Scarlett 18i8 & Scarlett Octopre US$599.99

Scarlett 18i8 & Scarlett Octopre

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18-in, 8-out USB interface is ideal for multi-instrumentalists combined with Scarlett OctoPre eight mic inputs.

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Mr Ronald Porter
Very good products but have firmware update issues - if they could have uypdated them before shipping that would save the hassle and bad experience when it doesn't work out of the box!

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Scarlett 18i8 (2nd Gen)
Our latest generation 18-in, 8-out USB interface is ideal for multi-instrumentalists, producers and small bands who want to record audio from a wide range of sources such as drums, guitars, keyboards and vocals. It's our most comprehensive desktop interface, giving you four mic preamps, round-trip latency as low as 2.74ms*, class-leading sound quality, and two separate headphone outputs, so you can give different monitoring settings to two artists, or an engineer and artist. It's also expandable over ADAT.

Scarlett OctoPre
Scarlett OctoPre features eight 2nd Generation Scarlett mic inputs - balanced line inputs too - all running through Focusrite precision 24-bit conversion at up to 192 kHz resolution with 109dB dynamic range.

⚠Warning For California Residents

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