Plug-in Collective

Plug-in Collective

Between March 25th and May 27th 2021 (4pm GMT), all Plug-in Collective members can download Cream2 – which normally retails for €199 – for free.

Built on Acustica's proprietary Acqua Engine convolution technology, Cream2 recreates a truly iconic collection of British valve and solid-state hardware, manufactured between the late 1950s and early '70s, and deployed at one of the most famous studios in the world for the production of some of the most timeless albums ever made. Four VST/AU/AAX plug-ins are included: a preamp, a compressor, a four-band EQ and a complete channel strip comprising all three modules in a single effect. All are available in both Standard and ZL versions, the latter delivering zero-latency performance for tracking, at the expense of CPU overhead.

Cream Pre offers a choice of transistor-based line/mic and tube-based tape deck preamplifier emulations, for a variety of sonic styling. The Cream Comp compressor comes in transistor and vari-mu valve variants, and features an external sidechain input and dry/wet mix control. Cream EQ, meanwhile, models two classic console equaliser circuits, and consists of Bass, Treble, Presence and Magic bands, the last switching between various different responses, including bass and loudness boost.

With its warm, musical sound, and the ability to mix and match vintage circuits within and between modules, either independently or in the main Cream Channel Strip, Cream2 puts some of the most revered consoles and tape decks in the history of recorded music right at the heart of your DAW. It's just the thing for bringing a touch of analogue class to any in-the-box production.

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