Build Your Wishlist

Build your Wishlist

You can email a wishlist to your friends and family so they know the products you love.

Please follow this guide to start and share your wishlist:

Step One
If you want to add something to your Wishlist click the 'Add to Wishlist' button.

Step Two
A prompt to 'login or register' should appear. Click this link to continue.

Step Three
Login or Register.

Step Four
Once you have successfully registered you'll see the main account page. If you ever want to visit your account from anywhere on the site click the small symbol circled here.

Step Five
Now that you're signed in you can browse the site and click the 'Add to Wishlist' button on any product to begin building your wishlist.

Step Six
Once you've successfully added the product to your Wishlist you will see the below alert. Click OK and you will see the button has changed to 'On Wishlist'. Click this button to be taken to your current Wishlist.

Step Seven
To begin sharing your email with your friends and family click on 'Email My Wishlist'

Step Eight
Enter the message (optional) and email address you wish to send it to and then click 'Send My Wishlist' to send

Step Nine
Once you see the 'Wishlist Sent!' alert, you have successfully shared your Wishlist.