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Audiohub 2x4

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Features three USB ports, two RCA line inputs, four RCAs outputs, two balanced speaker outputs and a headphone out.

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David Ord
I was surprised that I could still hear audio with the volume turned down. I guess that’s because the gain is so high. I love the straight through audio 2 because I can use the Ableton link function with my iPhone and have no latency. Well thought out to bring the tech together.
sun arch
good build quality. good sound.
Michael Russell
You need to connect your iPad to your MIDI keyboard, maybe to your guitar, some mics, etc and make music, as the iPad is fast becoming recognised as the go-to device for making music on? It's not so small as to allow the cable to completely physically control of it, but not so large that you can't find a place for it when you take it out with you. Moreover, it gives you three USB hubs as well! You DO need the Apple Camera Adapter (everything does these days). 100% recommended - I'm going to go off and finger my stuff now! BTW, forget the Tascam iXR offering, it doesn't charge while in use, but this does!
Ricardo Tapia
Usefull and a great way to keep everything under control. It's a ready to go piece of equipment recommended to keep all the midi launchers and station work tidy.
Jahnavi Katba
No such type of quality product is available in the market which can give satisfaction. It is unique and portable. Loved it.
Zoran Bencek
Well, haven't had any experiences with similar devices but one thing I can say is that the building material is top notch, feels like a piece that will endure... And the sound... Ohhh
Sees bit of kit. Loud as f@#k
Jennifer Sherman
Great Product! I like it alot
McCluskey Roy
I purchased the Novation Audio hub 2x4 and I am very pleased with it. The whole unit comes in a well packed box and upon opening it up you are presented with everything you need to get up and running. The beautiful finished texture and quality of the product is what I would expect so five stars immediately in the bag. As for using the Hub it is so straight forward to use that a quick browse through the well written instruction manual was all that was required. Downloading and Installation of the driver is quick and I was up and running in minutes. I do like the three USB options on the front panel which is great for my Novation mini key board. I'm sure I will be using the other two for something else too. The other options available for the unit are self explanatory. Everything is accessible and the controls are in the right place for me and they feel great. The jack for headphones is brilliant and perhaps the main reason I purchased this unit too, because I am severely deaf and seemingly struggle with audio and hearing aids. This unit is LOUD and I can monitor my compositions much better now without hearing aids in... Another five stars in the bag! So... thanks for a quality unit and I will always know where to come for my next product. Brilliant service and thanks for a speedy delivery too.
Mr Duggan
A top product. Solid build quality. Worked first time.
Nice bit of gear, compact and easy to setup, if it had more audio inputs it would be amazing, but as it is it's a very versatile unit and the construction is beautiful.
Chavon James (Wearealltrblmkrz)
Really great small and portable audio interface to have, and great on saving cpu with having extra us ports
Jason Brockwell
Works as advertised, connects Launchpad to speakers with no lag.
Really good product, need a bit of time to make some arrangements but really easy to use and set up !!
Novation/ Focusrite Audio Hub 2-4 build: 5 stars interface quality: 5 stars My Experience with AudioHub: - Using it with MacBook Pro 13" 2011, Ableton Live 9.7.2, Push 2, Arturia KeyStep, Zoom H1 (as external mic), KRK RooKit 5" - Very simple plug in and play, no extra software installation, assembly. All you need to do is choose AudioHub in Ableton Preferences - Very good headphone preamp - Very good line out preamp - Sturdy built and small for moving around, servived two longhaul flights - one in the luggage - I love the simplicity of the international charger plug with all major plugs (usa, uk, eu,...) - With purchase I also got granted the access to free plugins from Focusrites website (some awsome ones: Surfer EQ, DDDelay,...) If on the budget and searching for an simple and effective audio interface/ usb hub this is about as good as it gets. I am recommanding this to you as an experienced musician and music producer.
Chris Ward
I purchased the Audiohub on a Black Friday deal, the price was incredible. As a computer based producer the Audiohub suits my needs perfectly. A fantastic product, with robust build! Well done Novation.
Mr jose manuel alvarez
Great sound! Loved this interface! The 2 stereo outputs lets you play to the crowd and monitor the sound at the same time. It has a smaller size compared to focusrite scarlett 212 so you can take it everywhere. The 1 RCA input seems to be a disadvantage but is compensated with the 3 usb buses. And about the volume: it is really loud! I'm a DJ and producer and I found the audiohub perfect to work at the studio and to perform at the club! Also the price is awesome!
Mikey A
Works as intended. Haven't had any problems yet. Would recommend if you don't need a lot of inputs.
Emmanuel Gracian
Interface of excellent performance and at a great price
Mr Scotty Saunders
The great interface for a home studio

Product Specifications

Whats in the box:

  • Audiohub 2x4
  • Power Supply
  • USB Cable
  • Getting Started Guide

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion (class compliant)
Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 (ASIO drivers included)
iOS 7, 6 (class compliant)

Included Software:

  • ASIO driver for PC
  • Ableton Live Lite
  • 1GB Loopmasters samples


▪ 5.1cm x 13.4cm x 15.0cm (H x W x D)


Attribute Description
Sound Collective Offer:
  • Register your Novation product before the 6th June to get d16 Nithonat plugin free and 50% discount off the rest of the d16 range
Condense Your Rig
Take the complexity out of your setup by plugging all your equipment into the Audiohub 2x4, featuring three USB ports, two RCA line inputs, four RCAs outputs, two balanced speaker outputs and a headphone out.
Connect and power all your USB and MIDI instruments and controllers, blast your music out so loud you might need a council permit, and capture and play back your live synth performances through Focusrite audio converters at zero latency.
You can even use Audiohub 2x4 to hook all your USB gear up to your iPad with a Camera Connection Kit (not included).
Focusrite Sound Inside
Audiohub 2x4's powerful audio interface is designed and built by Novation in partnership with Focusrite – manufacturers of the best sounding audio hardware in the world. The extraordinarily high quality 96kHz/24-bit AD/DA converters let you record crystal clear audio via matched stereo inputs, and play it back through super loud outputs with no latency whatsoever in Direct Monitoring mode.
Perfect for Live Performance As well as its obvious studio credentials, Audiohub 2x4 is the perfect solution for laptop DJs and live performers, too, thanks to its monitoring flexibility and tough, easily portable enclosure. Connect your main speakers and cue monitors to the high quality balanced and unbalanced outputs, with totally independent level control; and drown out the crowd with the ludicrously loud headphone output. And because Novation thoughtfully put all the volume and status controls on the top, you can clearly see and access them in even the darkest environments.

Key Features:

Declutter Your Setup
Three integrated USB 2.0 ports let you connect your keyboard controller, NI Maschine, Novation Launchpad or any other combination of USB gear to your computer at the same time. You can even hook it all up to your iPad using a Camera Connection Kit.

Powered by USB
Audiohub 2x4 is bus powered via USB, but you do need to plug in the power supply if you want it to bus-power your USB gear as well. Better to carry around one power supply than four, though, right?

Focusrite Sound Inside
Novation partnered with legendary audio hardware manufacturer, Focusrite to put exceptional 96kHz/24-bit audio performance at the heart of Audiohub 2x4. Its premium stereo RCA inputs capture pristine stereo sound from synths and other line level sources at perfectly matched levels.

It's Super Loud
Live music needs to be loud and no performer appreciates quiet headphones. That's why Novation have made every one of Audiohub 2x4's outputs absurdly high-volume – that's the four RCAs, the two balanced jacks and the headphone outputs.

Rock Solid
Compact, reliable and housed in a tough aluminium case, Audiohub 2x4 was built with the gigging electronic music producer in mind. This is as rugged as interfaces get!

Ultra-Low Latency for Live Performance
Audiohub 2x4's ultra-low-latency driver lets you confidently record and play back synths and other stereo sources live through your software DAW and effects with flawless timing and stability. When any delay at all is too much, though, hit the Input Monitor button for direct, latency-free monitoring.

Connect To Just About Anything
Audiohub 2x4 is plug-and-play on Mac and iOS, while dedicated low-latency drivers for PC are supplied.

Make Music Out of the Box
Audiohub 2x4 comes with Ableton Live Lite – the music production software of choice for countless leading artists – plus an impressive collection of production-ready samples from soundware kings Loopmasters.

TrustPilot reviews

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