Pro Interfaces

Pro Interfaces

Offering very low latency and rock-stable driver performance where studio quality sound meets digital audio networking.
RedNet 1

RedNet 1 connects to your network with a single Ethernet cable. It's remotely controlled via the network and can...


RedNet 2

RedNet 2 adds 16 remote-controlled analogue channels in and out to your RedNet network and can be located anywhe...


ISA 430 MK2 Producer Pack

Inside the 2U rack-mount enclosure, the ISA 430 Mk II features a Lundahl transformer-input microphone preamplifi...


RedNet 3

RedNet 3 interfaces your existing digital audio systems and components to the RedNet network, with up to 32 inpu...


RedNet 4

RedNet 4 adds eight of the latest remote-controlled Focusrite mic preamps / line inputs to your RedNet system th...


ISA 1 Analogue

Featuring a rugged, portable all-metal enclosure, the ISA One combines the classic Focusrite microphone preamp w...


RedNet 5

RedNet 5 connects your RedNet system to Pro Tools HD®. Up to six units can be connected to one Pro Tools HDX sys...


RedNet 6

MADI is widely used for large-scale digital audio systems such as audio consoles and conversion systems, allowin...


Red 16Line

64-in/64-out Pro Tools | HD & dual Thunderbolt 3 audio interface with ultra-low latency A-D/D-A conversion.


Red 4Pre

58-in/64-outcombining four digitally-controlled,'Air' enabled, 'Red Evolution' mic preamps & 24-bit conversion.


Red 8Pre

The latest incarnation of Focusrite's best audio interface yet, the 64-in/64-out Red 8Pre combines eight digital...


RedNet A8R

Presented in a rugged, 1U all-metal enclosure, RedNet A8R features eight channels of Dante network-connected 24-...


RedNet AM2

RedNet AM2 is a compact stereo headphone amp and line out device providing additional functionality to Focusrite...


RedNet D16R

RedNet D16R AES is a 1U, 19in rack-mount Dante interface featuring 16 channels of AES/EBU connectivity to and fr...


RedNet D64R

RedNet D64R is a 64 channel interface bridging between MADI (AES10) and Dante. With sample rate conversion on al...


RedNet HD32R

RedNet HD32R is a 1U, 19in rack-mount Dante interface that allows Pro Tools|HD users direct access to the full b...


RedNet MP8R

RedNet MP8R is an 8 channel, Dante-enabled, remote controlled mic pre and A/D tailored for live sound and broadc...


RedNet X2P

RedNet X2P is a compact, robust 2x2 Dante™ audio interface featuring two Red Evolution mic pres, stereo line out...


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