is replacing my Saffire Pro 24 DSP. I was concerned the 8i6 Gen 3 wouldn’t stand up to the great quality of the Saffire. I am happy to say that the 8i6 Gen 3 is equal or exceeds in areas that matter. Mainly sound quality. The Pre’s are very quiet and have a certain warmth that I didn’t expect in this price range. The D/A & A/D seem great so far with average latency. The one thing I thought was great was the way Focusrite developed a start up system that has you just plugging into a USB port and then walk through all the driver, registration (with S/N# automatically filled in) and software setup. I hate going though all that tedious stuff and it was painless. It doesn’t have every feature the Saffire had, but I honestly didn’t use them much and everything I do need is there. It’s a very slick looking unit and seems to be built very well. All the controls are very solid and have a smooth feel. The connectors are high quality. The control software is easy to use and better than the “Mix Control” I was use to. I will always consider the line of Focusrite products the best value available.
Mr Alan Shires
Excellent customer service, phenomenal value for money, unbeatable delivery times and world class product by an innovative brand.
Lonny Horowitz MD
Great bang for the bucks
Roberto Rivera
Can complain works beautifully
Richard Noble
A welcome upgrade to my 2i2. Switching from the limited inputs of the 2i2 to the 8i6 has been a great move. Nice and easy to setup and has been working flawlessly with my M1 Mac. Great audio quality and having the added bonus of midi in and out has allowed me to connect pretty much all my devices with ease. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to record multiple hardware synths, you will not regret buying one of these.
A good replacement for my Saffire Pro 14
William Elliot
Fantastic bit of kit. Takes a bit of time to get used to getting it to do what you want but worth the work. Sound quality is great and the unit is solid in build quality
Byungmin So
It recorded the practice with colleagues in real time and made it possible to post-process it. The best experts actively answered my questions as a beginner and always found the correct answers. The recording was clean and clear, and it's a great piece of equipment that most DAWs support. If someone around you asks me to recommend an audio interface, it's definitely Scarlett.
Humberto Estrada Duran
My new Scarlett is just what I needed for my home studio
I'm very happy with this interface. I use cubase, and its functionalities are incredibles with the preamps. The voice recording in air mode is amazing!
christopher lipsham
This product is very easy to setup and looks the part. Bought to go to university as this seems to be the go audio interface No problems whatsoever and looking forward to using it in the years ahead
John Finney
Great build quality and the included "air" feature is quite nice.
Jorge Zegarra Berndt
Very good equipment.
Sam Wong
The product has hardware failure when I receive it. I have already contacted your support team.

Product Specifications

What's in the box
  • Scarlett 8i6 3rd Gen.
  • 1 x USB cable (Type C-A)
  • 1 x Power Supply

Included Software
  • Ableton Live Lite
  • The iconic DAW gives you everything you need to get started including instruments, effects and Live's trademark clip and scene launching for taking ideas further or performance.
  • Three Month Avid® Pro Tools® Artist Subscription with Complete Plugin Bundle
  • A three-month subscription to Avid Pro Tools Artist and Avid Complete Plugin Bundle, with a 25% discount on Avid Pro Tools Artist after the subscription period, or a 33% discount on Avid Pro Tools Studio.
  • Splice Sounds
  • Three months Splice Sounds membership with new Splice accounts – offering millions of high-quality, royalty-free one-shots, loops, and presets, with new releases daily.
Hitmaker Expansion
  • Antares® Auto-Tune® Access
  • For everything from natural sounding, near-real-time pitch adjustment for getting the best vocal takes, to lightning-fast Hip-hop-inspired pitching for adding a whole new sound to your tracks.
  • Softube® Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555
  • The modern evolution of the iconic JCM800, brought to you by analogue-modelling experts Softube®. The Silver Jubilee offers everything from warm cleans, through classic crunch, and up to modern high gain tube amp sounds.
  • Landr Studio, plus five free masters
  • Produce and release your best work with two-month's access to Landr Studio, as well as five free masters you can use even when your two month's subscription is over. Landr Studio provides everything you need to mix and master your tracks, including unlimited MP3 mastering, and unlimited distribution on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, TikTok, and many more.
  • Brainworx® Bx_console Focusrite SC
  • The preamps that made Focusrite what we are today to your music. No other plug-in offers the unique character of the iconic large format console, with ISA 110 preamps – the origin of the famous 'Air' we still hear on Focusrite interfaces today. Bx_console Focusrite SC is a full channel strip, offering EQ, de-esser, compressor, limiter, gate and expander.
  • Focusrite Red 2 & 3 Plug-in Suite
  • Featuring a pair of meticulously captured digital models of the truly iconic EQ and Compressors which have made the Focusrite name a staple in world-class facilities across the globe. If you've kept up with major releases over the last 30 years, you've heard Red 2 and 3.
  • XLN Audio® Addictive Keys
  • Add beautifully captured piano to your tracks with the choice of one of four professional-sounding models from Steinway®, Yamaha® and the classic Rhodes®. Plug in your MIDI controller and play; instantly be transported to a professional recording studio set up to capture one of these beautiful pianos – right from your studio.
  • XLN Audio® Addictive Drums 2: Studio Rock
  • Add the sounds of a pro drummer to your songs easily. Featuring expertly captured samples from a high-end Tama® and Pearl® drums, and Paiste® and Sabian® cymbals, recorded at Decibel Studios in Stockholm.
  • Relab's LX480 Essentials
  • Get four reverbs, modelled on The Hit Factory NYC's reverb unit, and used on countless hits. LX480 Essentials gives you the sounds of a studio which has played host to names from Springsteen, the Stones and Kool and the Gang, to The Weeknd, Pharell, Katy Perry, and everyone in between.
  • All other product names and brands cited herein are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used on this page are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement.

Technical Specifications
  • Form Factor: Desktop
  • Simultaneous I/O: 8 x 6
  • A/D Resolution: 24-bit/192 kHz
  • Number of Preamps: 2
  • Phantom Power: YES
  • Number of Pads: 2
  • Instrument Inputs: 2
  • Line Inputs: 6
  • Analogue Outputs: 4
  • Headphone Outputs: 2
  • Digital Inputs: S/PDIF
  • Digital Outputs: S/PDIF
  • Loopback: YES
  • Bus Powered: NO
  • Included PSU: YES
The easiest way to check that your computer's operating system (OS) is compatible with the Scarlett 2i2 is to use our online OS Checker


Attribute Description
48v phantom powerYes
A/D Resolution24-bit/192 kHz
Analogue Outs4
Bus PoweredNo
ConnectivityUSB Type-C
Digital InputsS/PDIF
Digital OutputsS/PDIF
Form FactorDesktop
Headphone Outs2
Included PSUYes
Instrument Inputs2
Line Inputs6
Number of Pads2
Number of Preamps2
Phantom PowerYES
ProtocolUSB 2.0
Simultaneous I/O8 x 6
Hitmaker Expansion:
  • Create studio quality vocals, powerful guitars, luscious keys and huge drums, then mix and master with iconic Focusrite studio hardware – all in the box. Hitmaker Expansion is built to give you all the plug-ins you need to write, produce, mix and master your music in studio quality, featuring exclusive content from legendary Auto-Tune® creators Antares®, along with Brainworx®, Softube®, Landr, XLN Audio®, Relab and more.
The Scarlett 8i6 is the compact studio solution you've been looking for, allowing you to keep all your hardware plugged in and ready to go: set up mics, guitars and synths to start creating as soon as inspiration strikes. With improved A-D and D-A conversion, your recordings and playback will sound clear and pronounced up to 24-bit/192kHz and two independent high-fidelity headphone outputs with dedicated volume control enable flexible monitoring during recording and mixing.

8i6 provides two of Focusrite's best-ever-performing third-generation Scarlett mic preamps: with optional Air setting to reproduce the Air effect of their original ISA mic preamp, giving your vocal or acoustic recordings a brighter and more open sound.

Record guitars or bass via the two high-headroom instrument inputs without any clipping or unwanted distortion. And get creative using the six flexible line inputs – two on the front with gain control, and four fixed-line on the back allowing you to record up to six mono or three stereo line-level sources such as synthesisers or drum machines.

A pair of virtual loopback inputs allows you to capture a stereo feed of any combination of hardware input and software playback channels – making podcasting, live streaming and sampling tasks easier.

Scarlett 8i6 is designed to stand up to days on the road and connects straight to your Mac® or PC via USB cable. There's no better way to step into studio recording – your Scarlett interface comes with some of the best loved tools in the business, including Ableton Live Lite, Avid Pro Tools Artist and Hitmaker Expansion, with exclusive content from legendary Auto-Tune® creators Antares®, along with Brainworx®, Softube®, Landr, XLN Audio®, Relab and more.

If that wasn't enough, Focusrite have partnered with Splice to give 3rd Gen. interface owners a free 3-month Splice Sounds subscription when setting a new Splice account. Splice Sounds offers millions of high-quality, royalty-free one-shots, loops, and presets, with new releases daily from your favourite producers, sound designers, and artists. Creators use Splice to make all kinds of music, including chart-topping pop, Grammy-winning albums, underground mixtapes, and cinematic scores.

As with all Focusrite products, you'll also benefit from a three-year warranty with award-winning customer support.

Key Features:
• Two of the best performing mic preamps the Scarlett range has ever seen, now with switchable Air mode to give your vocal recordings a brighter and more open sound
• Two high-headroom instrument inputs to plug in your guitar or bass
• Two balanced line inputs for connecting synthesisers, drum machines and other line-level sources
• Four balanced outputs for clean monitoring and sending audio out to effects pedals or other outboard gear
• High-performance converters enable you to record and mix at up to 24-bit/192kHz

TrustPilot reviews

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