Better, faster and easier. Designed for high-performance, low noise mic pres with a new low distortion, ultra-linear design that guarantees a clean, open and transparent sound.

Clarett 2Pre USB

4-out audio interface with ultra-low noise & noise distortion mic preamps and up to 119dB dynamic range.


Clarett 4Pre USB

18-in, 8-out USB interface with low distortion, ultra-linear design guarantees a clean & transparent sound.


Clarett OctoPre

8-channel 24-bit/192kHz A-D and D-A witheight Microphone Preamplifiersand eight analogue line outputs. Great-so...


Clarett 2Pre Thunderbolt

10-in, 4-out interface combines two mic preamps, class-leading conversion & extra-low round-trip latency.


Clarett 4Pre Thunderbolt

Compact 18-in, 8-out thunderbolt audio interface includes four mic preamps & astonishing low latency.


Clarett 8Pre Thunderbolt

The 18-in, 20-out Clarett 8Pre combines eight mic preamps, class-leading digital conversion and extra-low round-...


Clarett 8Pre USB

Ultra-low noise mic preamps, ultra-low distortion and 118dB dynamic range 18-in, 20-out USB audio interface.


Clarett 8PreX Thunderbolt

26-in, 28-out Clarett 8PreX combines eight mic preamps, leading conversion & extra-low round-trip latency.


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