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All Clearance

Pick up your favourite Focusrite and Novation products at reduced prices. All products are either end of line, ex demo or on sale items.
iTrack One Pre

Our easiest to use, high-quality mic pre & instrument input for iPhone and iPad thats compact & portable.

US$69.99 (Was: US$129.99 )


The B1 Stock 25SL MkII is the last word in professional USB MIDI controllers. Combining a superb semi-weighted F...

US$239.99 (Was: US$299.99 )

NOVDJ0001DM Dicer Dual Control
Dicer Dual Control

Palm-sized cue point & looping controller is designed to fit exactly where you need it.

US$87.99 (Was: US$109.99 )

MOIS0001DM iTrack Solo
iTrack Solo

Capture quality audio on iPad, Mac or PC.The simplicity of iTrack with the quality of Scarlett microphone preamps.

US$95.99 (Was: US$119.99 )

MOIS0011DM iTrack Studio
iTrack Studio

2-in, 2-out interface with closed-back monitor headphones, condenser microphone & device link cable.

US$159.99 (Was: US$199.99 )

NOVLPD06DM Launch Control XL MKI
Launch Control XL MKI

Launch Control XL is the ultimate controller for Ableton Live. It helps you focus more on your music and less on...

US$119.99 (Was: US$149.99 )

NOVLKE25DM Novation Launchkey 25 MKI
Novation Launchkey 25 MKI

Launchkey is a range of 25, 49 and 61 note keyboard controllers with up to 50 physical controls – more than any...

US$79.99 (Was: US$99.99 )

MOSF0016DM Saffire 6 USB
Saffire 6 USB

Saffire 6 USB is a two-in/four-out USB audio interface. It uses the same award-winning Focusrite mic preamps as...

US$160.99 (Was: US$228.99 )

MOSF0014DM Saffire Pro 14 Audio Interface
Saffire Pro 14 Audio Interface

8-in, 6-out audio is designed to make home studio recording and making mixing as straightforward as possible.

US$174.99 (Was: US$249.99 )

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