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Der bisher ehrgeizigste Synthesizer von Novation, der die Engine zur analogen Modellierung um eine Menge Klangbandbreite erweitert.

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Sebastien Lecoultre
Just a Killer. Try it!
Adam Stephens
Simple set up. High ceiling for option Build is lovely and sturdy worth the money
It's a great synth. Compact, USB powered and has a big sonic potential.
Francois Poirier
I'm in love with that synth, more than I expect! ;- )
Great product at a very good price!
The Drum Tamer
Great product. Bought "refurbished" but would have absolutely no idea that this had ever had any previous use. It was absolutely spotless and packaged like a brand new machine. Everything works perfectly. Can't fault it.
Still getting to know my new Bass Station II (amazing), so will come back and review at some point. However, I just know it's going to be AWESOME! Michael
The UltraNova is a tremendous amount of synthesizer power in a small and affordable package! There is a wide range of sonic potential here for programmers. The key bed feels nice, and performing on the UltraNova feels great. The only letdown is with the UltraNova's connectivity. It boasts USB connection, as well as sp/dif, but both give me clicking and timing issues when used with a powerbook and iMac under two different versions of OS X! Also, the patch librarian is a joke, being the most buggy and user-unfriendly software I've used in a long time. This synth is only usable to me as a standard "through the 1/4 inch analog out cables", and nothing else. I've spoken to tech support and they can only point me to months-old beta drivers that simply don't work. If you can live without the modern connectivity Novation promises but does not deliver, there is no match for the synthesis capabilities at this price point. Even with these issues, I love this synth.
Novation really created such a versatile and fun synth with the Ultranova. It can act as an audio interface, a vocoder, a midi controller not to mention a great synthesizer. When you think you have it all, they come out and release several free expansion packs. The early 90s dance and the updated vocoder patches are awsome. The synth has an intuitive menu layout, the arpegiator is a blast, and the patches are original. You can tweak the hell out of it easily with the software gui. I also use the Ultranova as my main vst software synth controller because of it's size and the encoders jive well with the software. My only complaint is it does not come with a good piano sound. I know it's a synth, but with all the patches, they could have thrown in a few good house piano sounds. Other than that, I'd say "get it".
I bought an Ultranova off of eBay. It was brand new and had been given by Novation to someone who had done some work for them. I received it and it didn't work*. I got in touch with the seller, who put me in touch with Novations artist liaison guy, who put me in touch with some one I could speak to about faults/repairs. I sent my Ultranova back to novation. It was returned to me because, I paraphrase, "there is nothing wrong with it, you must have plugged it in wrong/badly. *the fault with the Ultranova, I surmise, is that there is a loose power connection inside the synth; if you unplug all cables, turn upside down, then shake vigorously, life can be (for a few hours) returned to the unit. However, leave it stood over night and it is dead as a dodo. I explained this to Novation both before and whilst they had the faulty unit. Anyway, four years on, it still doesn't work, I've hardly used it, and I may as well have spent the hundreds of pounds on ornaments or heroin. At least I'd have either an item of value or memories of enjoyment. #oneunhappyUltranovaowner
I absolutely love the ultranova! Incredible capabilities & sound quality, especially for the price. Also, the feel of the keys is perfect to me, & it looks so cool with the blue finish.
How much does this advertising your company pay? You want a review. Pay for it. I don't own,novation so what's in,it for me
I have owned my 2 Ultranova since 2012.... the most charismatic, performance oriented, universal synth I own. I own the '99 "laptop Nova" (desktop model) and it really is an 'Ultra'-nova! I realize now (today) that it was way ahead of the curve 6 years ago on its release! Easy to program/ sound design. Never need to shutdown to change any global or audio routing/ settings... can be done on the fly! They kept it blue (would not feel like a Nova without the blue color body). Even against the SuperNova rack (I own as well) , it definitely shows how Ultra it is in today's world of synth. I feel guilty when i don't bring one to a live show. I only need one thing... Note latch (hold a note indefinitely) much like the amazing appegiator it has. Thank you Novation! Synth list: 2 Circuits - 2 UltraNova - 99' Nova (desktop) - SuperNova (rack) - X-Staion 61 Wish list: Bass Station & MiniNova
It is said you never know how much you love something until it is gone. My first Ultranova was sacrificed for a rompler I needed for a new project. Once my Ultranova was gone, I realized how many of my recordings it appeared on. Ironically, my last piece featured 8 tracks of Ultranova as a means to say goodbye to it. The title of that track is "Never to Return". When listening to that piece, I knew I had to reconsider my sacrifice. So I had to get another Ultranova. It is unique to most synths with it's incredible sound design and colors. I play everything from rock to space music. It is so interactive that I realized I never used it's preset patches. I kept making my own! It has "returned" and all is right with my musical world. Thanks Novation, for creating a truly unique and now "irreplaceable" instrument.
Build quality, including key action is exceptional... especially considering it is all plastic. Very impressed. The voicing is excellent, including all the waveform options, the lfo's, the number of envelopes, and the modulation matrix. Very well done. The filter is really really good. I like the extra large filter knob on the control surface. Please consider adding a comb filter. The editing software is wonderful and the graphics are really nice. A lot of people have complained about the unit not being multi-timbral. There should be enough dsp power on board to make it at least bi-timbral. Please, please, PLEASE consider making the Ultra bi-timbral. This would come at the cost of polyphony but even if the polyphony were to be half of what it is now, it would be worth it. Being able to layer two patches would raise the Ultra to an entirely new level... and breathe new life into this five year old synthesizer. I believe it would re-vitalize sales and make to synth more appealing to some potential users who may have otherwised decided against getting one. It would also further differentiate the Ultranova from the Mininova. I have both an Ultra and a Mini. In summary: wonderful synth. BUT... please considering adding: 1) Comb filter 2) Make the unit bi-timbral I doubt if anyone is really going to read this, but I am hoping that maybe someone will and that my suggestions as a longtime user of Novation products (I also have a Nova Supernova keyboard)... I'm hoping that my suggestions will at least make it someone who is in the position to say: Yes, that's a great idea... or No, that's a stupid idea. Thank you for listening.
I live it it makes beautiful sounds which comes out from it .Thank Yous all for the UltraNova
Russ Burke
Its a great little synth. However its long in the tooth now and things have moved on but Novation have not. They seem intent on releasing hardware for other people sounds when they should have released a new synth or two with VST instruments also. I am sure the Ultranova could sound even better and more relevant for todays music but there is no new sound banks from Novation and no updates to firmware. I dont use mine much as I trying to use it in my DAW it always crashes my system.
I thought long and hard before investing in a Novation UltraNova. I knew I wanted a keyboard with full size keys, but a small overall footprint. I also knew that I wanted a digital modeling synth, as these provide access to a complex and rich array of programming options. The UltraNova has an excellent (Fatar?) keyboard with full size keys, velocity and aftertouch sensitivity, making it incredibly expressive through playing. I've created numerous patches where subtle changes in playing can produce nuanced performances. The synth engine sports 3 oscillators. Each has numerous adjustment parameters, something found throughout the unit. In addition to the standard waveforms, it also has a rather impressive set of wavetables, and can use external audio in place of one or all of the oscillators. The modulation matrix is deep. Each patch has 20 slots, and many can be made to interact with each other in interesting ways. For example aftertouch can change the speed of the LFO which, in turn, can modulate the wavetable position. The effects are great. Each has a surprising number of parameters, and variable signal path selection can chain effects in series, parallel, or a combination of both. Also, the cost is shockingly great for the depth and quality provided by Novation. Also, UltraNova patches can now be ported to their new Circuit. I honestly can't think of anything I don't like. It is a bit strange using the computer-based editor. It is comprehensive and easy to use, but most be used as a VST plugin in a VST Host program. (I use Cubase.) Also, I'd love to be able to edit the wavetables, and even create my own. Lastly, it would be perfect if it included a formant filter. Still, those are minor gripes compared to the value.
I like the product itself, but I don't feel that Novation does a great job of keeping the firmware on the product at a level that is future-proof. My unit continually has connectivity issues with my Mac.
The Ultranova is my favorite synth. I love the flexibility with the different preset libraries. I can always get the sound I need.
Adam D.
It's a supernova without knobs. We want more knobs!!!! Yesterday!!! Please please more knobs!
I chose the UltraNova due to its sound and cost effectiveness. I needed a synth capable of three oscillator type sounds but was also reasonably priced. The UltraNova is exceeding all my expectations in creating the classic rock sounds my bands require. I highly recommend it.
I am a female drummer who has been using the UltraNova to work on some keyboarding skills. It's worked for me really well, with plenty of extra user-friendly features. What I really like about it is that it is packed with so much that I will be enjoying it for a while to come. Diane Suzane, drummer, Texas
Perhaps there is no better VA Synth to sculpt sounds than the Novation Ultranova. I use it as a very dutiful MIDI Controller for my hardware synth modules, as well as a source for voicing VA sounds precisely. Here, the Ultranova earns the name electronic "instrument."
The Ultranova is capable of reproducing virtually any sound from the analogue as well as a creating new ones of your own. Sound creation is so quick, intuitive and fun. The design of the Ultranova is clear, logical and clever. The potential of adding in free soundpacks makes it very comprehensive. The keyboard also has a nice feel to it, it's very playable. Despite it weighing only a few kilos it is anything but a lightweight.
Nice keyboard with a thoughtfully complete spec - but do take care if you are keen to stay up to date with Apple. Currently certain functionality eg the rather wonderful Editor plug-in is not reliable within a El Capitan/Ableton combo. Novation seem pretty slow in getting this resolved. I keep looking at support article 206857929-Are-Novation-products-compatible-with-El-Capitan- but no change for months. Come on Novation - please get this fixed! Hence 3 stars
A deep expressive synthesizer with great editor and librarian. Probably the best value synth in it's price range. I have various keyboards / synths that cost a whole lot more than this, yet this synth is an absolute gem. I love it!
Love my Novation Ultra Nova ! to me a novice easy to use has great sound shape options awesome presets and fun to use. The touch knob feature is a well thought out user fun. Full size keys for my hands is well appreciated, rshap32645.


Das ist im Lieferumfang enthalten:
  • Novation UltraNova Synthesiser
  • Schwanenhals-Mikrofon
  • 1,5 m langes USB-Kabel
  • 12 V Netzteil
  • Registrierungskarte
  • Bedienungsanleitung
  • Leitfaden zu ersten Schritten
  • Software-Downloadkarte
  • Mac OS X 10.5.7 oder neuer
  • Windows 7 (alle Versionen) oder Windows Vista (alle Version) oder Windows XP SP2 oder neuer (alle Versionen)
Enthaltene Software:
  • Novation Automap
  • AU- und VST-Plug-in-Editor für Software
  • Eigenständige Patch-Bibliothek

Hardwarespezifikationen des Produkts


  • LCD mit 144 Zeichen
  • 8x arretierbare, berührungsempfindliche Encoder
  • 1x großer, weicher Encoder (mit hinterleuchteten Filter-Arretierungstasten)
  • 1x großer Patch-Auswahl/Schnellauswahl-Encoder
  • 2x Lautstärke- und Monitormix-Drehregler
  • 39 Tasten mit LED-Beleuchtung/-Anzeige
  • Pitch-Rad (LED-Beleuchtung)
  • Modulationsrad (LED-Beleuchtung)
  • Keyboard mit 37 Tasten, Anschlagdynamik und Aftertouch
  • Dynamischer Mikrofoneingang (XLR)
  • 2x ¼"-Klinkeneingänge
  • 2x ¼"-Klinkenausgänge
  • 2x ¼"-Klinken-Aux-Ausgänge
  • 1x ¼"-Klinke Kopfhörerausgang
  • Digitaler S/PDIF-Ausgang auf RCA-Buchse
  • Expression-Pedal auf ¼"-Klinkeneingang
  • Sustain-Pedal an ¼"-Klinkenbuchse
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru
  • 12 Volt Stromanschluss
  • USB-Anschluss (Stromversorgung des UltraNova über USB möglich)
  • Slot für Kensington-Schloss


  • Soundkarte mit 2 Ein- und 4 Ausgängen
  • 44,1/48 kHz mit 16 oder 24 Bit an Host
  • 44,1/48 kHz mit 16 Bit vom Host (wenn du 24 Bit vom Host auswählst, werden die
  • Audiodaten vom Treiber auf 16-Bit-Wiedergabe begrenzt)
  • Dynamikbereich: -98 dB
  • Frequenzgang für Eingang 1 + 2: 20 Hz bis 20 kHz +/- 1 dB
  • Gain-Bereich: -10 dB bis +65 dB
  • THD+N = 0,002 %
  • Maximaler Ausgangspegel +6 dBu
  • Rauschabstand referenziert mit 0 dBFS (+6 dBu) = 96 dB
  • Eingangsrauschen = 117 dB
  • Eingang 1 – XLR symmetriert und TRS 1/4"-Klinke symmetriert
  • Eingang 2 – nur TRS 1/4"-Klinke symmetriert


  • Bis zu 18-Ton-Polyphonie (dynamische Stimmgebung)
  • Mono-Timbral

Pro Patch

  • 3x Oszillatoren
  • 1x Rauschgenerator
  • 2x Ring-Modulatoren

Wellenformen umfassen:

  • Quadratisch, Sinus, Tri, Sawtooth, Impuls, 9x Saw:Pulse-Kombinationen
  • 20x digitale Wellenformen
  • 36x Wavetables


  • 2x Filter pro Patch
  • Lowpass keine Resonanz 6 dB pro Oktave
  • Lowpass 12 dB
  • Lowpass 18 dB
  • Lowpass 24 dB
  • Bandpass 6:6
  • Bandpass 6:12
  • Bandpass 12:6
  • Bandpass 6:18
  • Bandpass 18:6
  • Bandpass 12:12
  • Highpass keine Resonanz 6 dB pro Oktave
  • Highpass 12 dB
  • Highpass 18 dB
  • Highpass 24 dB


  • 20 Modulations-Slots pro Patch
  • 6x Hüllkurvengeneratoren
  • 3x LFOs
  • Aftertouch
  • Anschlagstärke
  • Ton-Skalierung/Spur
  • Mod-Rad
  • Expression-Pedal

Insgesamt 66 Ziele, darunter

  • Oszillator-Pitch, Impulsbreite, Wavetable-Index, Pegel und Sync
  • Decken-, Resonanz- und Hüllkurveneinstellungen für Filter
  • Effektparameter und Send-Pegel
  • Rekursive Modulation (Modulation der Modulationsquellen selbst)

5 Effekt-Slots pro Patch

  • Distortion – bis zu 2 Instanzen
  • Kompressor – bis zu 2 Instanzen
  • Chorus/Phase – bis zu 4 Instanzen
  • Delay – bis zu 2 Instanzen
  • Reverb – bis zu 2 Instanzen
  • Gator
  • EQ


  • 12-Band-Vocoder
  • Arpeggiator – 33 Patterns
  • Akkordfunktion – bis zu 10 Töne verbinden
  • Patch-Speicherplatz – bis zu 512 in der Hardware (ab Werk mit 300 vorkonfigurierten Patches)


  • Stromversorgung über USB-Bus
  • Netzteil für 12 V DC inklusive
  • Maximale Leistungsaufnahme bei 12 V DC beträgt 400 mA.


  • 725 mm Länge x 374 mm Tiefe x 152 mm Höhe


Attribut Beschreibung
Analogue / DigitalDigital
Bus PoweredYes
CompatibilityMac / PC
Expression InputYes
Modulation WheelYes
Pitch WheelYes
Software BundleNo
Sustain InputYes
XLR Mic InputYes
Sound Collective-Angebot:
  • Registriere eine beliebige Hardware von Novation vor dem 6. Oktober 2022 und erhalte eine kostenlose Lizenz von Lo-Fi Glow von Native Instruments – im Wert von 49 US$.
UltraNova ist aktuell der ehrgeizigste Synthesizer von Novation, der die legendäre SuperNova-Engine zur analogen Modellierung um eine Menge Klangbandbreite und Vokabular erweitert. Das Ergebnis ist ein Instrument, mit dem du Sounds auf eine Weise erschaffen kannst, wie sie kein anderes in seiner Klasse leisten kann.

Die UltraNova-Engine

Das Herzstück der Synthesizer-Engine des UltraNova bilden drei unglaublich leistungsstarke Oszillatoren, von denen jeder einzelne in der Lage ist, klassische analoge Wellenformen und bahnbrechende Wavetables auszugeben – für eine umfangreiche Palette an rohen Signalen. Auch Rausch- und Ringmodulation sind vorhanden, sodass du die Oszillatoren noch weiter anpassen kannst. Und mit bis zu 18 polyphonen Stimmen sind selbst die komplexesten Lines und Akkorde perfekt abspielbar.

Ein Synthesizer steht und fällt mit seinen Filtern. Deshalb erwartet dich der UltraNova mit den besten Filtern, die du je gesehen hast. Es sind zwei Filter integriert. Beide sind resonant, routingfähig und können bei 6, 12, 18 und 24 dB/Oktave auf den Lowpass-, Highpass- und Bandpass-Modus gestellt werden.

Das Modulationssystem ist ebenso beeindruckend. Es besteht aus 6 Envelopes, 3 LFOs und einer Modulationsmatrix mit 20 Slots für nahezu unbegrenztes Programmieren.

Der Traum eines jeden Sounddesigners
UltraNova bietet dir intuitive, praktische Kontrolle über alle Aspekte der Synth-Engine für umfassendes, komplexes Patch-Editing. Forme deine Klänge mit den Filtern, LFOs und Envelopes und bearbeite sie anschließend bis zu Perfektion mit dem 5-Wege-Multi-FX-Prozessor.

Über die Modulationsmatrix kannst du jede der unzähligen Modulationsquellen des UltraNova mit Zielparametern deiner Wahl verbinden und fast jeden vorstellbaren Sound Realität werden lassen. Aber wenn Sounddesign nicht dein Ding ist, keine Sorge – Novation veröffentlicht regelmäßig kostenlose Updates mit Soundpaketen, die jede Menge inspirierende neue Patches enthalten.

Touch 'n' Tweak
Die Patches des UltraNova sind weit mehr als nur statische Presets, denn jedes enthält bis zu acht sofort anpassbare Parameter. So kannst du über die berührungsempfindlichen Encoder subtile Einstellungen oder vollständige Verzerrung bis zur Unkenntlichkeit vornehmen. Nimm geringfügige Änderungen vor, um die Helligkeit anzupassen, füge ein wenig Pfeffer hinzu, berühre den Drehregler ganz leicht oder transformiere den Sound so, dass ein ganz anderer Klang daraus wird.

Aufnahme und Vocoder

Und als wäre es nicht schon genug, dass wir mit dem UltraNova einen der besten Synthesizer überhaupt entwickelt haben, legen wir noch einen oben drauf: Das Gerät verfügt nämlich auch über ein integriertes Audio-Interface für die mühelose Erfassung der ausgegebenen Signale in deiner DAW. Du musst den UltraNova nur über ein USB-Kabel mit deinem Mac oder PC verbinden (das USB-Kabel sorgt auch für die Stromversorgung und MIDI I/O) und auf den Record-Button drücken!

Und das war noch nicht alles: Es gibt auch einen 12-Band-Vocoder für die Verzerrung deiner Stimme und die Bearbeitung mit den Filtern und den Effekten des UltraNova über das im Lieferumfang enthaltene Schwanenhals-Mikrofon.


Vertraue deinem Sound
Responsiv und flexibel bei einem phänomenalen Klang – die UltraNova-Engine ist der Höhepunkt aus fünf Jahrzehnten Erfahrung und Expertise beim Design von Synthesizern.

Erschaffe einzigartige Sounds
Lass deiner Kreativität bei der Sounderstellung freien Lauf – mit den drei virtuellen Analog-/Wavetable-Oszillatoren, endlosen Modulationsmöglichkeiten und 18 polyphonen Stimmen des UltraNova.

Gestalte komplexe Sounds
Dank der intuitiv angeordneten Steuerelemente und des breiten, leicht zu lesenden LCD-Displays kannst du komplexe Patches erstellen und bearbeiten.

Umfassende Effekte
Verleihe deinen Klängen Tiefe und optimiere sie bis zur Perfektion mit Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Distortion und vielem mehr.

Touch 'n' Tweak
Über die acht berührungsempfindlichen Encoder und den dedizierten Filter-Regler kannst du deine Sounds sofort einstellen und verändern.

Ausdrucksstarkes Keyboard
Das in Italien gefertigte Fatar-Keyboard mit 37 Tasten von UltraNova bietet Aftertouch und ist besonders spielfreudig.

Einfaches Audio-Streaming
UltraNova bietet sogar ein integriertes Audio-Interface. So kannst du deine Aufnahmen via USB direkt in deine DAW bringen. Es werden keine Audiokabel benötigt!

⚠Warnung für Einwohner Kaliforniens

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