Take recording back to its simplest, most direct form and record studio-quality music on any iOS device. Just connect, plug straight in and start recording.

iTrack Dock

Plug your mics and instruments in & record studio-quality audio to the Tape app or other iPad audio app.


iTrack One Pre

Our easiest to use, high-quality mic pre & instrument input for iPhone and iPad thats compact & portable.

US$69.99 (was: US$129.99 )

iTrack Solo

Capture quality audio on iPad, Mac or PC.The simplicity of iTrack with the quality of Scarlett microphone preamps.


iTrack Studio

2-in, 2-out interface with closed-back monitor headphones, condenser microphone & device link cable.


iTrack Dock Studio

iPad recording dock with connection options, a large-diaphragm condenser mic & closed-back headphones.

US$139.99 (was: US$249.99 )

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